“In your mind you have capacities, you know, to telepath messages through the vast unknown.”

    – Klaatu, ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft

 ~By Zooey
The Sun enters the cosmic sign of Gemini on May 20th and opens the gates to universal connection and communication. As we begin reaching out to each other in the New Age, and reaching out to other celestial civilizations, the starry flow of the galactic tides will pour through each and every one of us this month*.
Through Gemini our thoughts unite in search of Truth and Identity as we figure out who we are as incarnated souls in the great Wheel of Life. This sign marks the educated mind. ‘I think therefore I am.’ Although in Gemini’s case, it may be more appropriate to say, ‘I learn therefore I am’.
We can usually find these folks looking through the big telescope at the local observatory. Or, perhaps on their way to a new symposium, even a rock concert. These world travelers have thought out the last word on almost every subject. They study science, art, and philosophy for kicks, exploring a little bit of everything, becoming the jack of all trades necessary for the successful voyage of any starship.
It’s no surprise to me that many people born under this sign are Trekkies as I know a couple who can play at expert level on Spock’s 3D Vulcan chess. I didn’t even know this game really existed beyond the TV series until a Gemini friend explained it to me in detail back in college. I’m still not sure I get all the mind-bending rules, but I did learn that I don’t ever want to challenge her to a match—that would be illogical, Captain.
These Space Academy graduates can not only out-think most people, but they can calculate the exact velocity for a trajectory orbit needed to warp around the Sun through space and time. Quite handy if we’re ever lost in the backwaters of the Milky Way and need a way home.
Geminis are a gambit within a stratagem; a free-floating, radical particle; and the last thing anyone expects.


    ~ Come in, Houston. Are You receiving Me? ~

I would know something about being waylaid with the unexpected as I’ve been recently contacted by UFOs. It’s why I suddenly started writing about my occult knowledge. Though it was a bit of a shock to see something so strange, I don’t feel as alone now that I’ve had my own personal version of disclosure.
I’m sure a lot of people join me in feeling lost and separated on this planet. It’s like I fell asleep at an out of the way stop on an intergalactic bus tour and my group left without me. Now I can’t find the 1-800 universal number because I threw away the dang brochure! I just don’t belong here. I’m tired, and I want to go home.
Looking back on my life, I can see I’ve been directed by an unseen force to share what I know time and again. I’ve always said no. Even now, though it amounts to no more than having a fleet of UFOs following me and my family around most nights (and the occasional flying travel-trailer that seems to be able to wink in and out of sight at whim), I usually don’t give these sightings much thought. Most of the work seems to be happening with my consciousness, not my eyes.
In fact, one of the most extraordinary things that has ever happened to me directly preceded my recent UFO sightings. My right eye saw beautiful, white-golden, spiraling mandalas for an hour one late winter afternoon. It looked like something out of an advanced, physics text book with long, trailing, tangential arcs shooting off from each other. I probably would have really enjoyed the light-show if I didn’t think I was having a stroke. A few months later, though, they *points up* showed up in my life in a big way.
Up til now, I didn’t want to share my visions. I’ve simply refused to be a shaman. Yet when visions start happening, ready or not, it’s hard to let that kind of thing slide. The Dream-beings want to be heard; and it’s hard to say no when one’s calling tackles them to the ground and puts a peace-pipe in their hand.
I still don’t like the idea I’m a shaman. I would rather just dance and sing and paint and write my life away. All my inner planets are in Leo. Any astrologers out there will know what that means—I was born doing ‘jazz hands’. However, a shaman’s life is not their own. That’s a lesson I keep learning, too. It’s not about me dancing this time around, it’s about helping others find the beat.
I have been asked to communicate what I know to help bring in awareness of the bazillion UFOs and their occupants circling our planet. That’s an honorable charge, and I’ve decided to use my knowledge of the ancient art of astrology to do so. Sadly, the Earth-kin won’t accept what it’s unfamiliar with, so it helps to use traditional wisdom to share the first steps in joining the greater, galactic community.
Besides, it’s not a bad idea to return to some of our tribal roots when we lived as one with Gaia; especially, where nutrition is concerned. For those that are dis-eased at the moment, a return to some of our old, natural-eating habits would be a very, very wise idea. 😉
I don’t have much to more to say about our Sky-friends for now aside from one thing:
They love us.
A lot.


