~By Wendy Zangari
So I am reading some channeled messages lately as I do every once in a while to see what falsities they are spreading now.  Well according to Matthew Ward, The Golden Age won’t occur for another 10 years. I believe this to be a way to regain your trust due to all of the falsities they have already spread so far in the past. Don’t fall for these channelings as they do not know what they speak of. However, there are some truths in this channeling that I would like to dissect (which I said I wouldn’t do again, but it is needed.)
The Golden Age is a time of change, we are moving into it. We are seeing many people in this world in an uproar over the catastrophes that led them to a lower frequency rate. These changes on earth are here to create change as Gaia is cleaning up her end of the bargain in which way she can and alien beings (of the good) are helping to lessen the blows. A lot of damage has been done to our planet and a lot needs to be repaired and I know quite a few people that have started new businesses to incorporate change in this world. I know that people want an easy way out, an easy solution. We didn’t get to this point in our history (which is mostly false based on what humanity was told), without a fight.
My responses are in Italics.


Matthew Wards channeling:

Original Golden Age master plan; most essential reforms to come simultaneously; subsequent changes; disclosure; free will; off-planet light beings’ limitations; Gaia’s vision for Earth; violence in North Africa and Middle East; record of Jesus’ wife; health in fourth density; redistribution of wealth; Earth’s ascension into fifth density

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  The view from our vantage point could be likened to a global hurricane with millions of eyes, the tranquil areas within the massive storm: violence erupting in North Africa and the Middle East, random acts of violence elsewhere, national economies tenuous or bankrupt, unstable governments, tyrannical regimes still in power, growing numbers of refugees.
2. However sad it is that these conditions still are plaguing our beloved Earth family, none is unexpected at this late stage of Earth’s ascension out of third density. Her pathway for the past 70-some years has been into successively higher vibratory levels and she has reached the level of duality’s positive and negative extremes. At this juncture in the original Golden Age master plan, only wisps of negativity, if any, would still be on the planet.

I agree with these statements.

3. Time and again the plan has had to be revised in keeping with prevailing conditions on Earth.  We have spoken in previous messages—indeed, Hatonn did in the last one—about the 10-year delay in initiating sweeping measures to rid your world of violence, greed, corruption, deception, divisiveness, disease and fear, all of which produce an immense amount of negativity.

Perhaps they are going to create the delay by spreading falsities, but perhaps the negative entity was removed, that was infiltrating Matthew. Either way they were/are the ones spreading fear throughout humanity.

4. The decade delay is because it was that long ago when the souls who agreed to play dark roles that would provide the masses an opportunity to complete third density karma finished that part of their agreement.  The other part was, those souls then would work with the light forces to prepare Earth and her humankind for the Golden Age. There would be no violence, tumult, poverty or even tempestuous weather today if those souls had honored their commitment to end their dark activities and join the lightwokers. But they didn’t.  Instead, they continued wreaking devastation on the planet and creating more and more negativity.

Perhaps the entities infiltrated these beings and has been spreading fear through their messages and this is just projection of something that is occurring with the Galactic Federation of Light and Matthew Ward as he is apart of that. These are those dark roles she speaks of through Matthew and through others sources, that are creating discord among the people and keeping us on a low vibrational frequency.

5. The process of old systems giving way to the newwould have occurred with comparative ease a decade ago, when the lower vibrations would have had much less pronounced effects on people and circumstances. Today’s much higher vibrations are greatly intensifying everything based in negativity as that energy is reaching its zenith.  It cannot be otherwise—that energy must play itself out swiftly because it cannot come to a screeching halt mid-stream and it can’t enter fourth density with the planet.

In other words she cannot stop spreading fear through Matthew until we enter into a fourth density.  She explains why we are in a low vibrational rate, but who is spreading fear?  It is the Galactic Federation of Light that spreads fear and panic as well as grab your hopes, dreams, and aspirations and bring them to an all time low when you read between the lines.

