~By Zooey
One word this month:
I can almost sense people nodding. If there’s one thing on our mind in the run up to the famed date of December 21st, 2012, it’s whether our lives are in check. As we cross Galactic Center, we ask ourselves if we’re working things out. If our souls are sound. Like, if we ran into our Creator, would we be able to look Her in the face and say, “Yes!”
Karma has a lot to say about this part of the journey. Thankfully, we’ve been paying attention and working out our trip expenses since 2004 or so. Well, most of us have, anyway, and it’s made a huge difference to the world.
The re-birthing of the Sacred Feminine, the Occupy movement, Uranus moving into Aries and its ensuing personal revolution of Truth, not to mention so many of our world societies now in turmoil—they all speak of our desire to put matters right. We all want to feel unburdened and to feel good about ourselves again. It’s a good thing we’re just wrapping up a 2,100 year journey and learned a huge karmic lesson: in order to feel free and walk lightly, we have to help others do the same. Therein lies the global revolution.
This re-balancing energy will be happening all month. We are beginning to let go of past problems and injustices—or, what we thought they were—and starting to do the right thing. We are sorting out our karma, going within to deeply heal ourselves, and finally getting on with this crazy, little thing called Planetary Unity. Plus, people everywhere are giving each other a hand in waking up to their own truth! That brings a smile to my face.
Venus moves into sexy Scorpio as the month opens and then immediately trines a Piscean Neptune bringing in oodles of watery, mystical dreaminess. In other words, stars are crossing. The wise witch knows it’s time for casting our net if we are looking for that special someone. November 21st to the 22nd will be very conducive to finding a powerful, soul-mate kind of love. *nudge, nudge*
However, the main theme this month is the North Node; or, as I like to call her, Mademoiselle Karma. The North Node is all about what we came into this life to learn and let go. It gives us an opportunity to develop wisdom by freeing the things in our life that have been stuck. Starting on December 7th and right up until December 21st, Karma is being directly impacted by Mercury, Mars, and Venus. How we think, act, and feel will all get a big dose of truth and humility allowing us to understand things we can do better, and then finally move on once we see it.
The North Node is in Scorpio and has been bringing up past romances and earlier modes of personal power (even jobs or family that have been important to us along the way). I know many people who have been feeling a deep stirring for old flames. The emotions that relationship brought up in us are particularly in focus. Well, the North Node goes retrograde on December 11th and it will give us a chance to go over any leftover feelings for yesterday’s lovers. I wouldn’t be surprised if some smokey, long-distance calls were made over the holidays.
As we are beginning to see the unity of the human race, the interconnectedness of our wonderful big, blue Gaia, and the coming together of our hearts and minds, we see the need to heal our emotional past. We are in the process of becoming who we truly are, and the North Node retrograde in Scorpio is helping us understand these grand changes.
If anything, we all strongly feel the urge for psychic closure with any unfinished business. I would encourage people to find it. As we face the future, now more than ever, we need to be free. Our liberation begins with letting go of the weight of perceived mistakes.
Many times we’ve taken the wrong road and then lived it with great passion. We announced to everyone that this new path is who we were now. Regardless of pitfalls, we were full of joy and determination, committed to living our new direction, and we turned out just fine—perhaps a little bumped and bruised, but fine nonetheless.
Today, we are letting go of some past choices with the same conviction: that it’s all about getting on the good foot and having faith in oneself to get there. After all, the decisions we made led us to this moment in time when the world woke up and choose to be free. How bad could our mistakes have been to bring us to this realization?
So, why not take some pride in our karma—or, a least have a quick grin—before we move on from our past? Our imperfections helped make us who we are today. Let’s acknowledge it, “Thank you, mistakes I made! I couldn’t have done it without you.”
The moon goes full in Gemini on Wednesday, November 28th at 9:47 am Eastern Time adding a keen intellectual awareness to the day. Starting a couple of hours earlier at 7:14 am, we will begin to experience a lunar eclipse until noon. Those of us in North America will miss the sky-show, but you can see it online at http://events.slooh.com/
It will be a good day to think things over. Mars and Pluto will be conjunct in earthy Capricorn adding an active, transformative quality to our domestic life. If you’ve been feeling a bit stuck with close relationships or money matters, you may find things start to move ahead now. Just keep in mind that Jupiter is still retrograde in Gemini and now isn’t the best time to start a new business. Plan something like that for the spring.
