~By Wendy Zangari
Hi everyone, it’s good to be back, but I am going to take things slow getting back into the swing of things because it has been rough these past months and I have to ease back into writing.  Also, I am coming back with good and bad news as these are things we go through in life, I feel I need to express all sides of it.
The other day we noticed one of our cats, Rory, not feeling well and we took her to the vets thinking it might be a bowel obstruction, but she was jaundice and when the vet looked at her they had said that she was in liver failure. To our surprise we had to put her down to sleep so that she could be at peace and no longer suffer.
At this time in our lives I am beside myself with a bit of grief as we have had a rough past few months with my dog bite that got infected that I am still aiding in healing, aiding Majik back to health, putting our cat Silver to sleep, and Greg’s mom passing away. It has been truly tough and I can sleep a lot when I am depressed so that is a lot of what I have been doing to deal with my pain and yes it may not be effective emotionally, but it is my body’s way of saying that it has had enough and needs to rest.
On to the good news.



On another note, we are planning to have a LIVE YouTube TV Show tomorrow speaking about The Great Shift and it’s implication of December 21st, 2012 starting around 2PM EST or thereof, you know us. We will submit the link once the show is live so please look back here for updates.
If you would like to do an interview with us, please send us an email on our contact page with the subject of what you will be talking about and write a synopsis about your subject. Thanks.
Sorry for the delay folks, we’ve just fixed some technical issues and we’re ready to get started. So sorry for the delay! – GZ

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