“A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.” – Roald DalhCharlie and the Chocolate Factory

~By Zooey
Ahoy! Welcome to Pirate’s Cove! Here be a shady spot to rest, some spiced rum, and hope aplenty. Stow yer blunderbuss, matey!
Why am I wearing an eye-patch and shouldering a parrot? Because on July 22nd, the Sun will move into the warm, shining sign of Leo, and Leos love to dress up and play. It’s what makes them such great dads. They’re children at heart and relate to kids so well, they often find themselves in a summer frock with a teacup in hand.
In fact, we can find a Leo at any party by simply following the sound of laughter and applause. These creative, natural-born artists were made for the stage and live to entertain. Ever hear one in the bathroom? No, they’re not them talking to themselves, they’re rehearsing.
 Who doesn’t love someone who goes out of their way to make sure others are having a good time? I believe the whole world could use more of that right about now. Thankfully, Leos are here to provide a little merriment at this crucial time in history.
What a relief after the month we just had; and, the next few months we’re going to have. It’s been a bit tense, huh? Consider this sunny period the eye of the emotional hurricane that’s swirling around us—though, it may be dark on the horizon, and many people are still toweling off from last month, at least we have bright skies today.
I’d like folks to down-shift for the next few weeks. Have some fun. Play. Get out the kid’s finger-paints and go to town. It’s by expressing our imagination that we learn who we are in relation to everyone and everything else. So, dig through the Tickle Trunk, put on a beret and a black and white, striped shirt, talk in a French accent, and paint by the river Seine…oui?
After last month’s Mercury retrograde in super-sensitive Cancer, who couldn’t use some time to relax? Though it hurts to have our heart-strings strung out for everyone to see, try not to stress out too much—it’s all part of this year’s collective healing process. I know, it sucks. Hopefully, people are spiritually healthier than they were in the Spring because we need to be in good, psychic shape for Autumn.
Our recent Soul Storm* was just a taste of what’s to come. By November, most of the sleeping masses will be waking up to who has been keeping them down (they already are), and the tears are just going to fall and fall. Remember waking up? It’s a wonder anyone ever stops crying after realizing they’ve been preyed on from the shadows for centuries. It’s that ‘Neo in the Matrix’ moment when we suddenly snap out of the illusionary world and see that we’re being farmed. It feels like a sucking gut-wound where the bottom drops out of our life and nothing makes sense anymore.
It cuts even deeper to find the knife in the heart of Humanity is being held by those we should have been able to trust. Almost all of our political leaders, our entertainment idols, our heroes, and great thinkers have sold out long ago. Not all, but most; and the holdouts don’t say anything as they live in fear of losing their upper-middle class lifestyle. Not much in the way of a friend there. The scope of it is truly stunning when we first wake up from the New World Order’s stark, raving nightmare.
The best way to heal from the Matrix, from all that anger and resentment, is to stop putting any more energy into their corrupt system. Find center again. By so doing, we also find the rest of the Universe.
While we’re at it, let’s do what any good Leo would do: sing, dance, and laugh our ass off. Oh! And heave to, matey! Avast, and break out the rum!

~ Cusp Moon in Aquarius ~

I was impressed by the sheer volume of mail I received last month over spilling the secret of Cancer. I had no idea that many of us were looking for the occult Light. I guess I thought if people weren’t trying to find the Lady’s Temple, there wasn’t much point in putting out more than a few candles. Then again, I didn’t know the Path to the Sanctuary had become overgrown and wild. I’ll try and keep the way clear a little more often.
So? Want another rusty, dusty secret from the vaults of the Illuminati?
Okay, here goes: the signs really count from 10 degrees of one sign to 10 degrees of the next sign. That means if we were born 3 degrees of Virgo, let’s say, it might be a good idea to read Leo’s horoscope in the newspaper, too.
Now, before I get a volley of mail telling me I’m full of shite, I want to point out that it doesn’t mean that a person born in the first decan of one sign is actually from the solar tribe before it. It’s all just mystical psychology, after all. It’s my way of saying, ‘Nudge, nudge, wink, wink’, there’s something to see here.
Simply put, it points to a hidden truth to who we are in this life by studying the preceding sign. It’s a karmic insight that directly relates to one’s reincarnational cycle. A bit like Chiron, but without all the tears.
I bet those in the advanced Awake and Aware 102 class can see why the Illuminati held onto that little gem. Not only have they tried to divide and conquer us in this life, but they have tried to sever our connection to our other lives, too. Doncha jus’ wanna hug ’em to pieces?
Well, anyhoo, here we have a Full Moon on the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius at 0 degrees. What could that mean?
If we start with the above premise, it’s an easy call:
The Full Moon in Aquarius, the Witch’s key for this lunar cycle, contains the seeds from last month’s Full Moon in Capricorn. It indicates we’re not quite done with recent financial concerns, practical stuff around the house, or even a legal matter. Expect delays in order to make sure things get done right. Though it’s important to honor this Moon’s Aquarian need to connect with everyone, it would be wise to continue to be conservative in other areas.
The Moon also goes full on the same day as the Sun enters Leo and Mercury into Virgo. That’s one charged, capable Moon! On one hand, it beams proudly with good vibes for all, and on the other hand, is soaked in sensible, productive undercurrents. The New Sun will drive the Moon’s desire to inspire and find common ground; yet, it will also help keep it real.
If we find ourselves in need of inner healing, especially any past psychic wounds, now would be a good time to get to work. The Moon will be conducive to helping us find the parts we thought were missing, and then moving on from any old baggage.
As the Sun, Earth, and Moon line up on July 22nd, our Feminine and Masculine will be afforded a chance to become One again, if only for a short while. A witty Witch would do well to meditate on Unity and Healing as the Full Aquarian Moon rises—on this eve, thar be Magick afoot!

