~By Zooey
 “Today you are You
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive
Who is Youer than You.”
– Dr. Seuss
I’d like to stop and interview an Aries. I would, but they’re usually gone by the time I get a microphone and camera set up. All that’s left to interview is a blur and a puff of dust.
We see Aries people all the time, we just don’t recognize them. They’re the ones jogging in the park at 5 am; or, taking art to the next level with vegetable products; other times, they’re streaking across the sky in experimental aircraft. If these pioneers aren’t hanging off the side of a mountain, they’re digging through the dirt in their backyard garden. They’re so outdoorsy, they come equipped with a matching set of camping gear.
It’s true we might find one relaxing at home here and there, but it’s usually after a very busy day. Even then, their domestic activities tend towards tinkering away on home projects or reading books about passionate, epic struggles. I know a few who have a complete home gym just in case anyone’s in the mood for a full-body workout—that mood never strikes me when I’m visiting friends, but it’s perfectly normal for them.
Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that Aries is the most active sign in the Zodiac. I mean, so active they often meet themselves coming the other way; and that’s perfect as this kind of unbridled get-up-and-go is exactly what we need to start off the new year’s growth cycle.
~ The ‘Self’ Revolution ~
First, a little recap, though. There has been so much going on with the stars over the past few years, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything.
Uranus is in Aries and has been there since March of 2011. That’s when the massive tidal wave hit Japan and the Middle-east started going through a series of grassroots revolutions. Uranus is all about lighting the fire of change (sometimes with very, violent repercussions) and Aries is, first and foremost, the sign of the fire within—the Self.
In other words, there has been an inner revolution happening all over the world for a couple of years. The very core of our being is being transformed by deep feelings of necessary personal change. This is triggering our social distaste for outmoded ways of being and old-world forms of government. Think of all the differences in us from that spring until now; it’s like we’re completely new people. Indeed, with Uranus in Aries, we are.
The 99% movement is a wonderful example of this novel type of revolution. Remember, both Aries and Uranus are inventors and are always seeking to create the new. We see that it is not just society that needs to change, but the very way we look at society; and that the answer to a progressive, lasting transformation lies within each one of us. This is all very, very fresh thinking.
Uranus will be in Aries all the way up to the spring of 2019. If anyone thinks that all these recent within-you-without-you, radical changes in the world is just a passing phase, think again: “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for!” is this generation’s rallying cry. These changes are just going to get bigger as the 2010’s play out.
Then, last fall, Saturn crossed over into Scorpio. That’s the sign of sex, death, and rock n’ roll—well, not quite, but it’s close—and Saturn has been putting the kibosh on anything unbalanced in these areas. The amount of emotional trauma that’s coming up for everyone has been staggering. Though it’s been rough, hang in there! This is just Saturn’s way of making room for better things to come.
The ringed ‘Great Teacher’ (also called the ‘Great Limiter’ as the rings work both ways) is now retrograde until summer vacation kicks off. He expects us all to be studying for our next big emotional test until then. Want a sneak preview at the exam?
Question: “What happens when Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer?”
Well, I’m not going to help prepare cheat sheets, but I will give everyone a couple of clues: what is the first organ in the human body to develop? And, what happens to it when we withhold love from others?
June and July are going to be hard for a lot of us (especially, empaths and spiritual seers). There will be a lot of painful, past issues coming up for everyone. So, it may not be a bad idea to get stocked up on tissues as this year is just getting emotionally warmed up.
With all this going on, we can see that the stars of 2013 will have a big effect on people who are wide awake. Saturn is cutting out and mending the psychic past of our lives, and Uranus is laying the groundwork for the next step in the evolution of Humanity. I’d say buckle up for the ride of our lives but isn’t it more fun flying by the seat of our spiritual pants?
~ A New Year and a New Age ~
The Sun rings in the astrological New Year when it enters Aries on March 20th; Venus enters Aries the following day; and the day after that, Mars and Uranus are exactly conjunct at 6 degrees Aries. Foomph! It’s like someone struck a match on a can of Coz-Mic Nitro 3000.
After a long, contemplative winter, we’re not just lighting a candle in the darkness, we’re starting a fire that can be seen from space! I think most people could use a little something to get them moving again and all this explosive, verdant Spring energy will help. Aries will encourage our aspirations—especially, with the fiery, heady Uranus-Mars conjunction—and Venus will ensure will use all this new, found pep for the betterment of everybody.
On top of that, this date marks the first new season of the Age of Aquarius. The ‘spirit of the age’ has been delivered, wrapped in warm clothes, and nourished by Mother Earth throughout the quiet of the winter. Now it opens its eyes for the first time.
I believe, if we look very carefully, we’ll see our future in those eyes. So, look well, it’s time to put our spiritual money where our mouth is. Now would be the perfect time to start living the positive changes we’d like to see in the world. The Aquarian Age is about freedom—for everyone. It is about the connection between ALL of us, not just the 1%, the Eye in the Triangle, or people with good hair.
