Late last night, our friend Kurt “Kurby” Mendonca, administrator of the Facebook Group “All Roads Lead To The Truth”, shared a note with me regarding Life on planet Earth and what can happen to our connection with “Life” when being influenced negatively by some sects of major religions and spirituality. It made me stop and think about Kurt’s message for several minutes, including my personal connection with Earth. It can be very provocative reading for some, however, I thought it would be something our readers may find enlightening.  ~ Greg


Your Body Is The Tree…and Eden Is Inside

~By Kurt Mendonca

What species of life on the planet do you think you REALLY resemble??

Stand tall for the Lord – the mighty Tree:  The “giant” that can live for a 1000 years.  Where only one single seed can grow a whole forest, all in harmony with Gaia and yet every tree grows differently.  Individualism in its purest form growing and communicating with its surroundings while being completely different to the tree right next to it.  The tree scabs, bleeds, and grows no different than the current day human.  It speaks of a majestic time where its beauty is timeless.  Strong, tall and where its roots planted right, can move boulders and collectively within a forest, can and has moved mountains.  In the Bible, Jesus speaks of humanity having the ability to move mountains, and though I personally read the words not literally, but as a reference to displacing crags, Monarchs, and Kings – the very reference to what the trees can do is no different when more than one of us come together in prayer, meditate, or the use of intent.  We CAN move mountains as well.
Interpretation of scripture and ancient text is all but speculation and mine too, like all others, is just that. I offer another version of what the system would like you to believe. Something to consider if nothing else. Instinct is for animals and though some of them can think and process without the collective, we humanoids are so different than the normal animal that there is no way we even fit the category. Science would love for you to believe we do though and Government and control systems all through the ages, have classified you as a fungus or parasite, feeding off your individualism as if it was a weapon of mass destruction. Dividing you into categories, replanting you into pots and doing everything they can to isolate you from the collective. TODAY is OUR tower of Babel. TODAY we have come once again to speak one language and yet the systems of control wish to take our forest away from us. Our DNA records history better than any book and we remember well what happened the last time a control structure took this away. WE are not animals. WE are mighty, strong, and stand tall against forces that would see us on a saw mill versus communicating with others.
Ancient Babylonian rule, Roman, Greek – pick your empire. It’s why theologians today can NOT find the current day Roman Empire because it’s all ancient rule. An Old Agenda and system of criteria that has worked for a million plus years. They know no other system, and they know no other rule – so they force feed the collective propaganda, in hopes we will not see the inner achievements of man OR his/her capabilities.  They wish us to think with instinct, treat us like cattle and hope we will react as such. You are not allowed to think on your own. They keep us busy with rituals of offerings to the crag, mountain, king, monarch by working more than one job, or killing lambs, or dancing while delivering the cookie offerings. “I like my steak well done, and cookies wheat free!” This is nothing more than Biblical offerings of the sacrificial lambs or dancing in a ritual. Make sure you drain the blood first he said…just as long as you stay so busy that you have no free time to think, ponder, or find any inner peace.
Inner Peace: Some claim that we are already enlightened and that there is no need to seek it, we are already there and that the physical body is nothing more than the experience. Experience from what? Does an angel know what its like to eat a steak, or smell the flowers? Is this it – to wonder through a few days on the planet and smell a skunk or eat a snail? Do good will toward your fellow man they say, Karma sucks for those who don’t. What happens in the forest is what I want to know. Inner peace is the seeking of the enlightened soul and just like the Tower of Babel we do this today. Seeking something that may not even exist outside our physical body. Religion wishes you to seek God, or Jesus- but Jesus NEVER says you need to make a phone call to him – that he is always there. Our higher self is one with the body already. Why build a tower than? Symbolic if anything we see in ancient script as we prove we are already enlightened. God is within us, or God is us, or God is all…but we need not build stairs to get there. Let me take you down a different road – where the translation over a million years may have been skewed and a different interpretation.
In the bible it’s clear from the very few passages that man is created twice. Historians have said it to be planets, stars and to create illusions of fantasy, that we just made it all up. Others would like you to believe you were created by an ancient alien. Only to explain our existence either by magic from an animal, or by intervention.  No we are a creation, but we also need to look at other factors as well. How do you explain the UFO, Reptile, Vampire – some claim its all Interdimensional? What if it’s holographic? We could well be a projection of what someone or something wishes to experience that can not. Angels? Maybe. What about a tree? The majestic living soul of the perfect union of living in harmony with the planet. No other living species on the planet comes close to the human, except the tree. Even if the physics don’t make sense or that it’s hard to imagine – the tree is your brother. It feels, it talks, but it can’t move quite like you can: can it? I found an interesting story the other day. To me it was validation and I needed to put it down as thought if anything else. Criticize it, put it down, make fun or call it “New Age B.S.”, but it sure is the most interesting thing I’ve ever found, in all my research to date.
The Popol Vuh chronicles how the Mayan gods created the world and made several attempts to fashion people to live in it, including “mud people” and “wooden people”, that didn’t quite meet the grade. Finally, the gods got it right, creating the people who inhabited the urban site now known as El Mirador – where the panels were found and the hundreds of thousands of acres comprising the Serpent Kingdom.
If enlightenment is within us, and God does not need to be sought out – then how did we get here?
I think if we are related to anyone on the planet it’s the tree, and if so it’s the tree having the experience, not us, if the holographic universe has any credibility to it. If looked at it from this angle then, Eden is within us and we are the tree.


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