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~By Greg Zangari
I was checking my YouTube Channel E-mail today and this guy sent me his video. Please watch the video, then you can check out the response I left for him.
I do hope it helps him, he’s way wrapped up in religious mind control. I hope I wasn’t too harsh, I tried to be kind, but you know, there is a time when you have to call someone on the carpet for lack of evidence.
I asked lots of questions and we’ll see how openhearted and loving he is based on his response, if he responds at all.
I hope he does, I would love to expose him to more resources. I was a blind sheep once too and I broke out of it, so anyone can, there isn’t anything special about me; I’m just a homo sapien walking the Earth with the rest of you on this 3D playground of physicality, in which we come to develop our souls via learning lessons of the Divine Graces.
I’m not out to change anyone. Change is up to the individual. However, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned if asked.
If this video was sent to you, how would you have responded?
Please leave a comment, I’m interested in how your personal view would have affected your response.
We’re all here to learn without exception; we all make mistakes from which we hopefully learn. But what I love about we humans, is that most of us, if asked, would be willing to help out just about anyone. At the end of the day, most of us are good souls and that makes me smile.
Now on to the video…
So what did you think of what he said? Here was the comment I left on his video:
Your only evidence is a few quotes from a book? Only one source? Do you realize how many ancient sacred scriptures there are outside of Christianity? Do you know how many times the paradigm of Virgin Birth around the Winter Solstice, God Man born, God man dies, God man is reborn has played out in history? You may want to look it up but you’ll need to pick up another book, one that doesn’t say “Bible” on the front.
Now I do agree that much of the New Age teachings were created by the elite NWO agenda to gather the people under one religion, that will give better control of the people. If one falls into that trap, they will be waiting to be saved just like you are…don’t go for the carrot on the stick, Grow your own carrot and eat it.
Check out the Law of Attraction, it’s a very nice code to live by. It leaves everything up to you to be happy, sad, win, lose, whatever game you want to play here on Earth, all you need to do is create the positive or negative thought process. We’re much more powerful than you realize, but the church doesn’t want you to look inside, they will lose you once you realize the truth.
Then at the end of the video, you have the audacity to force your religion on us and do an incantation? What gives you that right? I had to stop the video because I didn’t want any of your mumbo jumbo in my space. Perhaps you should put a warning in your info that you’re doing an incantation so people can choose whether or not to view it.
Telling people they will get seizures and possessed by evil Gods by doing yoga? That’s just laughable. And crystals have spirits inside? No crystals vibrate at a frequency. You know crystal AM radios?  Are you going to tell me each radio is possessed? And water science? Have you viewed Dr Masaru Emoto’s scientific research, or do you just poo poo it because it’s not in the bible?
You have nothing to validate your claims and the bible is your only resource, which is a very weak argument. Your invisible Jehovah said so, through a prophet and you automatically accept it as fact, no matter that it’s been translated through 4 languages before it gets to English. Have you even read the straight translation of the Lord’s Prayer translated form Aramaic directly to English? It sounds more like a New Age poem!
I was raised Roman Catholic, went to a Roman Catholic university, but in the early 90s I decided to turn my back on the hypocrisy. Watching the Pope sit on a gold throne in a gold room, sitting on the most real estate holdings in the world and yet we still have starving people all over the world.
So I tried Episcopal, ie Catholic Lite. Was even more disappointed when the minister said there would be no homily that day because Mr Murphy was going to come up and talk about the church budget.
I searched for a few years and was turned on to Paganism, specifically Wicca, which I practiced for around a decade. There was a dichotomy, it made me feel empowered as I was in control of my faith but at the same time it left me feeling empty and that was a decade ago, I’ve grown much spiritually.
After much research and practice, I am now able to connect with the Universe/God/Great Spirit/Creator myself. I can do this by looking at an organic veggie growing in my garden, or looking at a cloud, or a child playing ball or by meditation.
I protect myself when I meditate so that my sacred space is pure. I go inside for the answers, I listen to my heart, I am a very compassionate, loving person, I help my neighbors, I give veggies from our garden to the local shelter (Hey Jesus, 1 in 30 kids in America are homeless, WTF dude?) for all intents and purposes you would equate me a “Good Christian” LOL (which is kind of funny as most Christians are hypocrites when it comes to walking the walk), however, what I do is real, from my heart and not to grant me entrance into Heaven – pssssst, we’re going there anyway). I don’t feel guilt for which I need to be forgiven, I can forgive myself. You should try it, it’s very freeing.
Don’t you see how you have been personally subjugated waiting for a savior that will never arrive? You have no idea the power hold they have over you. You my friend have become a slave, like I was.
Do you have any other scientific evidence outside of your opinion and the few pieces of scripture that you’ve quoted? Because with all you’ve said, you haven’t convinced me.
I think you’re still on your journey, you have so much of your life ahead of you. Once you hit 40 or 50, you’ll be in an entirely different mindset. Around that time, a choice is to be made, you’ll be faced with a challenge as a person with a personal mission which will be focused on for the rest of your life, it happens to many of us and your spiritual growth will be determined how you relate to this change, this new mission if you will.
However, if one stays tied and blinded by organized religion, in many cases, one remains a sheep. God is in all of us, no one is any better than anyone else. No one’s spiritual practice should be called on the carpet without rational. Who gives you that right? Note that I am not putting down your practices, to each his own. However I am taking a stand on how you’re preaching to people with very little evidence, if any. We all do what we do either out of Fear or Love.
Are you God fearing? Or do you choose Love? That’s the real question. If you treat people like you want to be treated, you have nothing to worry about and you don’t need a religion to act this way. Best of luck in your journey brother.  I wish you Peace.

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