    ~ Throw down that Concept, Pardner! ~

Why am I making such a big deal of all this ethereal stuff? Because the same day as the Sun passes into Gemini (communication), the Moon moves into Libra (freedom) while Uranus and Pluto become exactly square.
What happens when a social revolutionary like Uranus squares off with Pluto the transformative sage? I would imagine something like a Kung Fu version of ‘High Noon’ where the only thing left standing is Truth, Justice, and the Gaian Way. It’s time we all grew up. All our bad habits from the past have to go…but not before they put up a fight. I can’t tell you how many people I know who are challenging their old Selves to a showdown at the spiritual OK Corral.
It’s been a bit bloody, hasn’t it? Not just from this latest astrological shootout, either. A lot of people have been going through different versions of this type of internal, mystical struggle since Neptune returned to its home sign of Pisces. That was back in April of 2011. Remember that year? It was the year the masses started to wake up and remember why they came here. They began to remember their grand, soul dreams.
(*Side note – as a shaman, I was born awake. Trust me, it sucked! It’s a life of crushing loneliness. But, as someone who has been running around the spaceship by myself for the last 40 odd years while most people have been deep asleep in their cryo-chambers, I am a witness to people and generations waking up; and I noticed a loud system-alarm went off right after 9/11.
In my opinion, it was the stupidest mistake the Illuminati ever made because it woke up so many people at once. I heard through the occult grapevine that the female Illuminati were very pissed off about what the boys in the Rockefeller clan did that morning. It exposed them way before they were ready.
The Women of the False Light control the Cult of Dionysus; or as it’s better known, Hollywood. Illusions, dreams, reflected images, drug-addled revelry, high fashion, and all that. Want to find a real, living-and-breathing, Illuminati member? Google the keywords L’Oreal and Illuminati and see what happens. An entire generation is right out there for everyone to see. Who the heck would trust a maker of eye-liners to shape a nation’s politics, anyway? Or, how about the resurgence of all that parasitic, vampire stuff they tried to romanticize on TV and in the movies last decade?
The Luciferian Ladies prefer a more subtle, lasting approach to global mind-control, lulling us to sleep while they suck our blood like a leech; whereas the Satanic Sons like a more in-your-face, let’s rock n roll!, military attitude.
By the way, wasn’t all that ‘shock and awe’, Desert Storm, alpha male stuff embarrassing? It was like having the local neighborhood jerk get drunk, turn up his music, start screaming at his in-laws, and finally end up staggering around singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ with his yoohoo hanging out. *shudder* Who isn’t getting tired of these childish, Illuminati tantrums?
There have been waves of people waking up every ten years or so. Each time, something happens to put them back to sleep. My sister hall-runners may have noticed the same thing. For example, back in the late 80’s as my own so-called ‘Generation X’ was waking up, King George invaded the Middle-east and promptly shut everyone down again by the early 90’s.
The years between 2001 to 2004, during the reign of King George II and his own Islamic War, seemed to be when most people woke up, though. From what I hear, there hasn’t been an awakening like that since the late 50’s and early 60’s.
There was another stirring in the sleep cycle when Pluto changed signs back in 2008. Anyhoo…)
It takes a long time for outer planets to come into alignment with each other; and, with a square, we end up going through an extended period of psychological turmoil. Our minds can’t settle down and we feel disgruntled with ourselves and our direction in life.
I’m sure a lot of people have been feeling this way for awhile now. I know I have. Like, enough already, let’s get on with the promise of a new age kinda thing. Well, this square from May 4th to June 7th will bring a lot of that to a head.
With the philosophical feud going on with Uranus and Pluto being fed by the Sun and Moon changing to Air signs (the witchy element of Air is about Ideas, Movement, and Mind), it may be hard for some of us to contain our frustrations at the peak of the square (May 19th, 20th, and 21st).
It may help to keep in mind that we are at spiritual odds with ourselves, not our loved ones. Gemini and Libra love to debate and we need to be careful of letting our internal argument involve others. Unless you have the kind of friends and family that like the idea of a drive-by argument; then, by all means, lock n load, commander!

    ~ Red Moon at Midnight ~

Picking up where I left off last month, there is a revolution of mind sweeping the planet. It’s everywhere I look now. I mean, I do still see people stuck in the mud and flinging old, social constructs at each other; but for the most part, there is something new and fresh happening in our world. We are starting to ‘get it’.
This month there will be a beautiful Full Moon eclipse to remind us of that. At Midnight EDT* on May 25th, the Sagittarian Moon will grow dark and red. It will steep us in notions of what it takes to run a planet. Really run a planet. Not just letting a group of self-appointed, savior-complex, solar cultists do it for us.
It’s time we took our power back. Everyone knows it. We need a government accountability office, for starters; and one owned by the people. It’s a bad idea to wait for a government long past an overhaul to regulate itself. Ever read ‘Animal Farm’? We are free, sovereign people and we can make decisions for ourselves.
This is the mass, mental insurrection I am speaking of. It’s not a horde of angry people with torches on the steps of a government building—though we certainly do see that more and more around the globe these days—but an awakening to personal and collective responsibility. Try to remember that while out and about taking in the lunar delights.
We have crossed over into the New Age. When this month’s Full Moon begins to bleed, it’s a reminder of all the suffering the Human race has been through and where we need to go next. No one on this tortured planet wants to take it anymore, and it reflects those passions. Let’s also remember the sacrifice it sometimes takes for us to break free from oppression.
Our moment has come. The time for action is now. Witches and shaman around the globe will be doing the whirling, spectral dance to help emancipate the planet. I will. Hopefully, I’ll see everyone else out for a moonlight tango, too.