6. Another effect of the delay is that the third density karmic merry-go-round kept going around. Many souls who incarnated during the past 10 years came in for the chance to complete third density karmic lessons in this unprecedented one-lifetime opportunity. They chose very harsh lives that would achieve balanced experiencing so they can physically accompany Earth into the Golden Age or transition to Nirvana with fourth density evolvement status.

I believe that Matthew Ward and the GFL are leading you on that merry-go-round and leading you astray. Nice of her to recognize that, but again it seems like projection from past channels (Don’t forget Matthew Ward said you were going to Neptune in February, agreeing with Linda Dillon and Steve Beckow’s channeling with her.)

7. If those two ongoing situations can be called “the bad news,” the goodnews is, none of that has slowed Earth’s pace one iota or detoured her steady pathway. She is right on target to exit third density shortly before or shortly after the end of this year, and she will leave negativity behind.

So how can The Golden Age come to us in 10 years if we end third density the end of this year?  Unless the realization that we are in third density at the 10 year mark, well then that does make sense.

8. This astounding feat is in large part due to the millions of “calm eyes in the global storm,” the souls whose light is shining brilliantly despite the turmoil around them.  All light beings in the universe honor you who know that you are lightworkers and the millions who still are unaware that their godly living has been helping Earth to ascend. Your collective steadfastness in the light, dedication, patience, courage and perseverance is unequaled in this universe!

Matthew just said in section 2 that “However sad it is that these conditions still are plaguing our beloved Earth family, none is unexpected at this late stage of Earth’s ascension out of third density.” How can you be plaguing our beloved earth and be “calm eyes in the global storm”?  This is a contradiction to me.  However, I do believe the latter part of this statement.

9. It is natural to wonder how the mess your world is in can be cleaned up in the short time remaining before the onset of the Golden Age.  It can’t be. Never were all the glories of that wondrous Age going to greet you at its doorstep, but because of the 10-year delay, neither will the early stages of grand differences in your lives be there as originally envisioned by the master planners.

This could possibly be true.

10. Therefore the “mopping up,” so to say, will get off to a late start. However, with the release of your own technologies from Illuminati control and the assistance of other civilizations and their technologies, efforts can begin on many fronts simultaneously.

This sounds genuine.

11. The primary priority is to provide survival essentials to the peoples in war-torn areas and refugee camps and to indigenous peoples and nomadic tribes in dire straits.

This seems true as well.

12. Warring will have ceased, but much will remain to be done in its aftermath.  Building or rebuilding countries’ infrastructure, commercial centers and houses will be undertaken expeditiously, not only for current inhabitants, but so refugees can return to villages or cities where there are residences, hospitals, schools and supplies of clean water and food are plentiful.

I don’t believe this will happen at the end of this year, but I could be wrong. I do believe this will occur after war has ceased in this world though.

13. The ridding of corruption in the global economy will occur in tandem with the same in governments so those areas of paramount influence in your lives can start operating with the honesty and fairness inherent in moral and spiritual leaders.

Agree as this is occurring now.

14. Your waters, soil and air will be purified and toxic waste, including radioactive materials, will be dematerialized.  Areas will be cleansed where disease has flourished due to the unsanitary living conditions of the impoverished masses.

Agree, but in time as these things will not happen overnight.

15. Other reforms that will be instituted quickly include ending cultural practices and customs that are unfair, injurious or lethal and the repeal of all unjust laws and regulations.  Millions now imprisoned on false charges or for minor infractions or as a result of simply being on “the other side” in wars will be released—yes, it will be easy to identify all who are innocent!

This I see happening many years from now as many folks still take the word of Jesus as their savior, and to me, he is not your savior, you are your own savior with help from the people as we are creators Gods in our own rights.  Whose to say we aren’t prophets of today, some of us?

16. Those are among the first changes because the current status is intolerable for the affected peoples.  The plight of many millions of animals—endangered species and animals that become part of your diet—is another situation that will be addressed in earnest.

Something someone brought to my attention the other day. What makes it any different for us to be on someone else’s food chain, such as Reptilian Shapeshifters food chain. Cows, chickens, pigs, etc. are all on OUR food chain. In order to stop the massacre, we must stop eating other beings, us included. Otherwise we are making this okay to do. I don’t think this is happening soon though as most people are not awake as to how they process these food sources for us.

