~By Zooey
Ah, to behold a Libra. So sophisticated, so elegant. Urbane. A Libra can converse beautifully on almost any subject and make it seem like you were the one who brought it all up. They are determined, highly intelligent, and ready to lay their lives down for a good cause.
Librans need justice—now! Not tomorrow, not in a few hours, but right now. The longer a wrong goes unchecked, the more effort is spent righting it. They hold the scales of balance in one hand and the sword of truth in the other; and though Libra is blindfolded, she can see all. Woe be to the one who thinks they can avoid that truth.
This is where Saturn has been for the last three years: Libra. And, gosh, what a lesson in equality and balance we all went through, huh? I can’t tell you the number of people I know who are now divorced, or in the process of becoming so, because of disharmony with male and female energy in their long term relationships.
I’m sure we all felt it in our own way. Has your life been turned inside out to work out some past issues so you can get on with things? Did you just get back from an Occupy rally? Or just finish up doing the right thing for your family or community? I bet the people in your life are in shock because no one knew you had it in you to put love and honor for everyone else first. Well, Saturn just taught us all what’s what in the compassion department—and it started with you!
How does it feel to be part of a world-wide revolution in consciousness? All over the planet people are speaking up—more like shouting out—that they’ve had enough of tyranny. That we just aren’t going to take social injustice anymore.
See, what we all just learned is what Saturn had to say about our life journey up until now: we were letting big daddy fix all of our problems. The Great Teacher taught us all about how unbalanced it is when we give our power away.
Have a problem with your neighbor? Let the local city ordinance officer work it out for you. Have a problem with a coworker? Let your manager straighten it out. Have a problem with the Taliban? Let George Bush take care of it.
You see what happens when we do that now. We get bamboozled by shady motives, hidden agendas, and a lot of fast talk.
Thank you, Saturn, for showing us the light! Up until now most of us thought—or, at least were holding out for—the idea that the government had our best interests in mind. Who would have thought that the institutions that were supposed to protecting us were only looking to further their own goals? I must say, though, this has a lot to do with Pluto moving into Capricorn, too. But, I have already covered all that in my summer articles so I won’t go over that again.
Well, here’s Saturn moving into Scorpio. On October 5th this crafty Guardian of the Soul moves into the sign of sex, power, death, and the occult. Woo-hoo! Add in revolutionary Uranus into Aries’ integrity and self-protection and it’s game over for the Illuminati.
Have you been misusing sex? Get ready for the breakup of a lifetime. Have you been misusing power? Your mind games will be exposed in front of everyone. Misusing spirituality? Well, how long did you think you could hide the truth from billions of people?
Then we have Pluto the Transformer rockin’ and rolling with freedom-oriented Uranus on the 19th of September. These two transformational giants have been slowly moving into an exact square position for almost a month now. This is THE aspect that is making people feel like taking each other’s heads off, by the way; and it will continue well into 2015 with five more Uranus-Pluto squares. Revolution, anyone?
The Illuminati thought we’d all be wasting away from starvation, war, and disease by now. Begging them for jobs, food, and vaccines. Yet, something has kept it from happening. Somehow, someway, humanity came to this point in time when all these amazing astrological aspects all hit at the same time. For those of you who made it this far? Congratulations, you are about to see who’s behind the curtain.
No, it’s not The Great Oz…or Lucifer, or even George Bush. It’s us. Hidden all this time is one simple truth: we are the architects of our own destiny and we have the power to create with our minds. It may take a day or so, sometimes a bit longer, but, in the end, we always create what we want—for better or worse. It’s just that a nasty group of people have been using this knowledge against us for thousands of years.
They thought they could keep going on for ever if they brought us to our knees in endless guilt, constant division, injected atrocities, and carefully-crafted culture wars. Perhaps a plague or two to keep us humble while they were at it. Anything to keep us asking for big daddy’s protection.
Why am I going on about this when so many other intriguing astrological aspects are happening during the month of Libra? Simply because this is what we have all been waiting for: Uranus in Aries (liberation of the self), Pluto in Capricorn (our institutions, money, and practical lives all transforming), and Saturn in Scorpio (understanding of occult power).
What? You say that the Republicans and Democrats are the same party meant to deceive us and keep squabbling with each other? Yup, divide and conquer; they have been doing it for millennia. You say that religion is a cover for the greatest usurpation of spiritual power the planet has ever known? Well, what did you think the obelisk in Saint Peter’s Square was for? According to Catholicism’s own tenets, no other God is supposed to be before the Lord, right? How about disclosure of all those pretty lights we’ve been seeing in the sky? Yup, that, too.
In the next few years as Saturn crosses Scorpio—and Uranus and Pluto square off with each other—it will expose all that has been rotting and corrupt. All the parasites who have kept us weak and powerless will finally be exposed to the light of day. It’s been said many times before, and I’ll say it again, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
I’m not predicting a revolutionary event, I’m telling you this is what Saturn moving into Scorpio means: the end of occult secrets and misused power. Prepare for it because, well, you asked for it.
Are you ready?
I am. I was born ready. And, if you are reading this, so were you.
Good luck!
My song for the month is “Rise Up” by The Parachute Club to remind us that when things become their darkest is when we need to shine our brightest.
* * * * * * *
A quick note on peace, unbalanced energy, and the Illuminati game being played this month:
The Illuminati are ancient sorcerers (they were most probably the people that were called the Pharisees in the Bible—amazing how long they have been around,) and are well-versed in the art of astrology. They know full-well the power of the stars and their cyclical effects on the human mind. It would follow that they also understand that the generational planets of Uranus and Pluto are causing revolutionary feelings to come up in everyone, and that they are trying to take advantage of it by pushing for violence everywhere. The recent movie that is causing riots all over the Middle-east is a good example of the anger they are trying to stir up in the world. They know we are about to hit a bump in the time-line and are trying to kick off World War III. It’s the only way out of the predicament they find themselves in with their dark masters: they failed to subject us to an eternity of servitude and if they can’t deliver us, they will have to take our place.
This is why I am releasing this report a few days early. I would like everyone to calm down and ride out this Uranus-Pluto square energy. I know it feels like you have been plugged into an electrical outlet this month, but I promise this amped up feeling will ease off by next week. The square will be exact on Wednesday, September 19th.
As of this date, it’s over for them. We made it! So, please, go for plenty of walks to burn off that pent up revolutionary feeling and don’t let the Powers-That-Were use it for their ill will—and do so for the next few years. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.
Meditate on harmony, peace, love, and, above all:
Do the right thing.

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