“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead  
L is for Liberty. It also stands for Life, Laugh, and Love. How about Libra? That’s a good one, too. I can think of a few other words that start with L, but we’ll get to that in a bit. I wanted to focus on freedom first.
When Uranus moved first stoked the fires of social revolution in August of 2010, then slipped back into Pisces to give all the daydreamers a good kick in the pants, and then back into Aries in the spring of 2011, the entire world began to wake up. It was like a bell going off. We began to see we have been enslaved in many, many ways.
For generations, a handful of dark-minded control freaks have been trying to control us through debt-based money, alpha-male solar religions, parasitic political power, and corporate domination of our land and common resources. They’ve been doing a damn good job of it, too. Then, “Hello!” Uranus dropped in to say enough is enough.
That was just after Pluto entered Capricorn in 2007. He not only emptied our pockets, but pulled the plug on the elite’s whole financial game. (Remember, Capricorn is all about law, rules, responsibility, and finance.) The system is rigged, and Pluto showed us how silly it is to save interest-manipulated, credit notes in the first place.The upshot of Uranus changing us on a core level, while Pluto removes the shackles of money-fetishism, is freedom. Or, as the immortal Janis Joplin once sang, “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”
We’ve had enough of being told self-appointed kings, queens, and presidents—we rule because our blood is better than yours, old chap—know what’s best for us. True freedom requires real self-responsibility; not that ‘We-can-do-it-for you!’ brand the Illuminati sells at a 40% introductory discount.
Secret society stuff is so last century. No one needs a book of royal rules so thick we need others to interpret it. Besides, there’s only one basic, common law, and it’s as old as the Universe: do what you feel as long as it doesn’t interfere with another soul’s journey. See? No racist middleman required.
Uranus will stay in Aries until the spring of 2019. That’s a long time to work out the new, self-rule, Uranus in Aries, Age of Aquarius thing. If people think the Revolution of Self happening all over the world is something to watch, we ain’t seen nothing yet.
In the meantime, I caution everyone not to spend too much time fighting the Powers-that-Were. Otherwise, we end up forgetting all the good out there.
Instead of toughening our hearts on shields and batons, why not walk in the other direction and create a life without the need for corporate police? They can’t have the planet unless we give it to them, we strip-mine it for them, we ask them to write our laws, we pay them to govern us—they simply don’t have the womanpower to do it all on their own. Why not keep our focus on more positive things?
We can start with Learning to Live in the Light. Meh. More intelligence Leaks? Not a bad idea. Listening to the Land? Getting there. How about we all Lollygag…okay, I just threw that one in there ’cause it’s fun to say out loud. Try it! A smile won’t be far behind.
The point is not to let others drag us down anymore. The elite need us to be angry and fighting over things for their own world of psychotic greed to make sense. We don’t need to play that game anymore. We are free, and have been since the Age of Aquarius began in 2012; heck, since the beginning of last decade; errrr, since the 50’s… wait, wait, wait! Since 1904, at least. Whooaaa! …well, ever since time began.
As long as we find some Levity at the end of the day, or at least a reason to smile, we’re doing good. It’s all in the Link, I think.
Oh! And why not get Laid while we’re at it? Just for good measure.


