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~By Greg Zangari
According to the research that we’ve done, there is no GMO Wheat that has been FDA Approved to grow in the USA. You have to wonder why, right? Why Soy, Corn, Alfalfa, etc., but not Wheat? The US grows a lot of Wheat!
In the world, we are not the top producer, we are number four. Knowing that it’s all about the money, why wouldn’t Monsanto, Bayer and others want to exploit the wheat crop as well and get the US to be the number one wheat producing nation?
Top Wheat Producing Countries (as of 2009):
We decided to find out exactly why. According to a plant breeding and genetics professor in a recent article in Huffington Post:
“The reason GM wheat was never brought to market is not an issue of safety, but one of economics, experts say. For the United States, wheat is a highly exported commodity, and there was concern that if the country started growing GM wheat rather than natural wheat, the U.S. would lose global market share because the demand for the GM product wasn’t there, said Margaret Smith, professor of plant breeding and genetics at Cornell University.”
Ok, so it’s not all about the money then. Hmmm. Since we export about 50% of our wheat crop and that is more than even the biggest wheat producers in the world, it seems to be about food safety in other countries, doesn’t it?
USDA Wheat Export Figures:
Huffington Post article discussing GMO Wheat:
So it seems the USA, along with these Chemical companies that call themselves Biotech companies now, are more concerned about the agriculture laws (if GMOs are banned in a country) and public safety/food information laws (if GMOs are labeled in a country) and not their bottom line?
What it is telling us is that only the USA’s biggest export crop is the only one that is safe from genetic contamination by these chemical companies for the time being.
The bottom line is that there is no such thing as GMO Wheat growing in the USA, right? Wrong.
In May, a crop of experimental GMO Wheat was found in an Oregon field. This crop, which Monsanto stopped experimenting with in 2005 – they just closed shop on it and FDA Approval was never sought, has somehow turned up growing in the USA.
Due to this, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan put a hold on importing Wheat from the USA until it could be properly tested. If other countries did the same and decided to totally cancel the order, it would put a lot of farmers out of work, wheat would sit in silos rotting, even staving nations would refuse the contaminated wheat.
In an NPR article published on 30 May 2013, the US Department of Agriculture’s Bernadette Juarez stated:
“Nobody knows how this wheat got to this farm. Monsanto’s last field trials in Oregon were in 2001. After all such trials, the genetically engineered crops are supposed to be completely removed.”
As of now, they are still investigating this crop and in the interim, a law suit has begun:
“Meanwhile, citing economic damages, Monsanto has been sued by an environmental group and Washington farm and another group in Kansas.
Heading up the Washington lawsuit, the Center for Food Safety stated, “Because scheduled shipments already have been postponed and canceled, the presence of genetically engineered wheat has detrimentally impacted the domestic and global wheat markets and damaged plaintiffs and other wheat farmers.””
Ok, so now we have found some GMO Wheat in the USA, but it’s an isolated incident, right?
After seeing this short video, which inspired us to write this article, we’re still not sure. According to this label on a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, placed on the package in the UK due to UK GMO Labeling regulations, this product, Made In The USA, contains GMO Wheat!
There are two warning labels on this product, the one regarding the GMO Wheat and if that’s not bad enough, another warning for Children that may eat this product due to the food coloring used. Note this label was first and I assume it takes priority:
UK Food Label Warning #1:
This Product May Cause Adverse Effects on Activity and Attention in Children
UK Food Label Warning #2:
GMO Declaration: Made From Genetically Modified Wheat. (May contain GMO.)
So now we see it in print, that there is GMO Wheat getting into our US food supply somewhere.
Regarding Label #1, is it only people in the UK that are concerned with their children’s health? Or maybe only UK children get these Adverse Effects? Doubtful. Corporate Dollars make the regulations in the USA and if that label was on the Kraft Mac & Cheese in the USA, sales would go down dramatically. Even worse, Kraft targets their Mac & Cheese to CHILDREN! Are you outraged yet?
Regarding Label #2, if GMO Wheat has never been approved by the FDA, how is it turning up in a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese? Are we being lied to? Write or call your State and Federal Legislators.

We Have A Right To Know! Please support GMO Labeling Laws in Your State.

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