~By Greg Zangari
The Year of 2011 was the year we went “organic” (as much as possible) and stopped eating GMOs and processed foods, including avoiding using sugar or eating foods containing sugar, but I have to confess, we do keep organic cane sugar in the house for guests and I may eat a Milky Way Bar or some Dunkin Donuts a couple of times a year – hey, I’m no Saint LOL. We chose Stevia for our main sugar substitute. Other than Stevia, we may use a little blue agave or real maple syrup on pancakes a few times per year.
In 2012, we started taking supplements including vitamins, minerals, superfoods, chelation and anti-inflammation therapies and we planted our first organic garden, which we are going to expand this year to include both the backyard and sideyard, probably doubling our planting area.
There were many lessons learned in 2012, which will really help to increase our yield and allow us to actually bottle/can some fruits and vegetables for the Fall/Winter months. In addition, it will also give us an opportunity to donate a few things to the local homeless shelters in 2013.
After making these changes during the past two years, we find ourselves feeling better (I went from being in bed 23hrs a day to helping dig a garden and spending several hours per day outside this past Summer and Wendy’s skin pain is starting to fade away!) and looking trimmer (We’re both fitting into clothes we used to fit into 20 years ago)!
We discovered something interesting on Christmas Eve this year, when we were visiting my cousin and found ourselves in a time crunch. It was about 5:30PM and most of the markets, including Trader Joe’s where we usually shop, were closing at 6:00PM. Based on our location, the time of day and the fact it was “the last Christmas shopping day of the season” the only market that we could physically get to in time was the Acme.
We arrived as the first snowflakes of the season were falling on our heads and headed straight to Acme’s organic produce section. The display held about 6 rows of items and was only 6 feet (2 meters) wide or so. Besides the fact that there was such a small selection, we were shocked at the prices! No wonder people say they can’t switch to organic food because of the price. If the prices at this Acme were any indication, we can understand why!
Wendy noted that the Acme wanted $1.79 per apple for an organic apple – PER APPLE! The price of organic apples at Trader Joe’s was about $0.79 per organic apple the last time Wendy shopped there. Can you understand why we’ve come to this determination?
If people could only go to a store like Trader Joe’s once, they would know the truth. It seems that mainstream markets do not want people switching to organic. Sure they give you a few organic choices and try to make you believe they cost much more then the cheap junk they serve you. However, the truth of the matter is, prices for organic food at Trader Joe’s are similar to the prices of non-organic food at the mainstream chain supermarkets!
It seems the big chain markets have raised prices on organic food to make it nearly impossible for the Average Joe and Josephine to believe they could ever afford to feed their family organically. Don’t fall for it folks, just try shopping at a different kind of market – one that isn’t full of food that’s not made for your good health, even though some of the “all natural” labeling would have you believe that.
As we move into 2013, although we feel we eat much better than in years past, we want to take it to the next step. We still buy some “pre-made” products like organic popcorn in a bag and organic pasta sauce. However, after reading a few things today pointed out by some Facebook friends (thanks Francis and Caan!), we’ve finally decided on our “Food Resolutions” for this coming year. Just when you think you’re doing a good job of eating healthy, you find out that you can continue to improve. So this is the list we’ve come up with and not a day too soon!
– Stop eating white rice and white refined flour as much as possible
– Make our own pasta sauce from scratch
– Make our own mayonnaise
– Make our own bread
– Make home made popcorn on the stove
– Make our own frozen fruit and juice bars
– Make our own granola cereal combos instead of off the shelf cereal
– Make our own pasta
– Learn how to make really good Indian and Mexican food at home instead of getting take out.
– Eat even more fresh/raw fruit and veg this year!
Below are a couple of things for you to read and consider that stimulated our thoughts on this topic today. We hope they may help you make up your mind about what you want to put into your body this year. Let’s see if we can all treat our bodies a little better in 2013!
From Natural News: Nine Foods You Should Never Eat Again
From Reader’s Digest: 27 Foods You Should Never Buy Again
Ready For The Shift will make every effort to ensure that we continue to share all of our nutritional “discoveries” and healthy “improvements” with our readers in 2013 and hopefully for years to come!
Lots of Love and Happy New Year,
Greg & Wendy at ReadyForTheShift.com

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