Wes Whitewolf
~By Greg and Wendy Zangari
On 21 January 2013, we interviewed Wes Whitewolf regarding The Whitewolf Project on our new show, “Ready For The Shift LIVE!” Unfortunately, some audio problems arose which made it very hard to hear Wes’s voice. We are sorry it took over two weeks to get this to you, however we’ve been going back and forth with revisions and with the time difference and other issues going on in all of our lives it’s taken a while to get this finished. We’re very grateful to Wes for taking the time to edit this for us. Wes took the time to annotate some slides for us as well which we were not able to show during the interview (click on photos to enlarge them). These will give further clarity to Wes’s talking points and will assist you in spreading the word about The Whitewolf Project’s important discoveries and upcoming product lines, that will help protect us from both electromagnetic and ionizing radiation.
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You’ll find the transcript and associated slides below the video. Again, thank you for your patience! Where pertinent, we’ve included additional information that would be beneficial to know but we did not discuss during the interview due to audio issues and slide show problems. For your convenience, you’ll find a complete list of all links discussed during the interview, plus a couple of extras, following the transcript. If you have any questions for Wes, please post them in the comment field below this article or visit the Whitewolf Project page on Facecook and ask Wes there.
Transcript of the Wes Whitewolf/The Whitewolf Project Interview
with “Ready For The Shift LIVE!” on 21 January 2013:
Greg: Welcome to Ready For The Shift Live, for January 21st, 2013, our third show, I am Greg Zangari.
Wendy: And I am Wendy Zangari. Our guest for today is Wes Whitewolf, an Environmental Scientist. We met Wes and his wife, Maya online. They actually contacted us on a whim and said that they recognized us from our pictures on our website (I failed to mention they recognized us as part of their Star family). Here we are today two years later, still friends. Today Wes is going to talk about radiation, our environment, how we can help ourselves, how we can cure ourselves and heal ourselves from disease that have been emitted to us on this planet. So with that, Wes tell us a little bit about your professional background, such as your education and your prior projects (forgot to mention current projects as well), if you can, that would be great.
Wes: Hi Wendy and Greg and hi to everyone who is watching this. I appreciate this opportunity to share this information with you. We have a project called “The Whitewolf Project” and this is basically a lifelong journey where I have studied Biochemistry.

The Whitewolf Project

The Whitewolf Project
I have a background in Biochemistry and Plant Sciences from Oregon State University where I graduated Magna Cum Laude and went on to do Graduate work and received my first US Patent on alternatives to pesticides. Unfortunately in the Ivory Tower of education, especially in the agricultural field, large mufti-national corporations like Monsanto has control over the research. There really is no “pure research” going on anymore, it’s all applied. So unfortunately I really wasn’t suited to continue on to do a P.H.D., and so I went on to the private sector and I worked for a couple of farmer cooperatives and I was able to find uses for their waste products. For instance, one of the projects that I conducted raised $1.5 Million for a sheep grower or sheep herder cooperative in Oregon and went on to develop storm drain filters from wool and other natural materials. What they are currently using is Polypropylene, which is plastic and it goes into the landfill and it never breaks down. What I did was come up with an alternative using natural materials that would gather the pollutants off of the street when storms would come and go. You would see the drains along the side of the road, these were inserts that I developed made out of wool that can go down in there and work for about 2 months and you yank them out, throwing them in a compost pile using bacteria that breaks down the Hydrocarbons and other pollutants into a neutral material and then you can use that compost material as a rich fertilizer for the plants, ornamental plants that cities use in the meridians and along side the roadways. So it was sort of a double value added project that I was proud of and I had another Patent in that as well. That is just one example of the projects that I was involved in.
I ended up meeting the love of my life, my Twin Flame, here in Germany. She came over to the states for a couple of years and we ventured down to Sedona, Arizona, where we worked with a “medicine man”, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and we worked on Neutraceuticals and supplements, such as vitamins and minerals where we got the scoop on everything.
Wes with Medicine Man
We were able to see behind the scenes in all aspects, I started out as Marketing Manager, and went on to run the laboratory and used my Biochemistry skills to learn what was going on. That was pretty exciting; it was a roller coaster ride of an experience.

Maya, Wes's Wife- Lab in Arizona

Maya working in the lab
Maya and I went on to build a laboratory for this gentlemen and built it from the ground up so we had all aspects of how to create a business in Neutraceuticals and supplements alternatives, medicinals, things like that. So that is sort of a quick brief background.

Wes in the Lab

Wes working in the lab in Arizona
We are here in Germany now and we have got this new project we have been working on, gathering all our skills from our background. Let me stop right there and let you ask another question.
Greg: I think it is pretty amazing that you are able to use the wool and then get the Hydrocarbons out of the wool, with something natural, I think that is amazing. How did you get started in being interested in Science?