~ Uranus takes Five ~

It’s been a blast! Uranus has been lighting the fire of revolution under our sleeping butts for the last two years. And, we’re now turning our backs on the New World Order’s promise of a faster, safer (and indentured) future. Who knew we had it in us to tell Big Daddy to take a flying leap once and for all?
All we had to do was tear down our fences, talk with our neighbors again, get rid of our TVs, see that money doesn’t mean anything, quit eating microwaved, GMO burritos, stop asking others to do our thinking for us, and realize that credit cards don’t love us back.
People have been floundering along with this depraved, ‘dollars and sense’, plastic eco-system until Uranus (fundamental, social change) moved into Aries (the Self) back in 2011. It showed us the true cost of doing business with neo-cons: the loss of our Soul. Uranus has been inciting rebellion ever since.
Weeellllll….. This mighty, mover and shaker of our social world just went retrograde and will stay so until Winter Solstice. Uranus is taking a break from all that upheaval for a few months while we work on deeper, emotional issues.
One of the reasons some of the recent freedom movements have faltered is that many people are still not free on the inside. How liberated can we be when we’re still carrying around old wounds? We need to heal and become whole in order to instill the same in future generations.
From now until December 17th, especially around October and November, we will have a chance to do just that. We will begin to experience an inner mental peace so that we can care for any psychic injuries, make peace with our past, and finally move on with the New Age of Aquarius.


~ Mars gets Huggy with It ~

At the beginning of August, Mars will trine both the North Node (karmic lessons) and Chiron (karmic wounds). I’d say run for the hills but Mars is about to use His martial gifts to fire us up with healing energy in both areas. We’re getting some Love and Balance this month—ready for it or not!
It’s unusual for Mars to be in this position as most of the time He’s looking for a competitive, kick-boxing match; but, as the month gets underway, he’s all about fiery regeneration. It’s sort of like the guy who tries to be tender with his lover by pulling a sliver from her foot, and ends up grappling her to the floor to do it.
Plus, Mars is in Cancer. It often means domestic squabbling will come bubbling to the surface, but, at the moment, Mars’ strength is being balanced by our need to move on spiritually. Or, karmically. Or, both…or, at least seeing the big picture.
It’s time to do likewise and let our guard down a bit. Try to be more giving this month; help a neighbor carry in her groceries; look for the good in others; and share wisdom. Reward any good deeds, too. Focusing on being selfless is an admirable goal, but it’s important to honor the Divine Masculine, too.
Also, rejoice in the miracles of others and let them know how much they matter to us. We have such wonderful companions to share our journey, and that needs to be said out loud once and awhile.


~ Take a ride on the Giant Tea-cups! ~

On August 7th, just as Mercury (mind) enters Leo (creativity), Jupiter in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Normally, oppositions with the outer planets can bring about a lot of collective and personal strife, but this month it’s more like choosing between something wonderful and something awesome. However, there is a proviso here: be careful of flip-flopping, too.
There’s bound to be some confusion as we try to decide between a bigger Heart and a bigger Soul. We can only successfully put energy into one at the moment, and that’s a tough choice. The result may make us a little floopy.
This aspect can bring about a bold, new direction in life, but be careful of being over-zealous with it. Reaching enlightenment is no reason to start a new cult, for example. Take all the new breakthroughs with a grain of salt and let them balance out in time.
In other words, walk lightly, but carry a big smile.

