Are you serious?

I wanted to start off this month with that simple question because it has so many meanings. Like, are we joking with someone or being straight? Or, are we committed to a project or not? Telling the truth or speaking nonsense? Feeling braced or at peace?
And it’s that last one I especially wanted to focus on because there is so much stress going around, it’s almost like an infectious disease. Every second person I know seems to be sick in bed with it.
The thing is, there’s a galactic wave of Love and Transformation flooding the planet, too. Even though a certain group of people are desperate to keep that knowledge from us, we can ignore their pleas to keep going along as their slaves. We can throw off the shackles, relax, take a deep breath, and choose a different path.
I always find that the trick to life’s trials and tribulations is not in finding an answer to a series of questions—how do I pay the bills, buy groceries, and still buy my sweetie a nice gift; where do I find the resources to get my car fixed, or do I swallow my pride and ask mom for a few bucks again, or do I just leave the situation alone for now and hope I get a raise at the end of the month, or maybe that guy I just met knows something about cars—but in choosing from a range of answers to one problem. My roommate is carrying the world on her shoulders, and here are fifteen ways to help lighten the load.
All the solutions may not work, but at least we have some movement. If we only look at the minutiae of each and every problem, we end up talking ourselves into a tizzy. Or a self-analytical paralysis, and that’s feels even worse.
We are between worlds here. The rat-race, Illuminati one of lords and peasants, and gods and clods; and the new Age of Aquarius one where we all matter, and each of us are honored for our own unique contribution to the whole.
Though it’s hard for us to be completely in one or the other at the moment, it doesn’t mean we can’t nudge things in the direction we wish to go. All it takes is a bit of effort to maintain our course, delight in the journey, and we’re there.
The Sun is moving into Sagittarius, a sign that is renowned for it’s sense of playfulness; and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time on planet Earth, it’s that hypertension falls apart when faced with laughter. Life really is just a game. Once we know that, there’s no reason to get all worked up over something that turns out in the end. We can go back, take our place in the grand scheme of things, have a good laugh—I mean, really let it rip!—and wait our turn to roll the dice.
It’s up to us how we play the game. We can sit around watching fear-based, YouTube videos designed to evoke panic and dismay, or we can take part in making this world a better place. Stress, or harmony? It’s our choice.
And you’d better decide now because this is a time-limited offer! If you don’t work it out by the end of the year, you’ll miss the boat for another 24,000 years!! Didn’t you know there’s a comet streaking towards Earth? You have to order those emergency supplies now!!! You don’t want to be caught with your pants down, do you? You could end up in a FEMA camp if you’re not prepared for the worst!!!! So, pack up the wife, the kids, some salt tablets, dried rations, a CB radio, and head for the hills because the world is ending tomorrow and WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!
… or not.
So, I’ll ask the question again: are you serious?
I would very much like everyone to take a break from the Illuminati’s stressed-out conditioning this month. Stop holding up their pyramid and get back outside into Nature. Chill out for awhile and get all that weight off our shoulders. Breathe the free air. Ahhhhh… See? The world didn’t come crashing down. The only thing that fell over was a bullshit, institutionalized tyranny.
All we have to do now is watch where we step, and we’ll be fine.

