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Carol Rosin sent this to me from Forbidden Knowledge TV Newsletter in regards to a Professor in Stockholm who is working on helping the people of Japan to protect themselves from this radiation they are receiving from the Fukushima earth quake that messed up the nuclear reactors, which is worse than Chernobyl. Like Wes Whitewolf said in our interview on Monday (which I will transcribe as it is important information and some people may not be able to hear the data due to technical difficulties), we are not safe from this radiation either here in the US as well as the rest of the world.
We have a responsibility as human beings to help change this world and protect the population, we are responsible for letting others know what we have learned to spread the truth. We are not here to spread fear, we are here to inform the people about what we are not being told by our own Governments and to help find a solution to these disasters happening all over the world.
Please spread this article far and wide and when I get the transcript of our interview on Monday, please share that far and wide as well. We need to let people know the truth behind what information we are being shielded from.

Extremely Radioactive Snow in Fukushima!

Professor Christopher Busby, an expert on the effects of long term exposure to low doses of radiation says, point blank that the Fukushima Catastrophe is the worst nuclear disaster in history.
He says that what is occurring in Japan is a virtual replay of what occurred in Chernobyl and surrounding Belarus, where the radioactive cesium destroyed the walls of the children’s developing heart muscles, affecting their electrical conductivity, resulting in early heart disease and deaths from same. The only difference between these two scenarios is that Fukushima is affecting far more people, which is why he calls it “the worst.”
Busby claims that the Japanese government is more interested in preventing the collapse of the nuclear energy industry than it is in helping the children of Fukushima, which is why he is setting up a foundation to distribute mineral tablets known to block the absorption of deadly nuclides, as well as a large amount of radiation measuring devices to give to the Japanese people, to empower themselves and to find out what is *really* going on.
Busby looks very laid back, sitting on swing in a playground but his Curriculum Vitae is quite impressive. Naturally, his comments about the Japanese government have been met with a great deal of derision, as have his claims that radiation damage can be prevented with the ingestion of key minerals. Who’s side are you on?
– Alexandra
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