Fred Cusinato
Fred Cusinato
~By Greg Zangari
Tonight on “Ready For The Shift LIVE!” we’ll be presenting our first international interview, with our good friend from Montreal, Canada,  Fred Cusinato. First and foremost, Mr. Cusinato is a pretty amazing musician in his own right and a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.
In fact, you can listen to some of Fred’s wonderfully eclectic and mind-stimulating tracks right here on Ready For The Shift’s web page footer, where we post original music from friends we have met online, via an add-on called “Streampad” (so go to the footer, click it and listen to Fred’s wonderful music while you’re reading this!).
Fred also considers himself a truth-seeker and a philanthropist. He frequently inspires us with his wall posts whether he’s talking about past and present Life on Mars, the corrupt central banking system that runs this planet or cannabis, the hidden cure for cancer. With Fred, it’s consistently topical, current and always relevant, with his personal mission to help uncover the mysteries that surround us all. We have so much in common in fact that we are happy to call Fred a Brother from another Mother!
We met Fred a little over a year ago as we were all mutual friends of Andy Basiago and William “Brett” Stillings and members of Andy’s “Mars Anomaly Research Society” Facebook group. As time went on, I started seeing Fred posting about the significance of 432Hz on his Facebook wall. After discussing 432Hz with Fred on and off for a few months, he invited me to a Facebook group he admins called “The Cosmic 432” and there is so much to read and learn – I have barely scratched the surface!
During tonight’s interview, Fred will be discussing the evolution of his interest in 432Hz, often called “Pythagorean Tuning” versus the A440 “Concert Pitch” which was the standard tuning decided upon in 1939, which most musicians would find familiar. Fred will also discuss how certain frequencies/tones can effect the Chakra points in our bodies, which leads us to the Solfeggio 7 note diatonic scale and how it all  aligns with Sacred Geometry/Mathematics and how the 432Hz tone may be used in healing.
Wendy and I are kind of partial to Fred’s song, “A New Earth” in 432Hz. The peace and contentment that flows from this soothing track is just amazing! Just so you can “feel” the difference, we’ve included both the version Fred recorded at A440 (440Hz) and the version recorded in A432 (432Hz). You’ll hear and feel the joy it brings when listening, especially through a good pair of headphones to really capture its essence. In fact, we love the song so much that we asked Fred if we could use his song as the theme song for our show and he graciously agreed!
Please welcome Fred to our first show of 2013!


Here is a list from Fred, of those that are in the know and sites for you to visit in order to continue your research into 432Hz.
432-related playlist
Jamie Buturff playlist
Jamie Buturff website
Ananda Bosman’s website
Brian T. Collins’ website
PAPERS by Anthony Morris
Meaning of Solfege and Ut queant laxisège

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