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We will not be celebrating Earth Hour this year because there are some disturbing things that I found out about WWF that made me think twice about what is really going on here. WWF takes indigenous and savage tribal people out of their habitats in which they have lived a certain lifestyle for centuries and they were moved (forcibly so) into poor conditions with dirty sanitation and unclean food sources or onto another piece of land for reforestation projects so that WWF can put a National Park or a Nature Conservation on the land where the indigenous or savage tribal peoples homes had been for over 10,000 yrs.
Most of the land that WWF takes over is rich in minerals and trees, think about that the next time you want to donate to them. Just because a land is rich in minerals and trees doesn’t mean they can come in and take over the land when it belongs to others and then throw them somewhere else in which they aren’t used to those conditions and don’t know how to live.
This doesn’t give me any comfort knowing this and supporting Earth Hour, which actually has not made any impact on the global scale of an ecological change. We have to also understand that by turning off your lights for an hour may save you a portion of a penny in electricity, it is not doing much to make people aware of the global ecological crisis we face in our world. It also creates more CO2 emissions turning all the lights off and then back on, it is “offset by the surge from firing up coal or gas stations to restore electricity supplies afterward” [1] and using candles during this time emits more CO2 as well.
There are way too many elements to discuss in one article, but to name a few, we face a crisis in which we may never be able to pollinate food again and we have pesticides in our food supply, which goes into the soil and then the water table, we have carelessness of people dumping poisonous chemicals and pharmaceuticals among other things into our water supplies, the list goes on, but this was just to name a couple. Our soil is tainted, our air is tainted and yet we as the common people feel as though there is nothing we can do about it. We can if we stand together, but sure, if we stand alone, that is what we will be, alone in the matter with no one to help you gain momentum of making a stance with others, together.
Earth Hour gives people the feel good sense that they are doing something for the environment, but we can all do our part in other ways. Pick up trash in a local park, recycle anything and everything you can, we don’t want to have our landfills filled with things that cannot biodegrade easily. If we thought about all of the trash we throw out that could be reused as well, these things might have a purpose. I am not saying to be hoarders, I am just saying be conscious of what you do to make this world a better place.
We can save the animals by leaving their habitats alone, nature has a way of working its own self out. People seem to destroy this and the longer we meddle with nature, the longer it takes for nature to undo what damage humans actually did. We can save the animals by picking up our own trash, don’t dump anything into our water or use anything on our earth that is harmful. Industry has taken over and we don’t have a say because it’s too big. However, if we do our own part in this world, we can help reverse the damage humans caused.
There are other ways to be conscious of how you live and I know it isn’t feasible for most, because I am one of those people, but to be able to have solar panels, electricity would be powered by the sun. By using an electric car, the CO2 emissions would decrease in our atmosphere. We can farm without chemicals and use organic ways of ridding pests from even touching your plants. These are just a few things that we can do, if possible.
People don’t seem to understand that we all have a carbon footprint that we shed on this planet. We need to be more conscious of how we live and show others around us how to be sustainable and use sustainable practices when possible.
Here is an article I found about WWF, posted below. You will be shocked at these facts. I used to donate to them long ago and even had a decal of that said Panda on my window in my bedroom as a kid, but I will never even think about donating to this organization again. This appalls me.


World Wide Fraud

Pandering to the Demands of Industry



These Batac people of Palawan are being forced from their homes into settlements by WWF