(*note: there is a lot of debate about exactly when the chronological date of the Age of Aquarius occurs. I am not talking about that scientific date; I’m talking about the one that humanity came to a consensus on in the last couple of decades: December 21st, 2012. From my own studies on the Precession of the Equinoxes, I just happen to agree with it. There’s room for all kinds of views, though, so to each their own.)
~ Full Moon, March 27th – Hang onto yer Butts! ~
The Moon is full in Libra this month and normally this would be a time of balance and beauty; however, with the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Uranus all conjunct in an Aries’ sky (at 8 degrees) at the same time, I’d say it’s more about howling at the moon.
Get out and let that Light shine! Put on your best chapeau, throw on ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees, and strut. Maybe sign a few autographs.
It’s the start of a whole new life cycle here in the West with trees budding and green leaves popping out everywhere! Why not dress ourselves in the same rejuvenating, carefree spirit? Even more so, it is the beginning of a new psychic year in our lives. It’s time to be who we think we are the rest of the year.
Try to take it easy, though; with a justice-oriented Moon, and a retrograde Saturn passing through Scorpio, we need to be careful of being too critical of ourselves this month.
~ The Garden Gnome takes a Breather ~
I saved the best for last… *drum roll, please* …Pluto goes retrograde on April 12th!
Ta da!
Everyone remember our Spirit Guardian, Pluto? The one that won’t stand for anything blocking our Soul’s growth and development? He moved into the earth sign of Capricorn back in 2008 and then proceeded to dig us all up, plant us in a new pot, and move us to a more harmonious part of the Gaian garden. Wheeee!
Oh, and He emptied out our bank accounts just for fun. It’s hard to forget that part, isn’t it? I still haven’t found all the money I was saving for retirement, or the home I used to live in. Can you?
Well, we get a break from all that “for-our-own-good” enlightenment he’s been fertilizing us with so we can review our spiritual evolution over the last half decade. Pluto won’t go direct again until the beginning of Fall. That means we can take our time and really mull it over because we have a couple of seasons to put together what it all meant.
I suggest everyone take the opportunity to check out their own gardens; perhaps, pay special attention to how we’ve been arranging it over the last few years. Notice anything unusual in the lay of the land? All that hard work we did to get it just so?
I thought so. I think for a lot of us lately, it’s been one of those ‘Karate Kid’, Mr. Miyagi moments when we get to the point of being so p.o.’d at life, we’d rather shake our fists at the heavens and quit; and yet, it turns out we’ve been mastering Life skills this whole time.
The place we find ourselves in now is about taking over the spiritual gardening for ourselves. The reason everything has been so drastic over the last few years is because we just learned we can’t grow a society in Illuminati bullshit. That was the period when Pluto went through Sagittarius from 1995 until 2008; that was when we learned about Truth. By now, we all know that NWO crapola makes good manure, but it hardly produces anything worthwhile—not unless we like eating shit.
No one wants that.
Now is the time to figure out what’s really tasty, nutritious, and good for us; and what’s been passing itself off as the same. (*Hint – we can usually tell by its ridiculously, long shelf life and colorful sales slogans. Got milk? I dunno. Got allergies?) It’s time to live a fabulous, sacred life again. We don’t need Big Daddy to decide what grows in our garden anymore—we are all One, what’s good for everyone is good for us and that’s what should grow there, in my opinion.
I wish you well in your own cosmic Pepsi-taste challenge this month as the dying ‘New World Order’ trots out its latest, sorry system upgrade, the ‘Matrix 9.0’—is it live, or is it, Memorex?—and all that Hollywood hype.
We just need to remember that real life doesn’t come with price tags and we’ll be fine.
~ Welcome to your Life ~
The song I thought encapsulated this month is, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ by Tears For Fears. Some people say that the moment never lasts but it’s usually said by those who have a monopoly on our planetary resources, the people who are trying to farm our time; for us simple, country folk, living in the moment is just fine. Especially if there is a lot of fresh air and nature involved.
Here’s hoping you’re one of the latter.
Blessed Be,
~ A personal note for my Readers ~
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** As a stargazer, the months and years play out differently for me; well, for most witches and shaman, really. So, I recognize each month—or, moon-th—as starting between the 19th and the 23rd of each standard Julian calender month. When I talk about something happening in the ‘month of Aries’, I mean the last week or so of March and the first few weeks of April.
The same goes for how I measure a year. As an occultist, I see the year starting in Aries during our western spring. Though there is some debate on when the astrological New Year actually begins with some people saying it starts in Virgo (I highly suspect this), some saying it starts on Samhain, and still others saying it starts on the Winter Solstice of Capricorn, it doesn’t start at midnight on New Year’s Eve for me. Marking the new year on a cold, barren January night with a huge drunken feast is just another old Babylonian sorcerer’s trick to get people to do the wrong things at the wrong time. This way folks end up so confused, penniless, irritated, squabbling, and otherwise kept so disjointed and busy, they lose their ability to see who’s really pulling the strings of power.
Just a lil’ FYI for future articles. 😉

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