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We started our website two years ago on the 26th of March, on that day was the 4th anniversary of Earth Hour, which started in Australia and went international the following year in 2008. Here we are again excited to be observing and celebrating our third Earth hour here at Ready For The Shift. What this states is that for one hour you will turn off your computers, TV’s, tablets, lights as well folks, to show that we are one world under one roof, showing the world, that together we can save our environment. Saving the earth is up to each and every one of us. During this time, you can help by making a difference by cleaning up the oceans, picking up trash around your neighborhood that has fallen out of barrels, planting some seeds inside for an outside garden in the Spring, spread awareness about climate change, consider recycling or reusing, anything you can do to promote the health of the planet and it’s resources; there are many things  you can do in this one hour to help save this planet while you have the lights out!
Learn more about Earth Hour:
Solutions to tackle environmental challenges are created by Earth Hour Innovators:
Earth Hour is recognising outstanding individuals across our planet that are using their ideas, imagination, inventiveness and entrepreneurial spirit to build a better planet and future for us all.
All over the world, there are passionate and talented people envisioning and inventing scalable solutions to address our planet’s challenges.
Earth Hour Innovators reflects both geographic and discipline diversity. From USA, India, Ecuador to Uganda, these innovators have talents in technology, design, entrepreneurship, engineering, education, and environmentalism.
Our innovators includes an inventor of a radically designed sailboat that cleans oceans; designers of non-polluting, affordable solar powered cookers for developing countries; an environmental activist who reshapes commercial building using principles of green architecture and sustainable upkeep; and an eco-artist who uses waste materials to create a amusement parks for children.
Get Involved:
And when your Earth Hour is over, you can see what others are doing:
Youtube for Earth Hour:
Earth Hour Blog:
This is what it is all about, we are uniting on a front to show that we care, for one hour we care about our world and each other. Won’t you join us for Earth Hour at 8:30PM where ever you are! And please continue this year round, this is not just for one hour, but a reminder that we have to do this to help save our planet all throughout the year, will you join us and give the earth a breather from everyday hustle and bustle?
Most of all have fun saving our planet! 😉
Thank you!
Wendy & Greg

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