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Today we started our first Live Broadcast on Google Plus Hangouts/Youtube, we will be doing this every couple of weeks as we had planned back in 2011, it is finally here the new and improved Ready For The Shift talk show for our readers. 🙂
We are still trying out to figure out how we can have you watch the show live, but at this point we like to edit the front pages and credits so we will most likely have it posted after the edits. So sorry for the late start as we had some camera issues and finally got it settled. So enjoy the show and let us know if you have any feedback as to what your thoughts are on these times we are heading into.
Please welcome Zooey, our guest speaker and a wonderful Astrologist, speaking of the coming times, what we are to expect and how we are to go about these changes in our lives at this time.
Here is the video we were discussing of the Crystal Child explaining his crystal formation and the power it emits
One of our favorite readers, Anne H, contacted us today and jotted down these events that had happened to her during the coming of the solstice.  This is what I read in our broadcast, but if you would like to read it over, here it is. Enjoy!

December 21, 2012 Solstice: My Experience

By Anne H.

Before I describe what I experienced at the solstice point early this morning, I should state that I had really no expectation of anything notable happening at this time. I regarded the notions promoted about the significance of the end of the Mayan calendar, the earth’s “alignment” with the galactic center, and predictions of the earth and her denizens making a quantum jump into “4D” or even “5D” as new age hokum (and still regard them as such, even after my experience). However, I did (and still do) feel that human beings are at a critical evolutionary point where we are moving into an expanded state of awareness of ourselves and life that will gradually allow us to evolve into a peaceful, loving, and cooperative existence with all beings.
I went to bed around 11 p.m. and woke up about 2:15 a.m. with a headache. I got up, took an aspirin, and went back to bed. Because the aspirin has caffeine in it, typically after I take it I stay awake for a couple of hours afterward. So I thought, well, I am probably going to be awake for the solstice (4:11-4:13 a.m. my time*). I stayed in bed, mainly because I didn’t want to leave its warmth, and passed the time thinking about various mundane things. I felt some anxiety about all the stuff I had to get done in the next few days before Christmas – to calm myself, I focused on feeling connected into a “web of love”** which changed my anxiety to a feeling of reassurance.
At some point, I turned and saw the clock, which now read 3:55 a.m. I thought something like, “it’s close now… I can’t wait for this hype to be over….” And then I felt something I was not really expecting: A powerful influx of energy coming into my body, entering at the top of my head (crown chakra), moving down my spine and also at the same time permeating my entire body.
The sensation was intense, and at first, disconcerting. I immediately felt fear that I would be overwhelmed, that my body and mind could not handle the powerful influx. But I really wanted to get the fear out of the way (I mean, if I was indeed getting a transmission of some powerful energy from the higher realms, it was an opportunity I did not want to let pass). So I right away said a prayer, asking my higher self, my guides, and God to take away all fear and allow my body, emotions, and mind to process the energies coming through me as easily and harmoniously as possible.
Immediately from that point, the fear ceased and I just allowed the energies to continue to flow through me and observed how they felt. Physically the sensation was at times like a current (like electricity, but not “hot”) flowing through my body and at times a strong “wave” of energy that I was riding along with, not resisting.
This all lasted about 15 minutes… with the most intense part of it starting about 10 minutes prior to the actual solstice point and lasting about 12 minutes, then gently ebbing. After the intense energy flow finally ceased, I felt a sensation of “tingling” energy flowing the entire length of my left side, starting at the sole of my left foot and moving up along my leg, torso, left arm, and through my neck up and out my head. The tingling lasted 2-3 minutes. It felt like a discharge, perhaps a balancing and grounding of the cosmic light energies I had received.
After the energy flows stopped, I decided to get up and meditate for a short time. I felt very peaceful as well as sleepy, finally. I went back to bed, but could not fall asleep for a little while because I was still “buzzing” from the effects of the intense energy transmissions.
During this time, I received some important insights from my higher self. One of these concerned working with the energies to manifest what I want personally in my own experience as well as for the earth as a whole (humanity, all the kingdoms of life, Gaia herself). I understood that the energy I received (kind of an “upgrade”) will make it easier to manifest outcomes in a deliberate and controlled way, that I will become more adept and “smoother” at working with these energies in this way (and working with the energies for healing as well), and that the energies have to be used in harmony with divine will, for the good of all beings and to harm no one (not even a rock!).
The most important point of this insight for me was that the misuse of the powerful energies will backfire very rapidly and in a most unpleasant way on anyone who tries to use them for selfish, negative ends. (BTW, I didn’t feel that this “message” was addressed as a warning to me, more that it was just a statement of what is, how things work in the realm where one has access to higher-vibrational energy “raw materials” than previously.)
So there you have it. I had no expectations about what I would experience during the much-hyped “12-21-12” solstice point. If anything, I was hoping that the failure of the world to end or humanity to ascend to the 4th or 5th dimension on that date would silence or at least subdue the chattering legions of new age and doomsday prognosticators and channels, allowing us to get on with the real work of our own spiritual evolution. Today, I can say that something did happen to me, an experience that I believe has opened a door for me in some way – perhaps to higher consciousness. I cannot say yet what the impact of this experience will be, but I am eager to try my hand at working with the energies for manifestation and healing and am looking forward to seeing how things unfold for me personally and in the world at large in the coming weeks and months.
* The official solstice point time was reported by many sources as 11:11 UT (4:11 MT), but my astrological ephemeris lists it as 11:13 UT.
** The “web of love” visualization is one I have been doing lately; basically, I imagine myself connected in a “web” of love and light to my Source (God), to my loved ones, and to all beings. It has an immediate comforting effect on me.

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