About ten days ago, I posted an article written by our friend Kurt “Kurby” Mendonca, administrator of the Facebook Group “All Roads Lead To The Truth”, called,  “Your Body Is The Tree…and Eden Is Inside” and about a week later, Kurt shared Part II of this article entitled “Matrix, Parallel Universe or Hologram?” We’ve been so busy lining up guests for our new show “Ready For The Shift LIVE!” that I didn’t get around to reading it until a couple of days later and I finally got around to asking Kurt for permission to post it last night – sorry it took so long to get it to you all! Like his last treatise, I hope it helps shed a little more enlightenment in your direction!  ~ Greg
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Matrix, Parallel Universe, or Hologram?

~By Kurt Mendonca

What if it was a combination of all three? I had an experience Feb of 2012. What some would call a UFO encounter slipping between universes. I have spent many a night rehashing that event. Sure one could claim a multi-verse exists and I sure don’t have that answer, but science seems to think so. Though their reason is to take out the “god” factor. That divine source of the universe itself. That “god” wasn’t needed at all – that having more than one reality is what allows us to exist. That though is an old agenda. Whatever you consider a divine source is, does exist. It’s a personal road though that will determine what it is or even a who. Not sure to be honest of what reality is though. In another note I lay out my thoughts on what I believe is not so much a multi-verse but rather a hologram: https://www.facebook.com/notes/kurt-mendonca/your-body-is-the-tree-and-eden-is-inside/512929595395585
Think about this for a moment: How does prayer work? How does mass conscience work, or intent, or the words we speak (biblical)? What we speak out into the universe or even think can alter the outcome and future. We have proven how we can change tides, hurricanes, money, income and do not forget that military was working on it as well. It was called remote viewing. The 100th monkey effect? One can only really explain all these incredible phenomenon if we are all connected at a deeper level.
So what connects us; how can a thousand miles between two people make a prayer or wish come true? God? For some this is the easy way out- not that a divine source is not out there, but we have too many other examples that can not fit that scenario. I believe in a divine – balanced and centered. The human experience is not balanced though. It takes hard work to be centered in thought and not something you learn over night.
“The Matrix” explains the reality we live in. The movie “Avatar” explains how it happens – but I offer a collection of all three. This is the reality. This is the experience – whether forced or by design. We are to be here. This is troubling to some and I understand that. Good, Bad, or Evil or Divine – this is your road. It’s all of the above and then some. Not 4D or 5D…but 7th Heaven kind of love. We have no clue until we die what is really happening around us.  If we can move mountains (biblical) and if we can make hurricanes move direction without “god”, then we are more than just connected. We are all in the same person…dyslexia in its purest form. You’re me and I am you. We create this very experience we live in based on past, present and future, because we are already living in the past present future. We control how the matrix lays itself out. Control your future…this is what every consultant wishes you to do. Lay out a goal and follow it. Collectively, we can do the same. We made the pyramids, we made the landscape, we made the stars (in quantum physics it explains how atoms, protons only react when we interact with them…); think about that and let that set in for a minute. The stars above your head – atoms and by the simple fact we know they are there, they are there. It could well be possible and no one can deny quantum physics, that they could be placed in order to the ancient cities versus the cities being placed according to the stars. If you buy into any theory – God or Science – then the stars are a reflection of the reality in which we live.
Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? These are questions that the control mechanisms wish us to ask. It’s possible we ourselves created the very thing we wish to defeat. We need balance and within this balance we need to justify our existence. It’s a physical manifestation of the true nature of man. We need conflict, pain and confusion…and I know how that sounds – it’s a great analogy from the movie “The Matrix”. We need pain to make this all seem real. We control this holographic image – we control our destiny – we control our world collectively. We need the needle to hurt, to justify it.
Illuminati, NWO, government cover-up…if it wasn’t for any of this, some of us would go off the deep end. The needle we created. So, in that we need a physical pressure to allow us to enjoy the steak, smell the flowers and love each other, in some dyslexic kind of way. It’s not a multi-verse it’s multiple personalities from the collective – or prayer and intent would not work. You do not need to believe in “god” to make change happen – we see this in cults and religious aspects all around us. We see this in corporate and government projects.  We see this in the monarchs we created.
I believe “The Matrix” is real, but not how it’s presented in the movie – but rather how we ourselves envisioned it and how we need it to be real. So if today is our time in the cycle for the Tower of Babel and we know we can make change, then the Illuminati doesn’t exist. Their mechanisms of control do not exist. If collectively we can move a hurricane we can do the same with them – “It’s only a spoon” = only human.

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