Cristina Samyan's Children~By Wendy Zangari
We woke up Saturday morning, perfect skies after over a week of rain, started our day, had breakfast, and got ready to go to the March Against Monsanto. We made posters for the rally (which are in the video below) showing our support Against Monsanto and giving passer-by’s something to think about and question and then look up when they got home.
I was a bit excited in the video, so I apologize in advance for the shakiness of it, we did try to minimize it in the settings prior to releasing it. However, I hope this gives others something to think about, either way. This video may not be the best in videography, but it certainly was potent and got the point across. 🙂
When we arrived, there were people just starting to get to the rally, one by one the group got bigger by the end of the day. We were a small group, but I would have been happy with a few people. All it takes is a small group to get a bigger gathering.
People from near and far came to this event from all over Pennsylvania as there was not one in their area. Children, parents, teachers, students, soccer teams, passer-by’s even got in on the action by borrowing other people’s markers and using what they had to make a sign. One person wrote on medical gloves “NO GMO”, another person got the top of a box and stuck it on their umbrella, writing “HELL NO GMO”. Part of a soccer team passed by the event only to come back with poster board, saying “NO GMOs”. They were in grade school and they decided to join in on their own! They gave Greg’s sign a high five with their sign as they passed by. Just amazing energy!

Little Girl Saying That She Doesn’t Care What Others Think; We Are Doing The Right Thing!

Greg talking about Aspartame

My skin showed goosebumps the whole time, but no one could see my excitement on my skin, just through my voice as well as many others voices! People honked as they went by to let us know they know about GMOs and that it is poison. One woman yelled to me from her car, that she shops at Farmers Markets, another says that they shop at Trader Joe’s, another at WholeFoods! People are aware here in the US, something we thought was not the case, but more people are aware of these frankenfoods and more are becoming awake to the poisoning of humanity.
Children were screaming “We All Got A Right To Know, Why You Feed Us GMO, Label it, Don’t Table it”, the chant we were singing, led by Johnny Walker from GMO Free PA, at the rally.  We couldn’t have done it without him as he was motivating the crowd in getting active towards the cause. Johnny passed out pamphlets to inform the public as well as postcards to send to our senators to support bill SB 653 here in Pennsylvania an “Act Requiring Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food.” Our stance is that we would like them off the market, but if they have to be there, then label them!
If you want to get involved and you are in the US, please go here, if you are in Pennsylvania, please go here and if you are in other parts of the world and you would like to get involved, please go here, to find out more. To join next years March Against Monsanto, please go here

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There were other people at the March Against Monsanto that were from a company called Certified Humane, they were handing out pamphlets as well. What wonderful things these people are doing for such a great cause.

Certified Humane Label

Dear Grocer, Certified Humane Letter

Dear Grocer, Certified Humane Letter 2

So many people all over the world were participating in this protest, about 2 million people. Just amazing as this is their first year doing this rally. Thanks so much for March Against Monsanto, GMO Free PA, GMO Free USA, GMO Free World, for setting these events up and making this happen in just a few months. And Thank You Phil at Thorney brook farms for putting it together!
In the interim, I have been asked by a GMO Free PA representative to start the movement in our area. I am proud to be a part of this and yet now I am going to be leading next years rally here in my town. I guess I got the crowd going for the most part and they felt the passion in my heart. We will be heard and they will stop! Monsanto and others will be in the past, all we have to do is get on the streets united and speak up about our system. This is what the world is about, voicing our opinions through protest and rallies and this is how the system will change, they will hear our voice once and for all!
Once we were done with the video and uploaded it to Youtube last night, we took time to watch it, when it was over Greg turned to me and said,

“This had to be one of the most moving experiences of my life. Whites, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Jews, Wiccans, were all represented and we all have something in common, we all want safe food. All these diverse groups of people, all fighting for the same cause. It’s what America is all about and what our country is based on and gave me hope for the first time in years. The pictures at the end of the video, especially the ones of the children, makes me tear up in happiness, I see our future in their eyes and it makes me so hopeful!”

When I came home and saw all of the photos from around the world on March Against Monsanto’s Facebook page, I shed tears of joy because I was so happy that so many people joined in and supported no GMOs. It had restored my faith in humanity, which is being tested time and time again. Thank you for setting up this event and thank you for making this happen! This is a movement I will not stop, because I care about humanity and so should you!

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