Both Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius in the middle of December making us feel very playful. Perhaps even a little pixieish. It will add a warm, energetic flair to the upcoming Winter Solstice season. Our thoughts and feelings will be on our home, our friends, and what the spirit of Christmas means to us. We might even feel the need to get out to do a little caroling this year. I don’t know about you, but I could certainly use an outdoor experience involving a group of people singing to the Heavens right about now. Maybe even a little mulled wine for good measure.
Finally, recapping our wee lesson on Karma this month, starting around December 9th and going exact on December 26th, Saturn begins an auspicious sextile transit with Pluto. Saturn is sometimes called the Lord of Karma as he is quite a strict teacher of Balance. You cannot skip his tests on Life Equations, and you gotta show your work. He is beginning a long sojourn with Pluto the Transformer, ending their long, amicable time together in late March.
I’m calling it, “The big long now”, and I’ll go into what that means in next month’s article. However, the first of two exact sextile aspects between Saturn and Pluto takes place near the end of December which will invite a lot of personal, cosmic transfiguration. It’s kind of perfect being so close to December 21st, 2012. Pluto is sprinkling his magic dust all over our drive for a fuller, more sophisticated, more connected kind of personal power.
You remember Pluto, he moved into Capricorn a few years back and then *poof!* changed our careers, moved our homes, and emptied our banks accounts—all so we could let go of the past and be ready for the incoming energetic shift. Well, for the next four months he’ll be adding his power of metaphysical change to Saturn’s new lesson about freeing our hearts, our power, and our sexuality.
It’s a time to let go of any hangups and be who we have always wanted to be. Everyone needs to let their freak flag fly once in awhile, right? While we’re learning to walk with balance, let’s not forget to have some fun, too. We can start by taking a chance on our lifelong desires and live our dreams.
Remember, we’re under a Sagittarian Sun this month and Sagittarius is always looking for the great, “Ah ha!” In the quest for truth, it’s sometimes important to go to great lengths to find it; when clearing our past, even more so. Do not be surprised if you find the strength to work out and walk away from a lot of old baggage this month. Our souls are ready for a new adventure and we are beginning to see how far the next part of journey may take us—Sagittarius is telling us to expect the unusual and to pack light.
As we turn away from the televised promise of a pleasurable, medicated, let-us-do-it-for-you society and we begin to find truth in the Organic, we see that love does not need government regulations, grand opening sales, or a recommended daily dosage. We have been learning that lesson for the last few decades, I mean centuries, ahem, I mean millennia. Now that we are finding a free and natural center again, we can see the truth—we are one. We always were. At last, we can move along a new path under the stars together.
The Tarot card meditation for the month is the fifteenth Key, The Devil. This card shows us the cost of becoming bound to the gratifications of the illusory 3D world: we end up limiting our spirit and losing each other. Yet, it is through this card—this karmic lesson—that we find liberation from the material plane. The energy of this card is a true trial by fire for all that is not us is burned away in the Heroine’s journey. Also, after learning the lesson of the card, we can then both recognize and understand another’s pain as we’ve been there, too; and we become empathic.
Now that we are finally coming together on a planetary scale, our new ability to see the oneness of all will help harmonize Mother Earth. What amazes me is that so many people we would never have guessed are now coming forward to add their voice to the new, global song of unity. I suppose it’s not surprising. After all, through tremendous hardship, we’ve been developing the power to be in tune with each other for many, many moons.
My song for the month is “Shut Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol to remind us to meditate on our sacred heart and how to gracefully let go of all that does not dwell there.
Blessed Be,
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** I would like to personally thank all of you who have been writing in with your kind, supportive words. I am very happy that my articles are being received in such a warm light. Also, I find it very touching that so many folks wrote in and shared their own path under the stars. My thoughts go with each and every one of you. *big smile*
I have been asked a couple of times how I write these pieces. Like, do I use an astrology program or something.
I must confess that among many things like charts, drawings, some online resources, and my own Book of Shadows, I do use a computer program to calculate upcoming planetary transits and progressions. Math is one of my weak skills.
I remember when I was first learning witchcraft from a very special lady and her gorgeous, bricklaying, bear of a husband, I calculated my own ascendent to be off by 30 degrees. I then went on for about a year telling everyone I knew my ascendent was in Pisces. Turns out it’s in Aquarius. (That probably makes a lot of sense to some of my astrologer friends who read my articles.) Ever since then I have been using a few things to make sure my figures are correct.
However, no program in the world is going to write what we are capable of creatively when our muse taps us on the shoulder. I love to write. Pure and simple. That’s how these guides—and my three page emails—get written. And when my muse comes a-calling, I open the door.

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