~ If Anyone asks, I’ll be in my Hammock ~

This month, I chose the song ‘Wash Away’ by Joe Purdy to remind people to chill out. We all have our woes; and though we can learn a lot from our troubles, it’s just as important to learn from our joys. Not everything in life need be a lesson.
My advice, pretty much for the entire month of Leo, is to stop and smell the hibiscus. Try not to take everything so seriously, get outdoors, and soak up some rays. Or, bounce a balloon, fly a kite, jump in some puddles, or tell a joke to a stranger. Life’s worries will still be there tomorrow.
Just for today, though, follow your Heart’s fancy. Take a cruise and explore a tropical paradise island. Even if that means a backyard vacation with hubby in a grass-skirt, some homemade Mai Tais, and putting up an umbrella in the kid’s sandbox.
I’ll see you on the beach.
Blessed Be,


~ A personal note for my Readers ~

* If you are interested in being on my private mailing list, send a request to [email protected] or message me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/zooey.online with your email address. Feel free to send along your sun-sign and a smiley, too. If you would like to be taken off the list, send a blank email with ‘Please Remove Me’ in the subject line. All new guides come out a few days before the Sun transits into a new sign.
** Well! My, my, my. I have developed quite a following. I had no idea it would blossom so quickly once I started to spill the magic beans. I don’t want to say the actual number (that would be self-promoting) or mention people by name (that would be insensitive) but it’s a lot. Also, rest assured your privacy means the world to me. You know, treat others as you would have them treat you.
I hope to begin a professional writing career in women’s fiction (that’s a fancy way of saying I’ll be writing romance) and eventually moving into the suspense genre. That is if I can ever get my big, fat keyboard in gear. But! I wanted to take a moment to remind people that I do not do astrological charts. I know most of you know that by now; but, for all the new readers who have been asking, I’m sorry, I simply don’t have the time. As a Shaman and Witch, at this crucial time in history, I just can’t find a moment to myself. I bet most of my Readers know exactly what I mean.
In the meantime, let me say, that I am very touched by all the heartfelt feedback. You can just imagine how that makes a budding writer feel at the end of a long, literary day. Thank you, and thank you again. Your words mean so very, very much to me.
*** re: this year’s Soul Storm*
Um, I can’t get it right for everyone. I’m thinking of a couple of people who suggested I shouldn’t write about “doom and gloom” because it spreads fear, especially when the world didn’t flood last month.
Well, first off, I didn’t say there would be a catastrophic, global deluge, I said that people’s hearts were going to flood. Besides, I can’t think of a single astrologer worth their salt who predicts earthquakes and tsunamis based on the position of the planets. Astrology is about the psychology of the mind and soul—not chunks of rock flying around the inner heliosphere shooting off deadly waves of micro-gravity.
We just went through a four week transition with Mercury retrograde in Cancer. All last month, I kept reading conversation threads with people lamenting Mercury blowing up their air conditioners, cell phones, hard drives, or *gasp!* heaven forbid anyone sign a contract that month. I have to laugh to myself because Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, and has been doing that since each of us were born. That’s an awful lot of time not to sign a contract, or worry about our appliances going kaput.
We need to interpret what sign Mercury is in before pushing the panic button and preemptively shutting down our domestic, electrical grid. That’s where astrologers come into the picture; folks who understand the art and science of “as above, so below”, and can see upcoming, mass, psychological trends.
In the case of Mercury retrograde in Cancer, the only contract I wouldn’t sign is a marriage contract—Cancer is about Love, not Law. It means we shouldn’t rush into romance during that planetary transition, not hire a team of barristers. What’s happening in the stars is happening in our own lives, and so on.
When Mercury reverses course, the ensuing doubtful, mental review manifests the current sign’s themes. This is one of the big reasons that a lot of marriages and relationships just broke up. Take heed. We’re in for another big dose of romantic blues during the Moon-th of Scorpio. If your relationship is hanging by a thread, and you don’t take care of it now, it will be gone by Winter Solstice.
Also, when I say that Leos are natural artists, I hope no one out there thinks I mean every Leo on the planet is a painter. Or, if you’re a Leo and don’t know which end of a paintbrush goes up, that there’s something wrong with you. It would be atypical for this sign to not be creative, but that doesn’t mean all Leos are artists. Most are, though; even if it means just humming songs or whittling sticks.
In the end, I could be wrong about all of this. It’s just not possible to accurately read the stars for six and a half billion people. Some folks (those who have been doing their homework, I suspect) will come sailing through this year as if nothing happened; others will be drenched in emotional woes, chilled to the bone by the ghosts of their past.
Is it all just random occurrence? Or, with all these teary, watery, astrological aspects, does it conform to the Earth’s astrological forecast for this year?
Dunno—you tell me.

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