TheGMOLawPassed~By Greg Zangari
Has anyone seen the new Wal-Mart “fresh produce” commercial where they take the Wal-Mart produce and bring it to a farm, making it look like it’s a NJ roadside farm stand? Remember, if you decide to eat the Sweet Corn on the cob that Wal-Mart is selling this summer, know that you’re getting not regular Sweet Corn, but Monsanto’s Bt Toxin Corn.
What does that mean? That means that genes from the soil bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) were spliced into the Sweet Corn’s original DNA. Why? Pest control. If an insect eats any part of the corn, the Bt causes the insect to die a short time later – it causes the insect’s stomach to explode, literally. They also splice genes into this corn’s DNA to make the corn resistant to Monsanto’s “Round-Up” weed killer. No matter what Monsanto and the FDA tells you, this “Sweet Corn” is not “the same” as the normal Sweet Corn that has not been genetically altered.
As Ariel Schwartz noted in her article in CoExist:
Monsanto, which already controls 60% of the U.S. corn market, is including traits in the new sweet corn that make it resistant to both Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and to insects (through the inclusion of Bt toxin, a trait that disrupts insect digestive systems and eventually kills them). As we have mentioned before, at least 21 weed species have become resistant to Roundup. And Bt toxin may have negative health effects–a recent study found the toxin in the maternal and fetal blood of pregnant women, though the implications of that aren’t known quite yet.
If fetal transfer of the Bt toxin from mother to fetus isn’t bad enough, when you ingest this pesticide in this genetically engineered sweet corn, which our good friend and GMO Free PA colleague, Charmaine Rusin, who is also a local Homeopath and Holistic Practitioner,  emphasized yesterday, as being “in every cell of the corn”,  will start acting as a pesticide in your intestines and start killing off your beneficial intestinal flora. Ever wonder why they started pushing all the probiotic supplements and yogurts containing probiotics, that are on the market now? Our food is harming us.
To make things even worse, some research is now saying that the Bt in the corn’s mRNA, has the ability to transfer its genes to some of our gut bacteria so that our own internal gut flora now become little pesticide manufacturing machines. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my intestines making pesticides.
That’s just one of the many reasons that we stay away from GMOs. Do you understand why we are so passionate about making sure GMOs are labeled in all foods? If a person didn’t know any better, they would assume the corn they were buying at Wal-Mart was typical, conventional sweet corn.
Wouldn’t you like to know if the food you were buying for yourself and/or your family, could be harmful to your health? This is why we so strongly support GMO Labeling here in PA and throughout the USA. If GMO labeling is working well in 60+ other countries, why are they delaying GMO labeling here in the USA? In other countries, they see GMOs as a health-safety issue and give people the choice of whether or not they want to ingest GMOs and be part of this global food experiment.
Here in Pennsylvania, Ready For The Shift strongly supports GMO labeling and SB653, the GMO Labeling bill that is now sitting in the PA Senate’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. If you would like to read the proposed bill, you can see it here:
Unfortunately, Committee Chairman Sen. Elder Vogle (R-47) says the bill won’t leave committee! The audacity of the man and this party, to not give the people a voice! The GOP believe we should wait until GMOs are labeled on the Federal level. We all know how long things take to do in Washington D.C. and when our health is at risk, there is no time to lose!
If you live here in PA, please consider calling or sending a letter to Sen. Vogel and tell him you want your voice heard! Also, please ask call or write to your local legislators and tell them you support the bill and ask them to support it as well. That’s what we are doing.
GMO Free PA is a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit and part of a coalition of states that are supporting legislative and ballot initiative movements to make labeling GMOs a law in our respective states. Won’t you join in supporting this movement for your own health and the health of your family?
If you’d like to volunteer, become a Member, or make a donation to GMO Free PA, please contact Wendy or I and we will be glad to assist you. If you are unable to donate or volunteer, please consider spreading this information to your friends, family and social network – educational outreach is our primary function and we are happy to come to an event or farmer’s market, in your area of PA, to talk about it with you and/or your group. Most importantly, thank you for caring!
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