~By Wendy Zangari
Today’s show is cancelled due to us working on the transcript from our last show. We will have it up shortly as it has been a long and drawn out process, we are sorry for the delay. Today we are hoping to have the transcript done for our show with Wes Whitewolf, from 21, January 2013. We appreciate your patience as we had audio issues that were not apparent when we were setting up prior to the show, so this was a grave disappointment and for that we sincerely apologize once again.
As we are working towards bettering our future, I am setting up a template of a letter for all of you to send to your Government Representatives. I have already sent four letters to our Senator here in Pennsylvania to rid our water supply of Fluoride and rid our food supply of GMO’s. Both times I got inconclusive answers and with these last two letters I sent I am hoping that he will understand where I am coming from and how important it is for us to create healthier choices for humanity for us to thrive. (Letters will be shown at a later date)
I am hoping that in the next week I will have a template for all of you to send to your Government officials, so that you too can show support of banning GMO’s and Fluoride in our toxic world. This is a start to speaking out and letting them know what WE want and what we will accept in our bodies. We have to speak up because we are all we have and we are important!
So we have a lot planned, it’s just we don’t want to start another project until another one is finished as we have been terrible about being organized with our personal lives here and want to finish one thing without starting another just yet. I hope that is understandable as it is just Greg and I running everything on this website among other sites that we have to continuously look at and reply to readers from many different sources. Plus we don’t have a camera-person or a someone to show slides while we are talking, so this too has made it a bit difficult, but we are working on the tech part of this and our show quality will hopefully be better as we get better at it. Practice makes perfect and everything will flow in time!
When we post the transcript for our interview with Wes, we will also be showing slides (pictures) so that the impact of what he is saying will be more transparent with those that are visual learners, like myself. It is important to let everyone know the impacts of radiation in our world and what we don’t know WILL kill us as we need to protect ourselves from the elements that are being forced upon us. We cannot sit back and let these issues that are not being told to the public, lie destitute. We need to stand up and protect our rights, protect our bodies, and protect each other! We are here to help each other make it in this world, we are here to help one another, not hurt one another!  We need to be one with ourselves and then we can be one with the world!
Life throws you a bunch of curve-balls and you just have to catch them or you will get bruised. If you do not let your energy flow with those curve-balls, and move back when the force is too strong, you will be pushed over! You have to know when to take two steps back to let that energy subside, because if you fight it, it will act twice as strong in velocity, so know when to slow down and reflect. Like Wes said in his interview, which should be up soon, “So if you learn to actually be aware of what you’re thinking and stop yourself from doing that, it helps to prevent fights between couples and having animosity and insecurity with authority figures and things like that. Again a whole holistic approach is what it takes.” What that means to me “A whole holistic approach is what it takes” is that it takes for us to care about what we are putting in our bodies and on our skin. If we can prevent these diseases and illnesses by being happy and healthy, then we need to get in that mindset as well as eating well, getting in nutrients that are missed by eating those particular foods or taking supplements (holistic only) that aid you back to health from all the poisons that have been forced upon us.
Again researching these things and knowing what websites are credible or not, is a feat, but I think we have supplied you with very wonderful resources of those that seem credible and if we steer you wrong, we will be the first ones to let you know and correct our mistakes.
Not every health website carries a lot of this information, but what I do is always look for the source of an article, that is where the researching gets good. It is always good to know where your sources are getting their information from and not all sites are credible, but at Ready For The Shift, we know you count on us to do that research for you and we try to give credible information to all of our readers. So if you find something that doesn’t sound right or that it doesn’t seem to come from a good source, please let us know as we are always open to suggestions.
I am hoping to get the transcript up today, but if for some reason we don’t, please know that we are on it and are working on it. It has gone through a couple of edit modes so far and we are hoping that we are at the final edit, so stay tuned.
Our next show will be on 18, February 2013, we do not have anyone to interview yet, so if you want to see us interview any particular people of your interest, please contact us on our contact form on our website.  We are trying to get a couple of people for March to inform you of what’s to come, but we have yet to hear back from them, so lets hope that we can get some interviews set up soon!

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