Greg & Wendy New Years 2015~By Wendy Zangari
Happy New Year to all of our readers! We hope that all of you had a wonderful and safe holiday season and aren’t too hungover to read our blog post, drink some water, have some coffee and then come back to our site, if you are, because it’s a serious post. 😉
Last year was such a growing year for all of us, don’t you think? We learned so much about ourselves in this past year, we gained our footing on reality, we learned about people’s personalities and how to work with different types of people all across the board from Politicians, to Business owners, to other Non-profits as well as the public themselves. Not that we didn’t before, as Greg and I have been in leader type positions before throughout our careers, but this time we weren’t getting paid and it gave us a different feeling, a feeling of gratitude, gratitude that we were helping others on our own terms.
What we found out was that life has a bunch of twists and turns and in order to surround your life with love and beauty in your heart, you must first work on yourself to make yourself the person you want to be and then others with like-minds will surround you. No one can do this but you, there is no time limit, it is a life-long mission for all of us.
Make this year about you, make it about you working on yourself to become the best person you know you can be. Fix those things you don’t like about yourself, grow your soul to the potential you know it can have. Give yourself a chance, because you are worth it, we all are worth it!
This year we will be trying to post more articles so that we can help more people around the world. We all need assistance in life as there is no manual for it, so we rely on our experiences, whether good or bad and we learn from them. We try to express what we have learned in our 40 and 50 some odd years in life, which is half a lifetime, if not more.
There are a lot of lessons someone who has lived this long can teach others, especially if they have had 100 years of life smashed into a short period of time. It can seem this way at times, but we are glad that we went through our experiences because it can help others who are dealing with similar issues in life, especially since we got through to the other side of some of the problems we have encountered, if we can help another with a How-To-Do-Life manual, we have done our job to help you grow.
People are taught at a very young age to not speak about their problems in the home, people are taught that it is embarrassing. It makes you wonder if others have the same troubles as you or if your family is special and has it’s own set of difficulties in life. A lot of times we will find a lot of commonality in others lives while growing up. This is when the cognitive mind starts to mold their thoughts and perceptions and if we think that others don’t have similar issues and that our predicaments in life are rare, we are kidding ourselves. If we talk about things about ourselves and explore the nastiness within oneself, we can move past them and learn from them to teach another.
All behaviors are taught, what we were taught can only be right, right? Wrong. Not everything we were taught to do was done correctly, not to say that we do everything without flaw, but this is how we learn to teach all of you! That is what life is about, teaching others through our own experiences, whether good or bad. How are we to evolve otherwise?
So this year, I ask all of you to look at yourselves, see what you want to change from within, take the one thing and work on it to no end until you see results of your own adaptation. Once you see the results, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, each obstacle will make the heavy unbearable load lift from your soul and you will feel freer, freer to be the person you want to become!
Happy New Year to everyone, we hope that you embrace change this year and give yourself a chance to overcome anything your heart desires, We will love you when you cannot love yourself and hold on, keep hope in your heart, life will make your hopes realities if you want it bad enough!


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