Wes Whitewolf

Wes Whitewolf

~By Wendy and Greg Zangari
In September 2011, we received an e-mail via Facebook from a very nice couple named Wes and Maya, in Berlin, Germany. They were searching for some information and our site came up first in their search client. When they clicked on our link, they saw our pictures on the site banner and it stimulated them to contact us, no doubt in their minds that we were members of the same “Soul Family”. We immediately felt a bond with both of them and our friendship has been growing stronger ever since.
Wes told us about his background in environmental sciences, holistic therapies and nutrition and as his beautiful wife Maya works as a speech therapist; we found that we have lots in common with them in both our interests and spirituality and have spent lots of time over the past 16 months talking on Skype or Facebook about holistic healing, nutrition and the state of world’s ecology.
A few months back, Wes contacted me and told me about a new venture in which he was getting involved. He seemed so excited that he was going to be working on something special but he couldn’t divulge more at that time. A couple of weeks ago, we approached Wes about granting us an interview for our new show and it seemed to be perfect timing, as Wes does have something to relate to our audience about the launch of a new web site and products that are now under development, that will aid not only people, but pets and the environment as well.
Since we are dealing with a 6 hour time difference, with Wes being in Germany and us in Pennsylvania, this week we will not be broadcasting the show live, as it would be 1:00AM in Germany at that time. However, we will pre-record the show Monday afternoon, then have it posted here on our site, at the bottom of this article, at 7PM EST on Monday January 21st.
As we will not have our forum chat room open for questions during the show as usual, after you watch the show, please feel free to post questions or comments in our Comment Section below and Wes will answer them here, or you can contact Wes directly on Facebook (See links at bottom of article).

More information on Wes’ background:

Wes Whitewolf, born 1962 near Hollywood, California USA, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Oregon State University where he also conducted graduate work in Biochemistry and Horticultural Sciences. Wes’ academic highlights include a U.S. Patent awarded during his first term of his Masters in addition to development of multiple novel products & technologies ranging from alternatives to agricultural synthetic chemistries to pollution remediation derived from value-added waste materials. Wes was given the Native American name of “WhiteWolf” by a Cherokee ancestor, which mirrors his philosophy and understanding of the Web of Life and our responsibility as proper Stewards of The Planet. Wes’ deeply rooted belief in service to the greater good has molded his life experiences and multifaceted skill set. Over 18 years as Consultant and Engineer of Technical Projects, Executive Management, Marketing, Sales and R&D of various Agricultural, Green & Alternative Industries including Formulation of Medicinals, Nutraceuticals & Nutritional Supplements, Pollution Remediation and Value-Added Waste Product Development. Wes’ services have spanned the Globe and include projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and North & South America. Wes has been published in a number of peer reviewed scientific literature and has been an invited speaker at International Science Symposiums.
Wes enjoys complex challenges and has an affinity for Systems Sciences & troubleshooting. He considers himself “Spiritually Awakened” for many years now and enjoys researching subjects related to Esoterics, Ancient & Hidden Knowledge, Sacred Geometry, Shamanism and related subjects in his spare time. Currently, Wes is involved with a long-term project involving development of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals that protect humans and pets from Electromagnetic Pollution which ranges from harmful effects of cell phones to ionizing radiation currently bombarding the complete Northern Hemisphere as a result of nuclear catasptrophies like Chernobyl and Fukushima. While Wes’ genealogy includes a mix of European and Native American roots, he is a self-proclaimed member of the Global Tribe of Rainbow Warriors dedicated to the protection of Mother Earth and ALL Earthlings. Wes and his wife Maya live in Berlin, Germany.
Wes Whitewolf on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wes.whitewolf
Whitewolf Project community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhitewolfProject


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