17. Initial structures, particularly housing for all who now are homeless in their own country or uprooted due to violence, and buildings for medical care and schooling, will be rudimentary.  As rapidly as possible, those types of accommodations will be replaced with finely built structures.

Again, not happening soon, but could possibly happen in our future at some point in time. Even now there is a breaking story which is reporting today that some of these housing structures for less fortunate folks have been sprayed in St. Loius by the Government in the 1950s/1960s with radioactive zinc-cadmium sulfate isotopes.  They told people that they were testing a smokescreen so the Russians wouldn’t be able to see them on radar during the Cold War, instead they were testing the effect of radioactive particles on human lungs on 10,000 living in the St. Louis projects.

Video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvI3zgHkiOg&feature=player_detailpage 

Full story here: http://www.ksdk.com/news/article/339573/3/I-Team-The-Armys-secret-Cold-War-experiments-on-St-Louisans-

18. Free and renewable energy sources incrementally will replace current dependence on oil and natural gas. Other measures soon to be implemented also will assist Earth’s own efforts to restore areas of most severe environmental damage so that crops can be grown in abundance, forests can make a comeback and rivers can flow as Nature intended.

These are all wishes that we want to occur and yes they will occur, it will take time to get out of this mindset for humanity as money is the reason for all resources we utilize.

19. According to the original Golden Age master plan, all of those vast improvements in your world would have happened by now. The global web of corruption that so long enabled the dark ones to control the peoples would have ended and long-hidden truthswould have come forth in stages to give the populace time to more easily accept the realities.

I have no idea to know if this is true, perhaps someone else can shed some light on this, but I don’t see how we could have been in this place in life, in this world, at this time based on other occurrences. However timelines do change all the time, so who knows?

20. You’re approaching the continuum, where there aren’t ten more of your linear years for all of that to come about in “adjustment” stages—remedies must get going with all speed and efficiency possible.  So some confusion will be unavoidable due to the haste to get the most essential changes underway, but it will be relatively short-lived. The dark minds and hearts that would attempt to create chaos to prevent those changes no longer will be on the planet, and the people who are there will be of a loving, helpful, cooperative nature!

I do not believe this to be true as Matthew Ward is one to spread falsities. I do not know when these beings will leave, but it don’t think it will be this year. I also believe that the GFL has created a lot of chaos among the people and must not be allowed to do this to others any longer.  So this is why I do this, not to throw someone under the bus, I just want to explain in detail what I see as an intuitive and psychic myself.

21. My mother has received numerous inquiries, partly spurred by Hatonn’s comments about the timing of introducing our universal family and the vital nature of the presidential election in the United States, and partly by related issues stirring in many minds.  We are happy to answer questions in those categories.

Hatonn, I believe, does not exist and there is no Ashtar Command, all of this is made up by the GFL. Greg and I have done research on these channels earlier last year and we dissected them and we came to the conclusion that they are a fake and a fraud.

22. Our universal family members cannot, nor would they want to, “just arrive and start setting things to right.” The timing of landings and brothers and sisters already there identifying themselves is the decision of the universal highest council, which acts within God’s guidance.  Only from that pinnacle of awareness can the most advantageous timing be determined for the well being of all involved.

This contradicts all other channellings of when Matthew stated that they were coming here to help our race and just arrive and make things right. That is ALL they have been saying in their past channels. Do yourself a favor and look at the beginning of this years channels with Matthew Ward and others and see how this is contradicting.

23. The purpose of what commonly is referred to as “disclosure” has nothing whatsoever to do with any nation’s political system. The purpose is to prove what has been ignored or denied by governments—many advanced civilizations are in this universe and some of them are in your midst.

How can “disclosure” have nothing to do with our Government, they are the ones to hold information from the public?

