~By Wendy Zangari
Two years ago Greg and I started this website as being a conspiracy website as well as a site to get some channelings, and news about what is happening around our world. We have changed our path in this time to reflect the changes we must make in order to thrive in this world! We have gone from esoteric information mostly to health related issues our Government is pushing on us as poison, to control the population. Conspiracy theory, maybe, but we post evidence from Doctors and other officials that have become keen to their games and have come forward with this information. We have taken many paths to get where we are today!
We have given all of you information to get yourselves healthy, as we believe that getting healthy ourselves is the first step to enlightenment, as it clears your body of the poisons that have been harboring in our air and in our food for some time. If we can become healthy ourselves, our minds will clear, our thoughts clearer, and our bodies and heart will thank us!
As we enter into our 3rd year, we have changed to reflect more action on our part. I have written letters to our local State Senators (Pennsylvania General Assembly) about GMO’s in our food and Fluoride in our water and was directed to our Federal Legislators, which I have yet to contact. In the months coming, I will have forms for you to send to our Federal Legislators (I am working on this as I had written multiple letters and want to consolidate them).
I have also wrote to Trader Joe’s about some of their ingredients in their products. I was directed to Director of Product Management, which I have yet to contact as well and will in the coming days to ask them to change a couple of their ingredients based on my research from multiple Doctors who state that those ingredients are in fact poison and are not safe for human consumption. Another thing I will posting in the coming months is my correspondence with these people who are at the cruck of changing our foods (and not beholden to the FDA and are privately owned).
We will change this world one by one if we have to! If we have to start somewhere, we will start doing what we can do to help all of humanity, and it starts at home!  We have to make the changes in order to show the changes, even though Greg and I are disabled, we do what we can do to help all of us live in a better world! That is where it starts, AT HOME! In our own lives we have discarded our own health, and if we can’t help ourselves, we cannot help others!
As it stands, Greg and I are taking a break from the internet (and this means our show as well) now so that we can do our spring cleaning in our home so that we can feel refreshed in our own surroundings! It may take some time as the internet has taken me away from these duties. 🙁 So go do your spring cleaning, take out the poison from your cupboards and replace it with healthy items for you and your home! Even plant a garden! You will thank yourself!
In ending, I would like to say that this website is about change, it is about working towards your goals and completing them (sometimes this can be a difficult task for me as most of you know I have started projects and didn’t finish them). However, I try to do the best I can with what I have to work with. You should too, get up and grease those bones and do some cleaning, that is what I will be doing in the coming days. I have already replaced all of the items in our home over a year ago, including but not limited to, cleaning products, food, pet food and beauty products, to replace the toxic chemicals that were once in our home. It doesn’t take much, but some money to replace these products (we don’t have a lot of funds and we were able to do this in a few months).
We have to think about our health in these times where we are being fed poison through the FDA’s approval. If you can understand that we have put these people into office, but we CAN get our control back by reading what we eat again and don’t trust one single manufacturer even after you purchase a particular brand over and over again (keep looking at the ingredients no matter what you buy over and over again). If you can’t read the label or it has too many ingredients, put it back is a good rule of thumb if you don’t know what are toxins or not. I will also write an article about the toxins, at some point, and what they do to the human body so you can be more aware.
We are now a website to promote healing to the body and soul and how we can shift into a consciousness of being conscious consumers (in many forms of the word). Once we are conscious of how the food industries are not out to promote health, they are there to make money, all will be in good shape and these companies will seize to exist. If money was out of the equation perhaps they would be more conscious about what they are feeding us, but money still exists, therefore greed overpowers health for humanity.
One thing I learned is that if you go to court to address a mass casualty (and if it was able to be proven that food or whatever the cause, was the culprit), those judges are owned by the Attorney General and whatever they says goes, whether it be a political decision or not (Ex. For the benefit of a political figure getting into office). It always seems to involve the politics of money (and politics itself) and if we can get away from the use of money, greed will turn into compassion (the reason they started their businesses to begin with). Ex. when one goes into the food business, he has a love for good food, when one goes into mechanics, he has a love for technology and fixing things, when one goes into the clothing business, they have a love for clothes and perhaps had a dream of one day clothing the whole world. Now if we can get these business owners to think in this manner once again, money would have to be out of the equation and they would have to find another incentive. Money does not make the world go round, if it did, it would be a lot cheaper.
I hope that all of you know that life is important, we are here for an experience of a lifetime, we are in a theatre acting out in a perpetual play. We are all acting on our parts and all of us have a role to perform. We asked for this, we asked for the physical, we asked to grow our souls, we asked to be here and we all have a role to enact in this insidious orchestrated curtain raiser!
Thank you for following this website and going on our ride with you to act in this theatrical play of a lifetime to give the people back their rights! We appreciate our readers and have spoken with many of you via email, we have heard your sympathies, we have heard your words of compassion, we have heard your words of love and appreciate each and every one of you, so thank you for being here as our readers! You are also a part of this play!
[UPDATE] As an anniversary gift, our website provider offered something we couldn’t refuse. They have placed multiple data centers around the world and our site is now cached on each of them. The next time you connect, it will connect to the server closest to your country, therefore giving you faster load times on our site. We just checked the load from our house and its improved dramatically and we hope it will for you too!

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