Wes: This started from childhood, I used to collect pollen as a little kid, off of the spruce tree on the front of our house. You know it’s funny, many years later on, the movie came out with Sean Connery called “Medicine Man” and I was always fantasizing about doing that, going into the Brazilian forest gathering plants and different species, like ants and bark, things like that and creating cures for cancer and diseases.
"Medicine Man" movie“Medicine Man” movie
So this has always been a childhood thing, I have always been a person that had to have my hands into the soil, into Mother Nature, I have always been close to Mother Nature and I hate living in a large city like Berlin, because we are so cut off from Mother Earth with all of this cement asphalt between us and Mother Earth. We let spirit guide us where we are going. That is sort of the background on that.
Brandenburg Gate at nightBrandenburg Gate at night
Greg: You seem to be lead where you can do the most help
Wes: That’s right, we let spirit guide us wherever we are led to next. This is just a stopping point.
Wendy: Sorry about those sun-flares in Germany. What is the main theme of your project, that you are doing right now?
Wes: Well the main theme of our project is… If you want to pull up picture #4.
The Electromagnetic SpectrumThe Electromagnetic Spectrum
Basically the Electromagnetic Spectrum is all the frequencies that we experience, of course we only see what the invisible, just a small sliver and with the rest you have everything from radio-waves on the far left hand side, all the way to gamma waves to the far right, the Ionizing radiation. If you want to go to the next picture, which is slide 5:
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant DisasterChernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
This is where the story sort of started for us. Our history, those of us that are around now remember from 1986, I believe is when we had the Chernobyl catastrophe.  Go on to the next, number 7:
A plume of smoke rises after FukushimaA plume of smoke rises after Fukushima
I use the Facebook page,Whitewolf Project, to explain a lot of this, there are a lot of videos that explain what is going on. Basically as many of you know, the corporate controlled media is not explaining, is not telling the people what is going on, it’s not explaining the truth to the American public as to the radiation fallout that’s coming over the United States right now.
Fukushima Radiation PlumeFukushima Radiation Plume
It’s actually covering the whole northern hemisphere of the globe and we have pictures on here that we show you exactly. People are saying a lot of the plants, leaves on trees  in the United States are starting to turn brown or last year during the growing season and the radiation levels has spiked significantly.
Leave turning brownLeaves turning brown
browleaves2More brown leaves
For instance in milk, at UC Berkley, in November released test results that found over 150% higher than normal radiation in cows milk. So that’s a big concern. We’re finding it in tuna. The water that they are using over the meltdown at Fukushima is basically going into the Pacific Ocean.
Fukushima Daiichi overhead view of exploded reactorsFukushima Daiichi overhead view of exploded reactors
You had a big plume over the Pacific Ocean and a big plume come over the United States. There was a large set of files that were recently released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) a gentlemen found and I skimmed through these and found that there was a big cover-up that happened by the Obama administration. I am not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t really want to go into that, this is not what it is all about. What it is, is I am just trying to make people aware because our project involves creating lotions and creams and internal medicinals that will help detoxify people. What these creams and lotions do, they not only offer a block from the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and nuclear particles, but it also helps create a situation in the skin where the skin is hardened up to a lot of these materials and it is a prophylactic that helps the skin to basically deal with these in more natural ways. The internal Neutraceutical that we formulated is a detoxifying agent that helps going into cells that remove heavy metals and other particles that aren’t supposed to be in there, it helps create balance in the body. So what the project that we are involved with is trying to take it to the Stage One, first phase of financing. That is what we are trying to do with sharing information now with folks is the fund-raising campaign that we are doing. To take it to Phase 1, that involves creating these formulations and going through the test phases; going down that ominous road of FDA regulations, allowing the products to be sold on the market we have to run through a lot of tests. It’s a daunting task, but we know we can do it. So we are trying to raise the money now to get to the first phase.
Because of the economic environment around the world right now, we have approached a number of investors and people aren’t willing to let go of their money until you have taken it to the first step of some products that they can touch and feel and that you have gone through the first phases of testing and you’ve got it past the gauntlet of FDA and other regulatory agencies. So this is basically what we are looking at in Phase One of the project.
Greg: It is a really cool model, you know. Because typically companies want you to, you know, you basically look at your strongest distribution chain and what we know now is that companies like Honest Tea, companies like Cascadian Farms, who is owned by General Mills and Honest Tea is owned by Coke, and although they are all organic and all natural, they are supporting a company and giving their profits to try and get GMOs not labeled in the US, so we are boycotting those brands now regardless of the fact and I hear what you are saying about the big investors who want to touch and feel a product. I mean that’s the way it works and I like the fact that you are going after the smaller investment firms or the smaller personal donations because it is a good to do it and stay away from the big business and all of the other companies that want to keep stuff hidden. I did have a question about FDA. Now I don’t know if a lot of the medicinals and holistics we see on the shelves usually says this is not a medicine, this is not FDA approved. When you say you are going through FDA, it’s not going to be a prescription kind of thing is it? Or is just you share clinical results with them?
