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~The Winter Solstice – a Festival of Light~

Yuletide is a very special time for Witches as it signals the return of the Light. We know that the seeds we planted in the fall are starting to stir in Mother Earth’s womb and will be ready for first harvest in the spring. It is symbolized in the Yuletide log that always has a single, growing branch to remind us that new life comes from the death of the old year.
Capricorn contains many of these life and death mysteries and, indeed, guards the way for the soul traveler. It is not surprising to me that one finds this sign placed here in Western Astrology as a winter sign as Capricorn is the keeper of the community granary. This sign takes it upon itself to fairly share resources for the best outcome of all at a time when things become sparse, and it’s here we learn the value of the village over our own personal concerns.
The Heroine’s journey is about far more than facing our dark side, getting in touch with the Goddess within, and becoming enlightened; it’s about helping others do the same. Capricorn is here to remind us of that community obligation. Yuletide is a time for caring for each other, having empathy, and celebrating the return of longer daylight hours—not receiving gifts, stuffing our faces, and drinking ourselves into a coma. Christmas commercialism and self-indulgence is a Khazarian Illuminist’s magic trick to get us to become disjointed from the natural world and do everything against the grain of Gaia’s rhythms. Conditioning people through corrupt spiritual traditions to gorge on food at a time when nature counsels us to be frugal is a good example of the malice this group of ancient sorcerers have been directing at us for centuries.
If we want to understand the true nature of this winter’s Festival of Light then we need to look no further than Capricorn. It’s about making sure that everyone gets through a tough time of year, sharing our food and goodwill, being with our friends and family, celebrating our communities, reflecting on the past year, and bearing a light for a better year to come for everyone.

~Mars enters Aquarius~

Mars enters Aquarius on Christmas Day and all our thoughts on getting our world in order will get a big boost from the volcanic energy of Mars. This is a very beneficial planetary aspect as Mars (Fire) and Aquarius (Air) go well together. The driven, passionate energy of Mars will feed the lofty, thoughtful currents of Aquarius’ social vision.
I would say that our life ambition (and our sexuality) will experience some liberation but that doesn’t quite cut it as it has more to do with seeing that everyone’s dreams have a place, too. Mars in Aquarius changes the focus from a dog-eat-dog world to a dog-help-dog world. Or, at least a world where dogs stop marking their territory and get on with sharing their bones.

~The Big Long Now~

Saturn and Pluto become exactly sextile the day after Christmas. Sextile (when two planets are 60o apart from each other) is one of those witchy terms that confuses a lot of newcomers and yet almost everyone intuitively understands the trine aspect (120o apart) as harmonious. Well, basically, when two planets are sextile to each other, this sympathetic effect is similar but much stronger. Saturn and Pluto will not only be enjoying a harmonious relationship but will benefit from each other’s strengths, as well.
These two transgenerational planets began a dance on December 9th that won’t conclude until March 25th. I am calling this planetary aspect, “the big, long now”, as Earth-folk will begin to pause in a collective breath for the next few months. The people who see the significance of these two dates in conspiracy circles—December 21st, 2012 and March 23rd, 2013—will surely see how neatly this Pluto-Saturnian waltz fits into those dates. Especially when we understand that the cusps for these two planets can take quite awhile to come into exact alignment.
As I see it from my crystal ball, the world will begin to shift in terms of consciousness from a Me-centered point of view to a We-centered view. We are reaching positive-consciousness critical mass, or, the so-called 100th monkey (well, I believe that will happen over the winter, but, as I just mentioned, we are “in the cusp” of it now).
From now until the end of March we enter a zen-like state as the human race births a new mindset. People will begin to turn within, contemplate themselves—where they have been, where they are going, where they are now—and begin to see the human race as a family and not a foreign competitor.
Many of us have already started to see this and have even labeled it: unity consciousness. I love that term. I even made it the focus of my website. But, we all know that those two words are simply not big enough to cover what we are feeling inside as the human race comes together. For those of us having UFO encounters *raises hand* the coming together of the galactic community, too.
This is why I call it the big, long now. It’s going to take some time to integrate seven billion consciousnesses, not to mention the plethora of organic and inorganic life on this planet. The only way to accomplish such a huge task in such a short period of time is to stop thinking altogether, to get our Zen on, and let our subconscious do a lot of the connective work.
Saturn and Pluto are putting us in mind of all this inner-outer metamorphosis and working with us to bring about a subtle and lasting change. Pluto transforms anything it touches for its highest good, and Saturn will not allow anything to continue in our lives once it has outlived its usefulness. Just in time for the Mayan start date of the next era of the world.
This winter will be a time of healing for many, many people. It will be a time to connect with each other, find common ground again, and to love. Yay!