~ Dancing with the Stars ~

Feeling out of sorts, lately? The planets are giving us plenty of reasons to feel like we’re being batted back and forth like a ball in a cosmic tennis match; and as the Sun moves into Libra, even more so. Wheeee!
For starters, we get some financial relief as Pluto goes direct on September 20th. Thank heavens! If I get one more bill in the mail or one more unexpected expense, I’ll scream. Ever since Pluto went retrograde this spring, my partner and I will get a little ahead, and we’re sitting pretty, and…oh, no, there’s goes the car’s water pump. Kaching!
Pluto, the Master Soul Gardener, has been trimming the hedges so frickin’ close lately that most of us have learned to do without the darned hedge! And if things aren’t thin now, we can certainly hear the clippers coming.
Now that Pluto’s gone direct, we can expect those little hidden costs to come to an end. So, if anyone is about ready to shoot the mailman on sight, we can put the checkbook back in its holster; though, I wouldn’t put it that far out of reach.
Then, on September 21st, Saturn sextiles Pluto. It will help us get more comfortable with the Aquarian Age’s new dimension of liberated, spiritual living. For those who have been looking out the window in yoga class, putting off graduation to get in one more kickass party, it’s like being handed a cheat sheet during the final exam.
The thing is, at this point, no one should need the answers—we’ve been living them for the past decade. We are the cheat sheet. Everyone knows what to do with their lives now: create a fair and just society that benefits the entire world; indeed, the entire galaxy.
Finally, the Sun enters Libra on September 22nd. Although this sign is ruled by beautiful, supa-smexy Venus, Her incarnation in Libra also carries the Sword of Justice. I think a certain group of solar cultists have been missing that fact for some time, and one can only avoid the Fall Harvest for so long.
It’s like the Illuminati think because they leveled the Goddess’ ancient sacred hills and placed phallus symbols there instead, that they would simply live forever; or that the Earth was just going to go along with that kind of long-term, masculine imbalance. No, I do believe Gaia has some ideas of Her own. All She needs is a willing co-creator—a Lover, for those that follow the Tarot—to thrive and survive.
We are the caretakers of this world, and it’s time we started to take that innate responsibility a little more seriously. The Sun’s passage through Libra this month will help us remember everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and that freedom is our birthright.


~ Everyone Remain Calm, It’s just the New Age of Aquarius ~

As many readers know, I’m having UFO encounters on a nightly basis. Still nothing face-to-face, but sometimes it’s like that scene at the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. *grin* Well, not really, but I’ve seen so many flashing lights now that I’ve had a chance to try and figure out patterns. Definitely not Morse code, by the way.
Between that, the shiny UFOs that disappear and reappear, and the orange balls of brilliant light zooming over our apartment, I have to confess, I haven’t been able to work out much. I’m flabbergasted at the whole experience. Like Close Encounters, as one tech says to another after being blasted with a chorus of lights and sounds from the mothership, “It’s the first day of school.” Or, as my geeky friends like to say, “I’m such a noob.”
I really don’t get most of of it.
But! I have managed to work out a few things; and I feel now may be the time to start passing on some of the telepathic messages* I’m picking up from them. As best as I can, anyway.
Recently, in regards to my fear of an in-person encounter—seriously, some nights it’s like an electric field around my partner and I when they get real close, like being close to a transformer, and it’s very, very scary—they sent this message:
‘Fear cannot exist in the same place as love.’
I take that to mean that were they to appear in person at that moment, even immobilize me to protect themselves from an over-emotional, freaked-out human, that all I need to do is relax into a state of love, and anything that vibrates in a frequency of fear will vanish. Including them; if they were truly hostile.
The star-people have been counseling me on existing in a state of love since they first showed up in my life.* I know they want us to figure out the next step in our human-galactic evolution, not fear it. Though it takes courage to step through the door of first contact, walk through it, we will. I do believe they are here to make sure no one stands in the way of that. *looks at the back of a dollar bill*
An important planetary inconjunction is coming up that speaks to the same thing the UFOs have been conveying to me: things unfold naturally, and with universal power, when we are in a place of peace and love.
Saturn will be inconjunct with Uranus on October 5th. Circle this date on the calendar as there will be a mass karmic adjustment and many things will move forward from here. It may be hard for some people to tell at first, but this Fall will mark an important turning point in the life of this planet.
There is elemental magick at work as Uranus is currently in fiery Aries and Saturn is in watery Scorpio. Fire and Water creates a very steamy environment for our emotional issues to play out with our spiritual work.
As I’ve said a few times this year, I foresee arguments and misunderstandings coming up with couples over who is standing in who’s way. Or, is that whom is standing in who’s way? How many times do we have to talk about this? How could you say that? It’s like you like fighting with me! Why am I in this relationship?!
Yeah, more of that.
This year is simply not conducive to walking hand in hand into the sunset with a lover. It’s hard to be at peace with our cuddle-bunny if our Heart is not at peace with our Spirit. If we aren’t comfortable with ourselves first, no one is walking off anywhere. This inconjunction will bring a lot of that drama out so that we learn to be more at ease with ourselves, our past, and the roads we took to get here.
We also need to keep in mind that Pluto begins to sextile Chiron (karmic wounds) at this time, and this, too, will bring up old pain. It’s super-important to take care of our close relationships as cosmic forces are aligning against anything defunct, unbalanced, and inappropriate.
‘Nuff said? Not really, next month will emotionally drown the entire world.
Stay tuned.