Wes: Well we are going to go through both processes, in the short term which is “Under The Counter” (In the US we call it “Over The Counter”, these are products you can get off of the shelves without a prescription) products which don’t require the FDA approval, but we can’t make any claims. That’s the thing that the FDA restricts you from making claims, any sort of medical claims on the product, unless you have millions of dollars of research to back it. So it’s sort of set up that way as a gatekeeper by big pharma to keep the small guys out. Of course it’s a no brainer, profits are made by sick people, healthy people are not good for company profits and so big pharma is all about keeping people sick.
Big Pharma: Not out to heal you.Big Pharma: Not out to heal you.
Anyone that has to go through radiation treatment, what they do at the hospital with people with cancer, Chemotherapy, you are basically poisoning the body to hopefully poison the cancer cells and it’s a sad situation. There were many people that have come along with cures for cancer, but it’s a long story and again I don’t want to get in the controversy about it and Huxley and other people like that had cures for cancer, but the FDA shut them down. This was big pharma money because it represented taking away profits from the pharmaceutical industry. Of course the pharmaceutical industry has special interests and lobbyists in the United State Government. It’s not really an organization to protect the consumers, it’s more of an organization as a gatekeeper. No one is going to come along with a cure, because if people are healthy it’s not good for the bottom line in the pharmaceutical industry companies. So that’s what we’re facing with that. When we go with the clinical studies that are going to be for pharmaceutical grade applications in where we can make claims on it.
Now all the ingredients we’re using in these, of course I can’t talk about the formulations because it’s highly confidential, but all of these have gone through extensive testing by a lot of Russian, Chinese, and Japanese researchers. All of these ingredients have shown that various forms of inhibiting cancer or actually preventing and curing cancer even in stage 4. A lot of these ingredients are known, for instance Shea Butter will be a major base in our creams and lotions and a lot of them are not well known. That is sort of the secret of our recipes that have been passed down through Shamans and very few people know about them, but this is why we want to take it to the consumer. We can’t claim anything on it, it will be out there for people to use and try and that sort of an interesting aspect, if I could back up and talk a little about the company we are forming. Now the whole philosophy behind the company, it’s put together by a man, a Noble lariat awarded gentleman, by the name of Muhammad Yunus and he put together a program that shows maximum social benefit that a company puts out rather than worrying about profits. That’s what we are into and speaking of the Shea Butter a lot of folks don’t realize is harvested by women, women groups in Africa, what we have done is created a very unique social business model for the women groups in Africa. We are talking about over a dozen countries across the savanna belt of Africa where the Shea Tree grows and so what this does, is it replaces the outdated Fair Trade Organization, which is very corrupt, especially in countries in Africa where it is really hard to regulate what goes on, what trades hands. It’s become very bad, it keeps women impoverished and it pays them the lowest possible rate for their product. What we do is we’ve created a social program whereby it’s like a profit-sharing, they get and second and third rents come back back to them, they trickle back down from our profits go back into the womens groups and we give those directly to the women and it empowers the women to do what they want in their communities. Whereas a lot of folks that want to give them a bunch of bicycles or build them a school or to build a hospital, well that’s sort of doing it for them. What we doing is we’re going to allow the women to decide what they want they want to do with these extra profits, but the whole idea is that it’s a profit sharing that benefits the women, helps bring these poor communities out of poverty and we’re talking about not only Africa, but continents like South America, China, other areas that are very impoverished; These people that we get our raw materials from, it’s a way for them to get the premium for their product. So we are sort of benefiting not only everyone around the world that’s being faced with the fallout from nuclear radiation or cell phone towers, but it is also benefiting these communities where we have our raw materials for the ingredients for our formulas.
Greg: I have never heard an approach like that, Wes. The way you guys are doing it and it’s pretty amazing, because we know a lot of these fair trade monies are funneled back to a leader or a government and they never come down to the people who actually did the work. Pretty amazing!
Wendy: It’s amazing that you are giving back to the people that actually are making products (ingredients) and are doing the work, so they can see the bottom line of their efforts rather than lining someone else’s pocket and they never see anything of what they are doing. Possibly even making them not feel appreciated and are obviously lower class citizens. How are you going to get implement this, what is your first step in getting people to hear what you guys have to say and look at your Patent and look at your research and everything you guys have done in regards to these products. What is the first avenue you are going to go through after the money comes in, how is this going to be established?
Wes: It’s really interesting because again if you have heard it’s a multifaceted project that we’re taking a four prong approach to this. This matches the social business model, the corporate model where social benefits are the most important. So it’s educational and making people aware. That has got to be one of the strong attributes of what we’re doing. What this project does is through the educational process of multimedia, we have been in contact with a couple of documentary folks that have done films, for instance a gentlemen that covered depleted Uranium (DU) and Fallujah and it’s an excellent documentary I have on my Facebook page, I’ll have that posted.