~Full Moon in Cancer~

A few days later, the Moon goes full in Cancer at 5:22am on December 28th. Since so many of us will be with family for the Christmas holidays, it’s perfect as Cancer is the sign of the home. In fact, all of the signs the Moon will go through over the holidays—Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo—are all family-oriented signs. It’s very auspicious and I believe it heralds a peaceful time spent with our loved ones. It may even bring healing for those of us that have been separated from family and friends due to misunderstandings.
I would encourage everyone to come together and celebrate the Solstice this year. Try and let go of last year’s pain, forgive others and ourselves, fill a glass with some holiday cheer, and kiss under the mistletoe. I would especially focus on that last part. A full Moon in Cancer will make it easier to relax, appreciate, and nurture our close relationships, but it is us that holds the key to lasting peace in this world.
So, let’s get smoochy this winter!

~New Year’s Eve Transit~

There is an interesting planetary transit on New Year’s Eve. First of all, Mercury enters Capricorn which will foster a very practical mind and help us keep our best foot forward going into the new year, but Mercury will also sextile Neptune in Pisces which will soften that earthiness and bring in a spiritual quality, too. Also, Mars will sextile Uranus in Aries, and a Sagittarian Venus will trine a Leo Moon.
Lots of stuff going on there but, in my opinion, it simply means it will be a good night to get out, shake our booty, and dream of a better year. Just be careful of over-indulgence with alcohol as a Leo Moon can really bring out the feisty-ness in all of us. You don’t want to come home with a fat lip; or worse, wake up with a stranger in your bed. (Though, when that happened to me, I had a great time the next day. *grin* )

~Love Transforms~

Venus will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 16th and 17th just as the Moon enters Aries. The Moon is looking for a new beginning while Venus is letting go of the past and transforming Her own sense of love. This will make it very easy to start moving on with our spirituality.
Venus will also be sextile with Saturn in Scorpio adding a fresh sexiness to our new era lives. For folks who have been alone (and getting a bit tired of it), the middle of January will be a good time to take your love-life in a new direction. However, try and keep in mind that Venus is internally transforming and we need to act in accordance if we are to find that special someone. In other words, look within to find love without.

~Monthly Tarot Card Meditation~

The Tarot card meditation for the month is the twentieth key, Judgement, as it signals spiritual maturity and a change in consciousness. Now that we have gone through such painful, dark lessons on this planet for millennia, we are waking up in mass numbers. This card shows this dynamic in motion. It is a universal call, as well, because the trumpeting of the angel depicted here come from the galactic heart.
It’s a cosmic wake-up call. For those of us who are already awake, it reminds us that we need to anchor love and light so that others will find it easier to slough off the matrix and open their eyes to a new world.
The energies of the Judgement card show us that, though we not see it all the time, we are all children of the Universe; and when Great Mother beckons to us, it’s a good idea to pay attention to Her call.

~December 21st, 2012~

I saved this topic for last as it is so loaded it’s a miracle the concept doesn’t implode under its own weight. You may have noticed that I have avoided bringing it up beyond an occasional reference for the last six months. Besides, I figured it would get plenty of airplay from others.
I believe the end of the Mayan calendar is not just a day, it is all the years leading up to it, too. It’s the whole thing where we wake up from history, not just the last few years, months, or days. I see so many people putting so much emphasis on this one day waiting for a massive world-change and I always think to myself, ‘Have you looked out your window lately?’
We ARE going through a transformation. The poles are shifting 50 miles a year, intelligences levels are measurably rising, we are rejecting tyrannical forms of government in huge numbers, animals are evolving, world crime rates are dropping, people are uniting as one family across borders and cultures—and it has been going on for a very long time. Decades. Maybe even centuries.
I really hope folks around the globe are able to put their feet up after the 21st of December comes and goes and enjoy the rest of the ride.

~Song of the Month~

My song for the month is “Return to Innocence” by Enigma to remind us that the famous date of December 21st, 2012 is not the end but the beginning of the next chapter in the human tale.


Blessed be,
~ Zooey


~Personal Note~

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