24. Yes, it is likely there will be considerable commotion when ships land, but every effort will be made beforehand by some of your leaders and the ETs who have been living among you to prevent “mass hysteria.”  You can help to prepare family and friends by telling them that the multitude of spacecraft sightings over the years indicate that these people from other civilizations are peaceful—if they were not, they would have invaded long ago.

Just in section 22 Matthew mentions ” Our universal family members cannot, nor would they want to, “just arrive and start setting things to right.” So why would they arrive before we were a civilized race if they didn’t want to help us and make things right?  This is also a contradiction.

25. By Creator’s law that governs life in this universe, never are lighted beings allowed to interfere with the free will decisions of any persons. This includes even our personal family members living on Earth who are tending toward decisions that will incur heavy hardships they didn’t choose in their soul contracts.

I agree with this statement.

26. The only exception to that law of honoring free will is Creator’s own—it cannot be used to start a nuclear war. In accordance with Earth’s free will decision made immediately after “9/11,” no other major terrorism effort can succeed. In both cases, it is God’s responsibility to prevent all such attempts. He has authorized civilizations with preventive technology to comply with those mandates, and they have done so successfully on more than a dozen occasions.

That isn’t quite true, after 9/11 the US went to war with innocent people, how is that not terrorism? God does not prevent such attempts as if God did, there would be no war or terrorism to begin with, so this is also a false statement. Where is the information about these civilizations with preventative technologies?  I never heard of one!

27. What all light beings are permitted to do—and do so with joy!—is beam love-light energy streamers to all souls on Earth to assist them in raising their consciousness and gaining spiritual clarity. Attaining greater heights of awareness spiritually and consciously is what all beings throughout this universe desire at soul level.

I agree with this statement, but this is not what these channelers have been doing, so I believe this is a feel good statement to get the readers enticed.

28. Those who receive the light start opening their minds and hearts, and that leads to wiser decisions and kinder actions.  But each individual has the free will to do that or not—never is it within the province of a light being to exert influence other than sending forth the pure love-light essence of Creator.

So if those beings of light told you to get onto a spaceship bicycle to Neptune, which never happened, you would, because they obviously didn’t want to influence you, they just wanted to open your hearts and minds (sarcasm inserted). Now that is a wise decision. 🙂

29. You cannot measure the amount of light other civilizations are sending to Earth, so there is no basis for thinking that if they would increase that amount, all darkness would be eliminated.  That thought omits the free will that everyone has except in the two aforementioned situations.

I do not believe all darkness will be eliminated this year, but if the GFL and Matthew Ward would stop spreading this nonsense, perhaps people can evolve faster.

30. Gaia, Earth’s soul, desires all of her life forms on her planetary body to flourish in abundance and live in peace, love and harmony with Nature. Setting the stage for Earth’s entry into the Golden Age and the manifestation of Gaia’s vision transcends all aspects of third density, whether based in political, ideological, cultural, societal, economic or religious separatism.

I certainly hope so and it is about time!

31. If you want your children and grandchildren to inherit a world free of all darkness, you share Gaia’s vision.  If you want leaders at every level of governing from community level to national and international to cooperate for the betterment of all peoples, you share her vision.  If you want to see your homeland planet restored to the paradise it once was, you share her vision.  If you want love, honesty, kindness, generosity and fairness to prevail throughout Earth’s humankind, you share her vision.  If you want everyone to respect animal souls and live in harmony with all of Nature, you share her vision.

I share the vision of peace and happiness transcending to earth and to all of it’s children. So this is a true statement and I appreciate some of this channeling, but again this is going to take time and we all play a part in our future.

32. Now then, we shall briefly address other inquiries.
33. Indeed the Illuminati had a hand in the eruption of violence in North African countries.  Their worldwide power base has crumbled, but their “black ops” agents still are initiating foment wherever they can make a wedge.  With the impetus of publicity about a provocative, irrational film, the agents easily manipulated a firestorm of outrage among many Muslims while many others of that faith are demonstrating their regret about the violent reactions.  This is an example of how the prevailing high vibrations are intensifying all characteristic and behavior, with the “good,” better and the “bad,” worse.