Damage from Depleted Uranium, "Gulf War Syndrome"Damage from Depleted Uranium, “Gulf War Syndrome”
It talks about the problem with DU and the people in the Middle East and the birth defects of not only the people there, in these war torn regions, but also the men and women of the US Military that come back home. These guys have all been exposed to DU. Unfortunately, this is sort of a long answer to your question, I’ll get there.  What they have done is that they used DU in weaponry.
Weapons created with Depleted UraniumWeapons created with Depleted Uranium
They tip missiles and bullets with DU and what that does is creates a very explosive element that slices through a tank like a hot knife through butter, and they find that pretty useful. Unfortunately what happens is it disperses and goes into the air, it goes into the sand particles and which of course during sandstorms, are distributed across the regions, across the globe.
Eurasian air circulation and dispersal of Depleted UraniumEurasian air circulation and dispersal of Depleted Uranium
The men and women are coming back have been experiencing birth defects and what happens is a lot of these folks especially in the war torn regions, cannot afford these lotions and medicines, let alone any medicine. The other half of our company will be a not-for-profit arm of the company, we will provide at cost or free to these people that cannot afford these lotions and internal medicinals. So basically we do that for education to make people aware, so we have to have some of our money go to the educational program. So that’s what we do once we have the products they need and have tested it and got some FDA regulated products, we can go the normal routes to the major countries, but these third world countries are going to have a hard time trying to buy these products, so that’s why we have to do the footwork and take it to the people. With the internet fortunately we can do that through videos and education and awareness, multi-media, and this route, if you will.
Wendy: What are the first signs of having to know you have to use this cream, the symptoms, and what does the person goes through when they get radiation poisoning? What are the symptoms and how would they apply this cream? Would they apply it all over their body?  Let’s go from there.
Wes: Again this is goes into controversy of the cover-up of what’s been going on. You know I hate going here, but I am just going to put it out there. There was a giant cover-up by the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Committee) Operations center discussing the Fukushima transcripts right after the incident where the south plume, they were aware of it. There is a lawsuit out right now; a lot of men that were on a battleship to Ronald Reagan, that was stationed on the shore of Japan and that plume came right over them.
Fukushima TranscriptsFukushima Transcripts
More on Plume-GateMore on Plume-Gate
If you look it up, do some research. That is what I ask everyone to do, do your own research, look up Plumegate, it’s the biggest cover-up this last year. It’s incredible that the Obama administration is not held liable for this, they have still not come out and told people about it, but again these papers coming out of FOIA tell exactly what the officials knew and when they knew it and they withheld this information from the American people. What I am leading up to in your question is that people are exposed right now, anyone drinking milk right now, eating meat from cows, it’s in the pollen, the plants have already taken it up through the soil and is coming out in the pollen now. Unfortunately, radiation is residual that keeps building, it’s not going to go away anytime soon. This is a catastrophe beyond imagination and no one’s talking about it.
Wendy: So we’ve been lied to basically saying there is nothing to worry about. There was a point that it had gone over to California, they reported that, but then I didn’t hear anything after that. There were no reports after they said that. I don’t know if they said it was possible that it would reach California or if it actually did. I do know obviously, from what you are saying that it has spread all over the world and anytime there is a radiation leak or anything like that we are all exposed.
Wes: Greg do you have #17, can you pull it up? It’s a map of the United States.
Deaths from FukushimaDeaths from Fukushima
That is showing the deaths already in the United States that isn’t even being discussed that’s been associated with Fukushima and so we’re talking tens of thousands of people that have already died from radiation poisoning.
Wendy: Now why is the mid-Atlantic grayed out?
Wes: Because we just don’t have that data right now.
Greg: Yes, we are clean here. (laughs)
Wendy: Interesting they’ve got New England.
Wes: They are finding birth defects, they are finding increased birth defects, they are finding deaths of infants, people with problems with their immune system, like diabetes things like that, they are going to be much more susceptible to radiation and so the thing is in one sense I can understand why the Government and corporate media doesn’t talk about this because they don’t want us to panic the public. (inaudible) Unfortunately they use the tool of fear to get people to comply. As you know fear, I like the acronym False Emotions Appearing Real.
Fear acronymFear acronym
You know fear is an illusion, but unfortunately it really works and it does a damn good job. I mean look at all of the events that came along, The Sandy Hook shooting, all these things. I don’t want to go into the controversy about it, but it’s all about fear.
The whole idea is that people have to remember, and this is part of the educational process we want to share with folks. Everyone has the power to heal themselves, that’s what “they” don’t want you to know, but you have to believe it and you can’t give into fear. You can’t live in fear because that drops your immune system, it does a whole host of things to your physiology.