~ Full Moon in Aries ~

Where are today’s leaders? Where are our great revolutionaries? I keep hearing this question being asked again and again. Does anyone really expect a reply to that? It’s so easy to see:
They’re watching chemtrail and 9/11 truther videos on YouTube, they’re posting the same links on Facebook, they’re talking with family and friends about these issues, they’re watching the news get worse and worse, asking, “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about the mess we’re in?”
Well? How long are you going to keep those answers to yourself?
This Full Moon in Aries will be a Lunar Eclipse. It will be very conducive to showing us our own natural leadership skills. Aries is a born pioneer, finding innovative solutions to old problems, cutting through injustice and stagnation. When the Moon nurtures those qualities in us, things get unstuck.
The Moon will be exactly full on October 18th at 7:39 pm on the east coast of North America, the same time many witches and wizards will be heading out for their lunar eclipse celebrations. If we find ourselves sitting out and watching the Full Moon rise around that time, expect to feel a big “push” as thousands of pagans usher in the next wave of social renegades.
Except these rebels won’t be carrying torches; these ones are born with a completely different perspective that precludes violence—they’re born with a big fire in their Heart.
They’re the generation born between the beginning of the 80s and the end of the 90s when Pluto passed through Scorpio. They’re the ones who understand that if it doesn’t involve the Heart Chakra, it’s not worth being on the world stage. They are the Love Revolutionaries and their time is now.
Their first order of business seems to be to topple anyone or anything that only cares for 1% of us. They know that everyone counts. I don’t think the timing or placement of this Lunar Eclipse could be any more appropriate, and I urge everyone to get out and howl at the Moon this month.
Let the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Committee of 300, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Dark Ones, the Vatican and London and Washington, know we’re coming. With each self-actualized roar, let them know we don’t need them to make any more decisions for us.
Let them all know that we can take it from here.


~ It Sounds like a Whisper ~

I could only think of one song that fit in with all the love, change, and positivity sweeping the planet, Tracy Chapman’s, ‘Talkin’ about a Revolution’. She really nailed it in this song. It’ll be a movement that comes from within, from the most repressed, the ones who always bear the mistakes of the upper-class: the poor.
Sadly, being impoverished is becoming commonplace as more of us fall through the cracks. Yet, through it all, the one thing we’ve learned from the elite’s war on the poor is that we need to take care of each other. It’s when we’re down that we shine the most, and, in that, the rich have failed to oppress and drive us into submission.
Social revolution has to come from the heart if it is to have any meaningful and lasting change. They can kill our bodies, but not our souls. The rich could never have won that war; all they have succeeded in doing is displaying their mental illness around vanity and avarice. It’s embarrassing, really.
All the ‘red-carpet’ folks can do now is try and start new wars, keep their tab running, and distract us with pain, need, and torment. But, we are not powerless. As we just saw when they tried to start World War III with Syria, the masses stood up and said, “No!” Not one more senseless war fought for the benefit of the rich, corporate slugs, and defense contractors.
NO! to big daddy leadership, no to gods and clods, no to the rat race, no to religious divide and conquer, no to the Rockefeller school system, no to the police state, no to spy vs spy, and NO! to their sociopathic New World Order.
Sorry, silly rabbit, Trix are for Kids! And we are, after all, just a bunch of big kids with big hearts and one big goal:
Blessed Be,


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