All types of energies are needed to create our future as this is the plan, but these things again take time. So each being on this planet works together in their energies, whether they are good or bad, that is what makes the Yin Yang. It is our form of connecting with many facets of our world and the beings in it. The bad, if you will, knows what energies to work with to eliminate evil on this planet and this is why we need them to help as the lightworker community doesn’t know how the mind of evil works. So in this sense, we need many different types of energies to remove the evil forces from this world. Again these are my beliefs.

34. The recent discovery of part of an ancient record that mentions Jesus’ wife is not “by chance”—nothinghappens by chance!  It “came to light” as the first step that may inspire Christians to being receptive to the truth about Jesus’ long life with his beloved Mary Magdalene and their children.

This I believe about Jesus, I believe he was married and had children and did not die at the cross.

35. Although each case will be as unique as the person is, generally speaking, chronic illnesses will not be cured immediately after the affected individuals enter fourth density, but rather those conditions will ease into sound health. The de-aging process also will be gradual, and the re-growth of organs, limbs and teeth will be incremental as well.

I have heard this, but I do not see it in our near future. We must not be at war with each other, we must not be angry souls, we have to be on a constant higher frequency. Every single person in this world, 7 billion need to know the truth about our world, our Governments, we must no longer have enemies or create enemies. We must have total peace on this planet, can you see this happening in years to come, I can, but a lot has to be cleaned up in the meantime and I think it will take some time as it took some time to get into this mess in the first place.

36. Current medical procedures and therapies won’t change abruptly at the end of this year, but beneficial therapies and substances now banned will become openly available.  Yes, this includes marijuana, and people will choose to use it judiciously. The Illuminati in pharmaceutical companies, who have powerful influence on FDA, AMA and CDC decisions, have made anything illegal that would cut into their profits, and they won’t be around to enforce those edicts

If they get rid of the political system I can see this happening, but until the fake “Drug Wars” stops and our Government stops perpetuating it, can anything be done. If they start using hemp for oil, for gasoline, paper goods, clothing, etc. Use the hemp oil for ailments such as skin cancer and cancer as a whole as it can be ingested as well. Cannabis is also used for many ailments as well as diseases, it is a beneficial plant on many levels. Marijuana (Cannabis) also will not be approved in our state of Pennsylvania, with our current Governor, as he is set against it and he is out of office in 2014. So again, this is an untrue statement.

37. The unconscionable disparity between the haves and the have-nots will end, but not by taking money from people who have earned it through just means and handing it over to the poor. We do not know details of the redistribution process, but we can assure you that it will be fair and will not deny anyone the riches they have honestly earned.  The intention is to recover the nearly incomprehensible fortunes that have been garnered ruthlessly and illegally and hoarded, and to use those funds to uplift the lives of impoverished peoples around the world. That redistribution is separate from both the new monetary system based on precious metals and the reallocation of the world’s natural resources that the Illuminati have controlled.

I thought NESARA was going to come into play to get us out of our economic situation? (By the way I don’t believe in NESARA. This is contradicting other channels Matthew has done.

38. We don’t know how long it will take the planet to transit fourth density and enter fifth—it depends on Earth’s residents’ collective consciousness.  Please remember, the planet’s rise out of deep third density and entry into fourth in less than 80 years is unique in this universe! Some civilizations spend many thousands of years accomplishing that, but none other has been given the extensive, intense and constant assistance that Earth has received.

I cannot say whether or not this statement is correct or not.

39. It would not be realistic to think that traveling through fourth density and well into fifth will happen in that same blink of an eye, universally speaking.  Once the planet is firmly within fourth density and all profound reforms have been completed worldwide, the highly evolved beings who came to help in those achievements will want to return to their homelands.  Throughout the rest of Earth’s journey to her destination in fifth density, she’ll be on her own and her ascension pace will be in accordance with her peoples’ collective consciousness, which no longer will include those advanced beings.

I also cannot say this to be true, but not quite believing this theory.

40. Our beloved Earth family, living with unconditional love is unparalleled joy. That you, too, soon will experience this is our wish for every one of you.
Suzanne Ward
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