The world is getting sick(er)The world is getting sick(er)
And so the whole idea of being able to overcome the effects of electromagnetic radiation whether it be from microwaves, cell phone towers, or particles falling out from Fukushima is to have a holistic look on life. That means spiritual, emotional, physical through diet and that means what are you doing for meditation, how you are dealing with stress, are you watching television?  Throw away your television please! It’s just staying away from fear because  fear is the biggest killer of people but people don’t realize it. Fear is what opens you up to all kinds of things such as diseases, cancers and imbalances.  Again,  it’s all about educating yourself , watching your diet and having a balanced physiology that deals primarily with minerals. A lot of people don’t realize—for instance women—are Iron deficient. The majority of women are severely Iron deficient. You know, just simple things like that. It’s about people being responsible and take some responsibility for yourselves. That’s one way to “harden-yourself-off”  from this radiation fallout. The idea with the creams {Wes didn’t explain that the following are symptoms for use of the creams} is people are going to start seeing [or they’ve already been seeing] rashes; people are tired: if you’ve been real listless, tired, sleeping problems, a lot of headaches, they are experiencing things like Fibromyalgia and things that Doctors can’t explain.
I mean look at all the Prozac they stick people on! They really don’t know what’s going on anymore. They really can’t identify the problem, yet they stick people on pills. It’s so easy to throw pills at people. America has become a pill popper society unfortunately, and they need a quick fix…Unfortunately , that’s not going to happen folks! We don’t live in that world anymore…we live in a very dangerous world and so you have to take action. What we’re trying to do is simply our part: it’s not about money, corporate greed and taking care of our shareholders! That’s not what it’s about, well, our whole team is about our childhood dreams and doing what’s right in the World. You know, people are not thinking right anymore…People are thinking primarily about money and greed and this is not what we are about! Currently, its about obtaining enough money to get things going and making enough money so we can provide free product to people who cannot afford it. Of course we want to make profit, but that’s not the main idea for us. Right now is a money issue because we are trying to raise enough money through a fund raising campaign to get us to the first phase or stage of product development so that we can approach investors and get some serious money which is going to help get us through the FDA/Pharmaceutical evaluations…So that’s what this is about now and getting the products for use right now I guess. The internal solution detox product we have is designed to go into the cell and work at the DNA level where DNA is being unraveled by the radioactive nucleotides from the fallout. So that’s the problem…the radiation is hitting the cells and affecting the DNA and thus the birth defects. It’s very important for mothers who are planning to have babies, it’s very important to keep your bodies detoxified from these compounds. This is also why we want to develop a product that will help to detoxify people and not only that but also to help protect the skin because the skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Many people do not realize that the skin is an organ and there are ways or compounds that we can apply to the skin to make it more resistant to the effects of harmful elements getting in and penetrating the skin. It’s sort of like a “sun-block” but it goes much deeper than that. I hope that answers your question.
Greg: So the stuff on the outside, the topical stuff, is what you are using as a preventative from getting more radiation. And then I assume there will be something internal that bind the toxins and pull them out?
Wendy: Basically the nutraceutical is to detoxify them.
Wes: What these are called are Cosmeceuticals, and that’s the lotions, creams, and balms, like a lip balm, balms people put on themselves similarly to sunblock. People get in the habit of putting sunblock on when they go out because the Ozone layer has been depleted. So this would be the same thing, you would put this on, on a daily basis. This will help you while working on laptops or computers, which you are getting radiation from right now. You are getting radiation from your Television set as well.
A lot of people don’t know about these smart meters they are putting on houses that the Electrical companies are using computers hooked to a GPS system, so they don’t have to come to your house to take a reading. Smart meters, have you seen these?
Say "No" to SmartMetersSay “No” to SmartMeters
Wendy: Yes, we are actually scheduled to get one and we refused it, and you cannot. If it is out in the open, which ours is, they can come in our backyard and install it even when we are not home. (Later we found out there is a form you can fill out to refuse it, located at http://smartmetermatrix.org/node/53 is just one example of a formatted letter to send to your utility company. Also http://refusesmartmeters.com is also a good resource to find more about the dangers of smart meters).
Wes: Actually they cannot, there is a trick to that.
Wendy: Oh really?
Wes:  I share that on my website, but absolutely do not have one of those installed. Actually what it does is increase electromagnetic radiation in your household a hundred fold. Again I ask people do their own research, don’t rely on my words, do your research on the subject as there is a lot of good posts out there, a lot of good scientists that are coming forward warning you not to do this. And there is actually a device to decrease the amount of radiation coming through electrical sockets.
Wendy: We have a geode of Amethyst.
Wes: Ah yes, the crystals will work somewhat, there is also, Orgone, Orgonite, have you heard about that.
Wendy and Greg: Yes.
Wes: There are some magnets and some other technology coming out now that people are using to help decrease electromagnetic radiation in their environment, which is very important.
Radiation from Cell Phones and Cell TowersRadiation from Cell Phones and Cell Towers
So there are some pro-active things you can do to help decrease the amount of electromagnetic radiation coming in to folks now. Another thing that is being suppressed is children using cell phones, people don’t realize that that is microwave.