  ~ The Dream-master is lost at Sea ~

If we thought this spring’s stellium in watery Pisces was bad, wait until this summer’s Great Waves of Woe. I’ll be covering this collective drowning extensively in next month’s article, but suffice it to say, it’s time to gather supplies and batten down the hatches again. See those dark clouds on the horizon? That’s Neptune going retrograde. It’s the beginning of two seasons of waterlogged, tear-soaked fun.
I hope folks who have been following these guides have stocked up on dry clothes and inflatable life rafts. Maybe a bottle of rum or two. We’re about to embark on a half year of dramatic, ‘Why did this happen? I thought it was over!’, living in an emotional riptide. If we haven’t lashed ourselves to the mast, we’ll be washed away. I’ve really been trying to give everyone fair warning but it’s hard to tell people they’re setting sail on a ship that’s about to sink. Other than asking if they know how to tread water.
From June 7th until November 13th, Neptune will reverse course through Pisces. It’s sets the keynote for the marathon, spiritual swim that began this spring with Mercury’s retrograde in Pisces. It won’t come to an end until the middle of Scorpio when Mercury, Neptune and Chiron—all in water signs—return to a direct motion. That’s a long time to paddle around in the touchy-feely, often turbulent, element of Water.
Though it may get a bit exhausting, we’ll get through this in the same way we survived last fall’s mystic monsoon. Just, you know, bring some water-wings.


    ~ Saturn throws Us a Rope ~

Retrograde Saturn, strangely enough, steps into a benefice role during this, the Year of the Psychic Flood. It trines Neptune on June 11th and, due to these planets retrograde motion, again on July 19th. It won’t leave this harmonious alignment until August 6th.
Though it may trigger a few Neptunian tidal bores over the next couple of months, it’s only to set off some pressure deep, deep underwater. This way the waves further out won’t get too big when they reach shore.
If we do end up overboard, hang onto anything floating by. We’re never alone during crisis; if only we look beyond our comfort zone. (That’s another way of saying: ask our Guardian Angels for help. *Hint, hint*) It’ll give us an opportunity to pull ourselves up onto the battered hull of our Old Selves, towel off, and prepare for the next wave.
What’s funny to me is that no one seems to have noticed the connection between all the watery aspects this year and the New Age of Aquarius. The Water-bearer? Duh-uh. What did we think was going to happen? The Sun was going to explode in a giant fireball? Or, perhaps a massive earthquake? Planetary implosion? No, we’re being set awash in the healing waters of the New Age. Anyone who didn’t prepare for this is now in over their heads with remorse over everything they couldn’t bring with them.
And, grieving over all those people who didn’t make it this far.
It’s painful, I know, but we have to sail on. Goodbyes are a part of life. We can’t stay innocent forever, and we can’t live with our feet in two different Ages. Thankfully, this year we’re being given one last chance to talk with the ghosts of the past before we move on for good; one last chance to say what we wanted to those who now walk with the Elders.


    ~ The Calm before the Storm ~

The first few swells of the incoming, emotional tsunami should be felt by the end of the solar month. Chiron, ‘the wounded healer’, goes retrograde in Pisces on June 16th, and it won’t go direct again until late fall.
This errant shooting star will be salting our wounds all throughout the upcoming deluge. Though it may hurt to open up our secret lockers, we can’t properly treat a traumatic event until we understand how it happened. This is why Chiron is poking our sore spots with a stick—it’s revealing the wounds we’ve been hiding. For most of us, that’s anything standing in the way of lasting peace.
I would take this quiet moment before the looming soul-storm to reflect on some of yesterday’s scrapes and bruises. In coming to terms with old defeats, we can set a course for today’s victories. The universe is a very loving place. It wants us to succeed and it’s sending us a gift to help us through this year’s empathic hurricane: humility.
We have all drowned in our sorrows before; and many times we had to turn back or we’d be lost at sea. Let’s not allow our Heads to get so big that we forget our Heart’s first, simple voyages out into the Ocean of Wisdom.