~ One Love ~

Well! Is everyone still kickin’ after a year of tears? That was quite an emotional ride, huh?
Before I get into to it, I’d like us to think back to this Spring’s water stellium and where we were then. The reason is that it should be much clearer that people are starting to find common ground. We still have a long way to go, but the progress towards Unity Conscious is truly remarkable.
The people of the world came together and stopped the Syrian war, for one. Hydrogen cars are rolling off the assembly line in Korea despite Big Oil choking the life out of free energy technologies. Also, the truth has been set free about the Bosnian pyramid which means we’re beginning to uncover our true history. And if we can do that, what else can we do?
  Many people are now opening their eyes to see the slimy designs of the New World Order all over everything. Our neighbors have begun to wake up to it, too—still not everyone, but more and more every day. They may not know what to say, who to turn to, or even bring it up with friends and coworkers, but that blank stare is not them spending too much time in front of the TV, but rather them working things out.
The result of all this is that the Illuminati is failing in their constant attempts to keep us all separate. No matter what they throw at us, we’re starting to see ourselves in each other’s eyes again. And that, folks, is the beginning of One World and One Love.
The reason this has all come to a head is because of the ongoing Uranus – Pluto square dance. Though we are over the worst part of it for the year, it will continue on into 2015. When the music’s over, the world will be an entirely different place.
The last time Pluto and Uranus were in a square was back in the mid-sixties, and I don’t think anyone doubts what happened as a result. Even though this planetary square is causing such a dramatic, social upheaval today, just like back then, it’s doing it to bring our hearts and minds together. It’s not only unifying a generation, but right across entire generations.
For those who may not have been paying attention this time around, the square between these two planets began in 2012. It was just after the Sun was 0 degrees Aquarius on the Eastern horizon on March 21st signaling the beginning of the new Age of Aquarius.
Interesting timing, indeed.
  It’s almost as if the Waterbearer began the Aquarian Age by deciding that the first thing to go was the illusion of separation, the never-ending spiritual doubt and collective anxiety from the Age of Pisces. And what a relief it’s been!
Just think about our excitement back in 2012 for a moment—all the talk about Ascension, or that UFOs would land on the White House lawn on December 21st, or even the Cabal being defeated any day, and then…nothing. And yet everyone felt like things were happening all around us. We couldn’t see the changes, it was impossible for anyone to define them, but, for goodness sake, we knew something was going on alright.
Well, it turns out something was happening—we were transforming on a soul level and Gaia was changing along with us. That’s not really a surprise to me as Pluto is all about our evolving Soul. In fact, as my regular readers know, I call Him the Master Gardener as he regular prunes our inner, spiritual hedges. And not just us individually, but everyone at the same time. Anything that gets in the way of our soul growth is uprooted and removed.
Now, if we add the internal revolution that has been going on since Uranus moved into Aries into the mix, we may begin to see where all the tension lies—and see that it’s not that difficult at all. We had to transform on a soul level before we could even begin to appreciate the new Aquarian vibes. Uranus simply showed us how badly we’ve been treated by the Powers-That-Were, and how we don’t need to stand for their neo-feudal shite anymore.
If we can see that, then perhaps we’ll see that a lot of the current spiritual and social challenges aren’t as rough as we thought. It’s about setting the New Age on a solid foundation and living without soul constraints, racial divisions, gender bias, and perpetual class warfare.
It’s about being free.

~ The Trouble with Triangles ~

We have an interesting planetary aspect coming up in the first couple weeks of December. Saturn in Scorpio will trine a retrograde Jupiter in Cancer from the 8th until the 17th. Though this is a harmonious aspect, it will point out anything that no longer fits in with our Heart while highlighting all that is good for it. Perfect for the holidays.
How we experience this trine will depend on whether we’re embracing the new Age of Aquarius or still holding onto to the Age of Pisces. If we’ve been getting funky with all the new Aquarian energy, we’ll find an abundance of joy and love this winter; if we’re still questioning what our life is all about, who we are to each other and our place in the universe, we may end up spending a lot of time alone.
  However, if we do find ourselves deep in wintry contemplation, try and keep one thing in mind: we are all God. There is no separation between any of us. That’s just an illusion.
This is why the New World Order is currently imploding. They tried to substitute the Age of Aquarius with a false age of their own making, one that places an arbitrary, monetary value on some things but not others. Thus we end up with expendable people like peasants and soldiers, and hoarding and an ever-increasing thing-fetishism.
That’s something no planet would ever go along with, and Gaia is no exception. Everything has some merit—even the Shadow is necessary or we’d never see the Light. Mother Earth will simply no longer tolerate these black magicians who like to adorn themselves with our skulls and bones.
The New Age is about Unity, seeing the connection we all share with the rest of the Universe, the link from past to present to future, the Divine Feminine and Masculine united, and holding hands with our neighbors—not standing on the corpses of the dead. It’s includes all of us and can be seen in the drummer’s circles that spring up wherever people of good conscious come together.
Yet, back in the 80’s under King George I (Reagan was just a figurehead), the Cabal tried to put their Triangle on it instead. They tried to give us this idea that everything flows from the top down to the serfs at the bottom. The even have a name for it: the trickle down theory.
The problem with a trickle is that it doesn’t keep the bridges and roads repaired, or first responders and teachers on the job. It doesn’t allow us leisure time to explore our innate creativity and develop our psychic skills. It dams the natural flow of energy between one person and another. Though it’s possible to hold people back, it’s not possible to do that forever, and the world has had just about enough of the Illuminati’s false light.
This powerful Jupiter–Saturn trine will highlight everything that will help our Hearts move forward again. If we listen carefully during the lead up to the holidays, we’ll be able to catch the wave of Unity and Love, too.