Mobile radiation is more dangerous to children under 15Mobile radiation is more dangerous to children under 15
That is like sticking your head in a microwave. Children’s skulls are thin and don’t have much bone density, because they do the ratings based on adults. Childrens’ skulls are much thinner, their brains are getting heated up by microwaves coming from these cellphones. Don’t let your child have a cellphone under fifteen years of age. And I know a lot of kids are going to be upset to hear that. Again do your research, people have done these studies and there’s a lot of good studies out there, but they are being suppressed by the industry. Again profits are being affected and they don’t want you to know about this.
Wendy: I have actually read something about cellphones not too long after cellphones came out, not came out, but when the digital ones came out, but yes I read something on the EMF’s from the cellphones and how they can affect your brain. You know there is another thing, we were talking about frequencies in our last interview with another person, Fred Cusinato, and in frequencies what you can also change things in your body, ailments, aid them or cure them from things called The Rife Machine, from Dr. Royal Rife, which is an exorbitant amount of money to pay for something like that. That’s the kind of thing, similar to a T.E.N.S. unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – the similarity is in the means that some Rife machines connect to the body, via contact pads; also, the T.E.N.S. unit transmits a certain voltage and the Rife machine transmits one or several simultaneous frequencies), but much much more elaborate because it can so many frequencies for each ailment you have. For instance, I have Fibromyalgia, or so they say, so I could go on the Rife machine and all of my skin pain would be gone just with simple frequencies. So that’s another thing people can look into is that different types of frequencies can actually heal you.
Wes: People have to remember that we are frequency, we are made up trillions of atoms that are basically these buzzing things with a whole lot of space and very little mass. We are a frequency wave, we are a vibration and that’s all we are, again that is part of the illusion and people don’t realize we look solid, we feel solid, we can tap on the wall and table in front of us and it’s solid and it feels solid, but it really isn’t, it is made up of mostly space. Quantum Physics talks about this and so we are frequency. Again, the power of the mind and the heart and the belief system, if you know that you can cure yourself, if you know you can overcome these things, you will overcome these things, but you have to believe it.  They want you to believe you don’t have that power; but we do. We are more powerful than they want us to know.
Heal Yourself!Heal Yourself!
Wendy: I do know that when Greg and I started eating organic, even though some organic foods are not necessarily good for you; some of them are actually processed, believe it or not!  The thing is, ever since we have been eating organic, we have not eaten any GMOs, we have lost weight, our pain has lessened, we have been eating more fruits and vegetables and also taking supplements like B-complex and vitamins as well to fill in the spots we were missing from our food. You can definitely feel better and heal yourself even if it’s just a little.
Wes: That’s the thing I’m trying to point out. Again, that’s like the placebo effect and this has been proven by researchers that the placebo effect is people are given pills, but are told that they are medicine, like painkillers; they reduce the pain because they believe they are painkillers but they are not. And this is why I point out, we have to be holistic about it. Our approach with the creams, lotions and the neutraceuticals—the internal detoxification material—are not an end-all or a cure-all, these are just something to add to our toolbox – you know, the holistic toolbox. But again, it’s got to be a whole program with your diet, your emotional state, your spiritual state and everything is in balance and it’s a holistic program and that’s what it takes. It’s not just doing one thing like exercising or going to church on Sunday and things like that. It’s a holistic approach and we have to be responsible and make the best of it because we are living in precarious times. You really have to be proactive in this. So that’s what it’s all about. It’s stay away from fear. Love is what it’s all about. Two basic emotions in the human in the universe, love and fear. Fear is the opposite of love and fear is an illusion. All along what have all the great people tried to tell us about love? Stay in the love, stay in the heart-place. That’s where it starts, the heart-place and believing and staying away from fear.
Don't fear.Don’t fear.
Wendy: Absolutely.
Greg: Wendy, will you go grab your tub of shea butter so you can show them?
Wendy: I actually have shea butter that’s from Ghana that my sister-in-law got for us. Be right back.
Greg: She actually got it at Tarpon Springs, Florida. Wendy’s been using this stuff for about two months now Wes, and she loves it! She has a little ritual, using it everyday.
Wendy: (off-camera) I love it!