    ~ Greetings, Humans! ~

The song I chose for the month is ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft’ by Klaatu. It seemed appropriate to focus on our Star-cousins. There’s so much happening in the sky lately, I’m surprised more people haven’t set out lawn chairs.
I would really like to pass along a message, too. They’re here to help. So many of us have been crying out for assistance for so long, did we really think no one would show up?
They appear to be doing it as gently as possible without taking away our inherent rights or interfering with our developing, planetary culture. The way we would if it were us responding to another world’s plea for help. And I’m sure we will. Someday.
We just need a few, adventurous souls, and someone to pilot the spaceship. And a Vulcan or two.
Blessed Be,


    ~ A Personal Note for my Readers ~

* If you are interested in being on my private mailing list, send a request to [email protected] or message me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/zooey.online with your email address. Feel free to send along your sun-sign, too. If you would like to be taken off the list, send a blank email with ‘Please Remove Me’ in the subject line.
** My apologies to those who have been blogging my work and have a website with a black background. Somehow it never occurred to me that anyone would really want to read these articles aside from my goofy, Facebook friends, so I never thought about creating website-compatible graphics.
I switched over to transparent png files this month. That should take care of the irregular white borders. And thank you for sharing my articles. 🙂
*** …this month*. – As above, so below.
I’m a firm believer that what affects the Sun, affects us all. Indeed, we each have a ‘solar cave’ existing behind our breastbone according to the Hindus. When the Sun changes signs, it’s reflected in our Heart-light, too.
This is how they write up those funny, little ditties in the newspaper giving us an astrological flashcard for each sign. It’s easy if one understands that we’re each feeling the Sun’s current sign versus our birth sign minus the current planetary configuration…divided by the cotangent of our feelings and squared by Pi.
**** The eclipse should be spectacular on the west coast of North America, too.
It will be 9:30p there and the last of twilight will be fading away as a Cherry Moon crests the trees and mountains. Have fun my cuddly, riot grrl, Super-women on Canada’s west coast! (V.I. – Keep up the good fight! I miss your shining jewel!)
***** Yes, I am a transgender person.
That doesn’t mean I’m a cross-dresser (that’s a transvestite and it’s a sexual fetish) or that I know your gay friend from Chicago. It simply means I was born with a female mind wrapped in a male body. Thankfully, a very small and dainty male body. I have absolutely no interest in any of the traditional male activities like working on cars, competitive carousing, ‘picking up chicks’, those silly car chase movies, or all the ballyhoo around sports. I never have.
Being born this way, and through a lot of misfortune, I’ve had to come to terms with both genders. The feminine self I naturally identify with, and the masculine gender that has been socially superimposed over me. It hasn’t been easy.
Though it made my life a living hell, it also allowed me to escape the confines of the Matrix at a very young age, a time when the social programming and gender-stereotyping kicks in for most people. When I was in kindergarten, the teacher divided the class into boys and girls. I was laughed at for raising my hand and suggesting I was in the wrong group. I quickly figured out the system they’re selling us doesn’t apply to everyone.
I use the word ‘transgender’ because it’s an umbrella term for anyone who exhibits the opposite gender than the one aligned with their genitalia. (Or, someone who presents both genders; or, no gender at all.) Technically, I’m a transsexual; but I’ve decided not to pursue sexual reassignment surgery for the moment. I think I’d like to see where this all leads before I start messing around ‘under the hood’. *grin*
There is a long tradition of transgender Medicine People with native clans around the world. We’re called ‘cinder-biters’ or we’re ‘born with two souls’; and we’re highly respected for our ability to see into the beyond and find solutions to impossible problems. I have a feeling it’s why so many transgender people are present on the planet right now—we’re here to transcend the Illuminati’s sick ‘divide and conquer’ strategy on an innate, fundamental level.
But I don’t need all that to figure out who I am. I have always known my mind is female. As anyone who has spent four hours chatting with me on Skype will tell you, I love to talk about what’s happening with everyone. And then talk about it some more. I have a creative, fire-powered mind that just bubbles over when I get a chance to meet new people.
I’m one of those over-the-top, high-maintenance, girly-girls that are so sweet it makes our teeth hurt. I can make a four-course vegetarian meal and still have time for apple martinis at the local dance club. I chat with store cashiers because I want them to know I see they have lives and feelings, too. I’m a soccer mom on a mission. I’m a butterfly looking for a place to land. Exactly how many men do you know who not only have stuffed animals, but have named them all?
Any? If you know even one, I guarantee you they’re a transgender person, too.
And that they’re a whole lotta fun.

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