~ Full Moon Blast Off ~

All systems go! Is everyone ready for an incredible lunar month? On December 17th, the Moon goes full at 4:28 am EST in the airy sign of Gemini. But, not only that, Uranus goes direct on the same day.
When Uranus gets involved with any planet, the results are always spectacular by adding a transformational, revolutionary component to whatever it’s touching. So, let’s have a look at what the Moon in Gemini means:
This aspect describes our inner thoughts and feelings, the things we’ve been wanting to share with others but may be keeping on the back burner. A Geminian Moon nurtures breakthroughs in life, the arts, and communication with others. Uranus will fire all that up and take it to a whole new level.
(There is a proviso here: be careful of letting our witty repartee say a little too much about hidden feelings. It may get us into trouble. Also, be wary of getting too gossipy as this lunar aspect can really foster sharing the foibles of being human. There’s a difference between exploring human weakness, and harping on it. Add in some holiday libations and we may end up saying things we regret later.)
Let’s stop and take a look at all this from the other perspective, too. Uranus is going direct on the same day as the Full Moon. This radical planet will get a huge boost from the Moon’s Geminian qualities. What could that mean?
Well, first off, all that fiery, world revolution stuff that has been taking a break for the last few months is about to get moving again. There will be an increase in social tension as the old guard desperately tries to hang onto power and its outdated ways of being. With all the good ideas from this Gemini Moon, I would think we’re going to see a lot more determination to get on with Gaia’s golden age.
I would also expect to see a lot of changes at home over the holidays. (Remember: Gemini is about our siblings and close relationships, too.) I might even say that some people will find it impossible not to air some old grievances. Acting on this impulse may—or may not—work out for all concerned. If we put our Heart first, though, we may be able to see that unloading old baggage on others just ain’t worth the trouble; and that sometimes it’s better to just get on with the living present.
I’m not sure which planet is powering up the other at this point, but I’m very excited. This Full Moon will really accelerate our thinking on positive change in the world, especially in how we all fit into it. Uranus will reveal novel ways to live in the Aquarian Age.
We may find it hard to sit still on this day, and with good reason: Uranus in Aries is itching to get back in the game; and a lofty Moon is nurturing our mental capacity to work out all the new, bold, social changes. It’s like a really good idea that’s looking for a place to happen.
With all that going on, how far away can a brave new world be? Uranus will continue to transform our lives, that’s a given, but especially when the Divine Feminine sneaks up from behind and grabs us by the boo boo.
Have fun, everyone! We’re in for one heckuva winter holiday!

~ A Man Walks Down The Street ~

This month I choose Paul Simon’s irreverent and wonderfully self-deprecating song, ‘You Can Call Me Al’. I hope it reminds everyone to lighten up a bit.
Though I feel it’s important to get down to brass tacks and work on planetary transformation, life’s just too short to stay focused on serious things all the time. And we certainly don’t need to run around banging our drum for everyone to hear—it’s the work that’s important, not our egos.
For example, I was born awake. As a result, I have spent my entire life trying to wake up others. I liken it to trying to get a massive, heavy door unstuck. I have pried, and struggled, and pried some more. Just when I have it about open, I turn around to wipe my brow and have a drink of water, when someone else comes along, opens it with no effort, and simply walks through.
Do I really need to jump on that person and tell them about all the work I put into getting the door open? Perhaps I could hang out by the door and hand out flyers to people passing through that details what an amazing job I did. Do I really need to take credit for something we’re all doing in our own way?
Life is full of irony. It’s up to us if we want to take that personally. Our journey is not about tallying up the results, anyway, it’s about having the opportunity to be a part of making the magick happen along the way—even if it means no one ever sees all the hard work that went into casting the spell.
So, in closing, I’d like to pass on a bit of humor. I hope it emphasizes the importance of getting goofy with it. We are not just some magician doing tricks on a cosmic stage; we are the magick, too.
We always were.
A man is walking down the street and notices a small boy trying to reach the doorbell of a house. Even when the boy jumps up, he can’t quite reach it.
After deciding to help, the man walks up on the porch, and pushes the doorbell for the boy. He looks down, smiling at the boy, and asks, “What now?”
The boy answers, “Now we run like crazy!”
Blessed Be,

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