Wes: There are actually specific, natural compounds in shea butter such as terpenoids that have actual healing properties to them, researchers have been showing that and that’s why shea butter is so important to use in conditions like fibromyalgia. Maya has been using it on me. You know I contracted fibromyalgia when I first came here and I’ve gotten much better. I also have diabetes and so she’s been using it on my feet because I have diabetic neuropathy, where my feet are very painful and have some numbing areas. This is from years of abuse from not taking care of myself. Well, I just have to live with it and try to do my best. She always rubs shea butter on my feet and it’s amazing what it does to the skin. Again the chemical and healing properties of shea butter are excellent. There’s different properties of shea butter though, there’s different grades and that’s what you have to be real careful of. There’s a lot of shea butter now coming out that’s tainted with mold and fungus and that’s a real big problem they have over there. It’s when they get the nuts off the ground and getting them dried out and processing them properly. That’s why we’re using this program as another aspect of using this social program so that we can find the right women groups that are taking and doing the right thing and know what they’re doing and sort of like an award process. We choose these groups that are doing the right things and it’s sort of like lead by example. Not only that they lead by example for other woman groups across Africa, but we as a company, that have a corporate philosophy, such as that we lead by philosophy for other companies and show them how we can make it work for everyone. For everyone, it’s a win-win situation. Rather than just neglecting these people and taking advantage of people that are uneducated and may not know the proper pricing and the market statistics and how to work at things like that. But you’ve got to be careful of grades of shea butter. You were going to show me your shea butter?
Greg: (Showing shea butter lid) Here’s the stuff my sister got, African Shea Butter, from Ghana, bought in Tarpon Springs, Florida and here’s what it looks like (showing shea butter).
SheaButter LidShea Butter Lid
Wendy's Shea ButterWendy’s Shea Butter
Wes: Light yellow excellent!
Greg: That’s it.
Wendy: I love it, it actually takes the cracks off my feet.
Greg: The “crap” off your feet? (laughing)
Wendy: (laughing) No like your heel gets in the Winter time; it gets really dry and I’ve tried so many other creams that don’t really work, but this has, so I love it.
Greg: When we went organic, Wes, we’re not the kind of people that say, “Once this is used up we’ll get rid of it and switch.” Wendy went through the house and just threw everything, practically everything out. I’m talking soaps, household products, shampoos, food, the whole gamut; you know we just wanted to get clean and get these toxins out of our bodies as soon as possible. To just say “no” is the best way to do it and starting over.
Wes: As we all discovered getting into it, we were concerned about the cost. As you know, organics can be twice as much or more than the regular on the shelf product in the store. What we found is that we actually use less of a lot of these organic materials than we used of the other frozen companies or processed foods and things like that. Eliminate your sugars, eliminate highly processed foods, dairy products, meat products, antibiotics and other things they add to meat; they are harmful for humans, preservatives things like that. But we find that we start to eat less and lose weight and you learn to appreciate your food, by chewing your food longer and making it go longer. So it actually comes out, break even because you’re not eating junk, less garbage, like chips and crap we don’t need.
Wendy: Yea, it saved us money.
Greg: And the weight started falling off when we stopped the artificial sweeteners. I mean like aspartame (looking at Wendy) I stopped before you did and when you stopped…
Wendy: It was hard for me.
Greg: You started seeing the weight fall off.
Wes: Those are poisons. The best alternative for sweeteners is…
Wendy: Stevia!
Wes: Thank you! It’s a good alternative. As you’ve probably discovered, after a while you lose the sweet-tooth so you don’t need all that sugar but you get hooked on that. It’ addictive and  like an addiction, because that’s how our mind works. The serotonin and the various things flowing through our brains it’s like mental masturbation; that’s what alcoholism is and drug abuse, it forms from an addictive behavior. But then people get off of it and they discuss these things like problems with anger and emotions and the reason why is, because scientists discovered that you’re passing a lot of serotonin and other chemicals through your brain. So you’re basically playing with that, that’s why you hang onto the anger, your resentment and things like that, because it’s mental masturbation literally. (inaudible) So if you learn to actually be aware of what you’re thinking and stop yourself from doing that it helps to prevent fights between couples and having animosity, insecurity with authority figures and things like that. Again a whole holistic approach is what it takes.
Greg: I’ve never tried it Wes, but I’ve heard that if you’re having a carb craving or sugar craving a tablespoon or teaspoon of coconut oil immediately stops it.
Wes: I haven’t done that but I wouldn’t be surprised.
Greg: Yeah, we’ve been using coconut oil a lot to fry things with now, we did try it on grilled cheese but it made it taste like coconuts a little. There are some things we used it on and it didn’t have that after taste and the oil worked out really well.
Wes: Coconut oil is the best as well, we use coconut oil. That’s the best stuff you can get.
Wendy: Yeah.
Greg: Wes, so is there anything else that you wanted to share with us, or “next steps” or anything like that before we close out today?
Wes: I want to encourage people to do anything you can to support us. If you can provide five bucks, we’ll gladly accept the cash. We have it set up through our Facebook, WhitewolfProject (https://www.facebook.com/WhitewolfProject) and we’re also setting up a special fund raising campaign on Indiegogo (http://www.indiegogo.com/) which is a web site dedicated to fund raising campaigns and so we’ll be set up there in a couple of days where people can donate. Of course you have to give them 9% of it but if you’d like to donate through Paypal on the web site that would be great (if using Paypal, Wes’s email address for donations is: [email protected]). You know in economic hard times people can’t afford much, as an alternative, if you can share this information with friends and family, you know help promote us, because I think we have a good program going. I think we’re going to have a lot of people that will benefit from it. It’s again a multifaceted approach to what we’re doing. I think it’s very unique and I think it’s worthy of being supported. Any support we can get, send prayers, and spiritual support we are glad to accept. Again, the educational component of this is going to be really important and I’m going to be constantly sharing new cancer cures, new ideas, thoughts that people might want to think about, research topics/discussions on the web site (https://www.facebook.com/WhitewolfProject), so it’s not just about us and our products, I promote all of the alternatives that really work in the end.
