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~By Zooey
I want you to have some fun this month so every time you read the words, “It’s a good idea,” I want you to think of (hear) Martha Stewart’s iconic saying, “It’s a good thing.” Why? Well, for one, I think we all need to lighten up after all the negativity that was dumped on us over the December 21st, 2012 date—kind of anticlimactic not to have the earth flip over and kill us all, no?—and also because Mercury plays an active role this month.
Mercury is all about ideas, quick changes, travel, and communication. That’s ideal as here we are in Aquarius which embodies change and ideas. Big ideas. Big, BIG ideas. In fact, I have never met an Aquarian who was shy about sharing their thoughts on improving things. I’m sure they’re out there, doing crosswords and reading books, but most of the ones I’ve met came out of the womb with a suggestion on how to make things better. “Excuse me, love, have you thought about changing to all-natural, biodegradable baby wipes? They’re much better for the environment.”
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a grocery store and needed to hear a voice of reason like that. We’re talking about nutrition, after all. It’s kind of important for survival. Sadly, these days I usually leave the market with good intentions and some crap—good for the garden, but hardly worth sharing at the dinner table. I don’t even know how to tell what’s good for me anymore. How the heck is the average person supposed to figure out an item PLU tag?
My point is that an Aquarian always puts progressive thinking first. It’s a good idea to know what’s in our food, isn’t it? And yet, we’re constantly being told by today’s media sources that everything is OK in this area. There’s nothing to worry about because our tomatoes now last for a couple of months in the refrigerator. Surely it has no effect on our finely-tuned, organic bodies, born of Mother Earth, that expect the same exquisite, naturally-produced fruit. Right?


~ Helloooo, Aquarius! (January 19th, as evening falls) ~

This month opens with the Moon entering Gemini while trine to the new Sun in Aquarius. It will foster an intuitive understanding of where our minds have been for so long—all that moody, dualistic Age of Pisces stuff—and how to go about resolving any leftover problems as we move into the new Age. The Moon will also square Neptune bringing our domestic lives up for a spiritual realty check. If we are whole and going with the flow, expect smooth sailing; if not, well, I wouldn’t make any plans for a few days.
With Mercury also in Aquarius and in a harmonious sextile aspect to the fiery, self-revolution going on with Uranus, we can expect this month to be about seeing that we all share the same struggles. As we are crossing over into the Age of Aquarius, we are finally starting to see that the solution is in all of us—not just one person or a guru or even a spiritual clique—and that by reaching out to each one of us on Gaia and beyond, we end up reaching out to ourselves and become One.

~ Speaking Universal Truth ~

Big, beautiful Jupiter is in Gemini—have you been out to watch this gorgeous planet lately? My goodness, Jupiter has put on quite a late-night show over the winter!—and moving into sextile position with an Aries Uranus. It will stay sextile until the beginning of March ushering in some radical thinking on inter-communication, improving close relationships, and how honoring each other makes a better world.
We are beginning to hear our own voices when others speak their truth—the words echo the same inner knowing we feel in ourselves. Jupiter is now expanding our ability to listen, see, and communicate that connected, universal Truth.
Not only that, but Jupiter finally stations Direct at the end of the month. Have you been all mentally jammed up for the past few months? Communication lines down? Or, stuck in a permanent review mode? Well, that comes to an end on January 30th as Jupiter starts to move forward in Gemini again. Yay! I mean, I appreciate being able to talk things over with myself as much as the next person, but a never-ending session is a bit much. *diddles lips*

~ Turning Inside-out ~

February 1st, Mars enters Pisces as Venus enters Aquarius. Talk about some sudden personal change happening all at once, all across the world. Wow! We’re going be turned inside out this month. Just in time for Groundhog’s Day, too. How very interesting. You may want to shut the alarm clock off.
Mars is about to meet it’s emotional opposite in Pisces while Aquarius will lend it’s vision on social justice to Venus. I can really see women around the globe taking a huge leap forward in their lives while Mars is submerged in all that emotional, mystical, what’s it all about? dreaminess of Pisces. There’s going to be some steamy days ahead; and, with Saturn in Scorpio and Mars driving our deep emotions, we can expect to be knocked on our butt if we’ve been giving our lover the short end of the stick. An Aquarian Venus won’t stand for inequality anymore—everyone counts in a relationship.
A few days later, Mercury also enters Pisces on February 5th. It will begin to change our perspective from the humanitarian concerns of Aquarius to the fathomless, spiritual waters of Pisces. Things like, “Where were all of us going on December 21st, anyway?” Whether we like to admit it or not, many of us put some stock into an event happening around that time—and now? A month later? What does it all mean?
A Piscean Mercury will give us some time to sort out any leftover, wacky-woo, philosophical notions that were knocked off-balance. Try not to get too down, though; everyone spills a cup once in awhile.


