~By Zooey
It’s very peaceful as I look out my window. The fall equinox has arrived in its usual spectacular fashion and the leaves are now splashed with color. The day is brisk, the first north winds are blowing across the Indiana cornfields, and I just put the kettle on for some tea. Time itself seems to be standing still, full of expectation.
I find myself thinking about life a lot these days. About the world, all the wonderful people in it, and of better things to come. If it wasn’t for our cat leaping up on the desk for a pet every so often, I would get lost in these daydreams.
This is the time of year that my wanderlust feelings always set in and I find it difficult to not want to pack up some bread, some cheese, and head off on a cross-country adventure. I think of places I’ve been and how there are so many places I still want to go… however, I hear the kettle whistling and I’m back at my desk.
I am surrounded by books, plants, and the smell of freshly-baked bread. I see my muse in the corner, poking me with a literary stick, grinning in her own elven way, and I remember that home is a good place to be, too.
Home. That’s what I wanted to write about this moon-th. Some wonderful astrological aspects are taking root, and it reminds me of the one thing we often overlook: the place where we hang our hats.
I mentioned in my solar report that on October 5th, Saturn is moving into Scorpio, but I didn’t point out that Mercury will be escorting him into this sexy, watery sign. So, not only will we feel the first signs of mystical liberation, but we will understand it on a very deep level. In fact, with all the other amazing astrological aspects that have been happening this year—Neptune moving into Pisces, the beginning of a series of Uranus-Pluto squares, the summer’s grand cross—you are probably much, much wiser than you were last year. It’s amazing how much spiritual growth can happen in such a short period of time, isn’t it?
Now we have Saturn moving into Scorpio. It heralds the end of secrets long held by those who have been misusing their power. Mercury moving into Scorpio at the same exact time will ensure we are mindful of this important planetary passage. It teaches us to never again allow others to do our thinking for us.
More so, we have a grand trine in air just before Saturn and Mercury’s magnificent entrance to the Cosmic Ball. On September 26th, the day this guide is released, we will see an Aquarian Moon, a Libran Mercury, and a Geminian Jupiter form a peaceful, philosophic triangle around our little planet. This will encourage very loving and harmonious thoughts in all of us. Talk about daydreaming, it’s the perfect time to think big and put our hearts, our homes, and our communities first. With the Sun rising in freedom-loving Libra, we’re well on our way to world peace.
You are probably feeling it now. Unity, balance, and honor are being restored to our world and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. When seven billion people cry out for freedom and serenity, you have to get out of the way or be enveloped by it. I choose the latter. Mmmmmm…doesn’t that feel good?
Finally, we have a full moon in Aries on September 29th which will foster a playful spark in our hearts. I couldn’t think of a better place for the Moon during this lunar cycle as it will provide a lot of roasty-toasty merriment to go along with our love-fest.
So, here’s to peace in our hearts this fall. And in our grand home: our beautiful Gaia.
The Tarot card meditation for the moon-th is the Four of Wands to remind us of what happens when we allow our dreams to come to fruition.
Blessed be.

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