Cannabis Oil Cancer CureCannabis Oil Cancer Cure
Anti-Cancer SuperfruitsAnti-Cancer Superfruits
People have really struggled to try to, people that have been arrested by the FDA and their laboratories destroyed; there are a lot of sad stories out there. People that were arrested for trying to sell raw milk to people, as you know (Wendy and Greg acknowledge) it’s getting crazy, especially in the United States. So I try to share information with folks that will help benefit us again, in a holistic approach. So come to the web site, visit the page periodically and any help you can give us at this time, we would be very grateful. Also, folks that donate $25 or more, if you send us your mailing information, we’ll send you free samples of the products as soon as they are ready to go.
Greg: Sounds great!
Wes: (Inaudible)
Wendy: What was that?
Wes: It’s an incentive for folks.
Greg: That’s awesome!
Wendy: That’s wonderful, Wes! I mean you’re doing a wonderful thing for people all over the world. You know, obviously it’s a bigger issue than we know and it’s something that we need to be aware of and we thank you for bringing this to our attention. I know that most people overseas are very awake so it’s very, very good to hear this information that someone is actually doing something to resolve the issue of all these EMFs, radiation any other type of healing cures for cancer and everything else. I mean I think it’s absolutely wonderful what you guys are doing, just amazing stuff! Just amazing and I can’t wait to try the product.
Greg: Products.
Wendy: What?
Greg: Products!
Wendy: Oh products, I can’t wait to try the products, you know, we’ll be sending you $25! (laughter)
Wes: Well you know, we really appreciate this opportunity, allowing us to come on to your show and include yourself in folks that are making a difference.
Greg: Aw, thank you.
Wendy: Thank you.
Wes: You’re providing a platform for people to share this important information that the mainstream or what I call “lamestream” media doesn’t talk about. And we should be talking about it, you know? We should be investigating, we should be asking questions, of those we put in authority, of those we pay, to look out for us and they’re not doing it. We need to stand up and make a difference. Thank you for making a difference and thank you for this opportunity to share the Whitewolf Project with everyone.
Greg: You’re very, very much welcome Wes, you know looking at your business model, between changing how Fair Trade is done, maybe you’ll set up the new paradigm for that, where it goes directly to the workers and not to the Chief and the fact that you’re going to have a not-for-profit arm, just giving back to the world. You know that is true service to self you’re not someone who is going to sit there and make a barrel of money.
Wendy: It’s service to others, service to humanity.
Greg: Service to humanity, I’m sorry, it’s the opposite to the typical service to self that most companies do where profit is…
Wendy: Bottom-line.
Greg: “Cash is King!” And just to see someone starting a new paradigm to say “we can do it better” everybody seems to be preaching “we have to change the way we do things”, well seeing it put into effect like this and the way we’ve changed our lives, it’s about living the way you want to live and doing things to see the world you want to see the world work…
Wendy: That’s right!
Greg: And that’s why we bring people on like Wes and Fred and Zooey because they see something different. They are not status quo and they want things to change and they are not afraid to stand up and do it and that’s what I love about what you’re doing, Wes. Thank you.
Wes: Well isn’t this really what “The Shift” is all about? Like your platform discusses? I mean you know we were thinking the “Ascension” process was going to mean we would start to go off somewhere else or that there would be (inaudible)…
Greg: Yeah.
Wes: What we’re finding is it’s shifting into a state-of-mind/state-of-being that this idea of greed and dog-eat-dog and service-to-self is just not working anymore.
Greg: Nope.
Wes: If we’re going to survive as a species, we’re going to have to shift that whole thinking into service to the greater good. So that’s what we’re trying to do and you guys are trying to do.
Wendy: Just remember, we’re the majority. People don’t realize in the U.S. that Congress and the government and everything is like this big (makes a tiny circle with her fingers) and we’re this big (spreads her arms wide). The more that people speak out and the more that people learn about things like this that other people know and teach us about, you know, that’s what it’s all about, learning from each other.
Greg: Yeah.
Wendy: Gaining knowledge from each other so we can be a better race, a better person for ourselves and for others and save this planet once and for all. Because the way we’re going isn’t working very well.
Greg: Yeah.
Wes: Absolutely! Absolutely!
Greg: Ok, well thanks again and I guess we’ll close here.
Wendy: Ya.
Greg: Thanks for watching everyone and we’ll see you in another couple of weeks with another great interview. Take care.
Wendy: Take care!
Greg: Bye
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