~ Emotional Storm Warning Notice ~

We’re in for a rough patch over the second weekend of February. Starting around Thursday and all the way to weepy, please-not-another-week-of-this Monday, our tempers may flair up a bit.
Mercury and Mars come together in Pisces and both square off with the expansive powers of Jupiter in Gemini. When Mercury and Mars come together in the sky, it can give us a cocky, mental attitude. We suddenly gain the psychic power to say the right thing at the right time… but usually for the wrong reason. Remember, Mars is the god of war and quite a hot-head when challenged; add the mental acuity of Mercury and a simple disagreement can turn into an intellectual bloodbath.
Feeling crowded by others isn’t really a good reason to get all up in each others face about things, so, plan ahead and take a little vacation that weekend. Mark it on your calendar. The trick with these mini-emotional monsoons is to quickly board up the windows, batten down the doors, maybe open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, build a fire, read a good book, and just ride it out. It will pass.
On the heels of that, the following week clears up nicely with Mercury trine Saturn in Scorpio and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. We can ease off on the mental controls and let the universe set our course for awhile. I couldn’t think of a better thing to do with our lives at this point; there’s just too much stress and not enough free time as far as I’m concerned.

~ Saturn Stations Retrograde ~

Speaking of Saturn in Scorpio, this grand Teacher of the Ages will station Retrograde on February 18th. Finally, a chance to take a break from all the heart-based trauma that has come up recently. It’s been pretty rough since last October, huh? I know, I know, all those exploding relationships, so many secrets coming up, and so much death. My own dear father almost died of a stroke, I was accidentally outed on my partner’s side of the family (gasp!), and our sweet, old, gray cat passed away; not to mention I know so many people who have just lost a loved one, too.
I was going to talk about this last fall but how can I prepare people for amorphous, emotional upheaval? Best to just let Saturn put all our feet to the fire of compassion and let everyone decide when they’ve had enough. The good news is that all the recent disruption in our lives is (mostly) over. It was necessary for this spring’s (sign’s) new growth.
(I like to think of a planet’s passage through a sign as if it had a seasonal age. Saturn will be in Scorpio for two and a half years. The way I see it, we just went through Libra’s winter—where we figured out Saturn’s lesson on what it means to be in a healthy relationship—and, in the last few months, we just passed through the early spring storms of Scorpio. We still have a Saturn that will mature over its summer for another year or so, and then die in the winter as it approaches the new sign of Sagittarius at the end of 2014. The wise witch understands that Saturn is also known as Old Man Time and understanding His cycles—the wheels within wheels of a clock—is very important. 😉 )
I imagine we’re all ready for some better days, and that is about to happen. Everyone prepared for 2012 for so long, with most of us not knowing what the heck was going to happen, or if anything was even going to happen. And yet, somehow, I think most of us missed the point:
A multitude of Earth Souls all thought positively about one outcome for years at a time.
It’s miraculous, really. If there is one thing I have noticed on everyone’s mind lately, it’s, ‘What just happened? Something happened, but darned if I know what it is.’ I’m sure it’ll come to us very soon that we just made collective magic happen. It feels kind of good, doesn’t it?
Why not? After all, Unity Consciousness is a good idea.

~ Monthly Tarot Card Meditation ~

This month, I’ve chosen the first Major Arcana card, The Magician, to remind us of the magic we create in our own lives. It took us a long time to gather the tools laid out before us, and a lot of discipline. Now that we have successfully passed into a new Age, and we are responsible enough to accept the power to create with a united, socially-connected heart and mind (Throat Chakra), what are we going to do?
That is an interesting question, and one I see so many people trying to figure out, now that we are finding alternative paths to freedom. (Remember, Aquarius is a revolutionary figure, too.) You see, we also just learned that when we pulled back the curtain, we were the ones pulling the levers. We were the quantum mechanic—grease-monkey, if you prefer—spinning all the gears. Now that we know that, what wheels do we want to set in motion?

~ This Tightrope’s got to Learn how to Bend ~

My song of the month is ‘Rise Up’ by The Parachute Club to remind us that freedom starts with each one of us. It’s time to stop waiting for the event of The December 21st, 2012 Galactic Alignment and start living it.
Oh! By the way, welcome to the Age of Aquarius! It’s about all of us now—not just me, or you, or us, or them, whether you ascend, or her, or him, or any other divide and conquer mentality induced by centuries of living under Illuminati rule—it’s about We. Capital W. It’s time for love, and spirit, and freedom for everyone.
We are the ones we have been waiting for—now, have at it!
Blessed Be,


~ A personal note for my Readers ~

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** Lorraine Segato, the singer of The Parachute Club, is probably one of my favorite lesbians in the world. She not only changed my life forever, but the lives of so many of my friends. This is a gal who can get things done. Whooo! Takes my breath away. I truly hopes she knows what she has done for others and is finding some peace and comfort in her own life.

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