All around the world, as you read this, children of other cultures are being kidnapped and forced into schools against their will and that of their tribes. People from Indonesia to Zaire are being forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands into shoddy shanty towns with poor sanitation and bad food. These people want to stay in their homelands, living as they always have; with no leaders and no civilisation; hunting and gathering.
Armed Indians block a railway leading to a gold mine on their territory
But the land they live on contains rich minerals and trees. The greedy eyes of westerners want it, so they take it. A familiar story? Corporate aggression? Despotic governments? Missionaries? Martian invaders? Yes, all these things (well, maybe not martians), but one other thing that may surprise many people: the World wide Fund for Nature, which is instrumental in these invasions the world over. Behind the nice caring fluffy panda logo lies a nasty evil empire that would make Ghengis Khan look like a local mafia hood.
The WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) with its Panda bear logo is well known. It was created some 25 years ago. Trophy hunters like Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands, top managers in industry and the money business and top politicians saw that one of their most beloved trophies, the tiger, had been chased to the edge of extinction.
This dilemma for the trophy hunters and the need for a good reputation as conservationists brought one hundred of the biggest multinationals to the decision to donate one million US Dollars each (of course under attractive tax exemptions). WWF was born with this 100 million Dollar stock. Prince Bernhard became the first WWF President, now followed by trophy hunter Prince Phillip from England.
Since the beginning of its work the WWF has received much appreciation from all governments on earth. It even acts in many nations as a de facto ministry for the environment. For good reasons:
1. WWF is able to polish up the governments’ good environmental image.
2. WWF helps to protect very small areas as nature reserves and therefore gives space for the indiscriminate destruction of huge remaining areas, by industry and small scale land grabbers. Their bluster about ‘illegal’ logging is merely a smoke screen to cover up the 95% of logging that is legal.
3. WWF helps to develop remote places with large areas of intact nature and get control over it.
4. As these remote areas are generally tribal lands of non-assimilated peoples WWF assists governments to get control over them and to assimilate them into the mainstream.
5. WWF promotes a very profitable tourism industry.
As a result of all this, the losers are savage peoples and – it may look paradoxical at first glance – wild nature in general due to the sacrifice of most of the land. As usual, the winner is the wealthy world.
The oppression of savage tribal peoples done by nature conservationists has never been a focus of discussion. Results of nature conservation activities have always been spin doctored to imply that the damages done to the savages were properly redressed. Shanty towns and coca-cola are no replacement for a three million year old culture. The point here is that compensation is irrelevant anyway, since these people should not be forcibly removed in the first place. The argument about compensation is a red herring to divert attention from the genocide being conducted by NGOs who pretend to support human rights.
In Zaire the Barhwa Pygmies were driven out of their ancestral land in order to establish the Kahuzi-Biega National Park. WWF has been deeply involved. The victims formerly lived, in dignity, in their traditional ways but are now exposed to alcoholism, prostitution, extreme poverty and exploitation by the neighbouring Bantu people. Likewise Bambuti Pygmies were driven out of the Maiko National Park as result of joint Government and WWF activities.
Similarly in Cental Africa, the Dzangha-Sangha Project which has been directed by WWF since 1988, has resulted in the destruction of the livelihood and loss of dignity of the Baka Pygmies in this area and in the loss of their ancestral homeland.
In Rwanda the Batwa Pygmies were driven out of the Nyungwe Natural Forest in 1994 to make way for a Nature Conservation Site. WWF was involved in the creation of this area and as a result the Batwa of Rwanda have lost their ancestral land and last refuge.
In Kenya the Tsavo East National Park has been established and is managed with the help of WWF, on the Sanye ancestral land. The Sanye have been severely prosecuted as poachers on their own land. As a result the Sanye peoples have been virtually destroyed as a society of hunters and gatherers.
In Namibia the Hai’om Bushmen have been driven out of their ancestral land, the Etosha Pan, which WWF is involved in securing as a conservation area!
In consultation with WWF the Government of Botswana declared, at the Xane kotla meeting in February 1996, that the 3000 last remaining Bushmen, in broadly traditional hunting and gathering lifestyles, have to leave their ancestral land and their traditional lives. The reason being that their ancestral land is now proposed as a new game reserve.
In South Africa the 40 last remaining Bushmen have been chased out of their ancestral land which is now largely used as the Kalahari Gemsbock National Park. WWF has been and still is involved. Furthermore they continue to discount the land claims of the evacuated Bushmen.
In India the Gujjar nomads in Uttar Pradesh are victims of a Nature Conservation Project, where WWF is directly involved. Also the last few aborigine peoples, belonging to the Negrito race, have been victimised by National Park projects in the Nilgiri mountains where WWF was and still is active.
In the Philippines the Haribon Foundation acts with WWF as a partner and receives considerable financial support from them. In 1988 the Haribon Foundation tried to chase the Batak, aborigines of Palawan island, out of their forested ancestral land all around Mount Puyos (Cleopatra’s Needle) to make space for an extension to the Mount Saint Paul’s National Park. The Batak were supposed to be resettled on a denuded area to help in tree plantations, commonly termed as reforestation projects. FPCN (see below) was able to put a stop to that plan, but the Haribon Foundation continued, using WWF money, to ‘develop’ the Batak. The money was raised mainly in the “debt-for-nature swap” business.
This resulted in a more or less forced settlement of the formerly free moving Batak and with this an almost complete loss of their culture and traditions. IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature – the umbrella organisation of which WWF is a part) is presently carrying out a study on the impact of the Batak on the remaining natural forest, regardless of the fact that thousands of Filipinos intruded on the Batak’s ancestral land, making meaningful analysis unfeasible.
PictureIn Malaysia the Mannee, the very last aborigines still holding on to their traditional lifestyle, have lost access to half of their ancestral ground in the Banthat range due to a National Park project on Mannee tribal land, for which WWF is largely responsible. The remaining land is open to loggers, farmers and settlers.
WWF planned to evacuate the Papuan people from the area of the Lorentz National Park in Indonesian-occupied West Papua. WWF is in partnership with the Indonesian Government and the destructive American intruders holding the Freeport mine and is responsible for the killing of at least seven OPM (Organisation for a Free Papua) freedom fighters, who were killed during the rescue of WWF staff taken as hostages last year. Still though, WWF does not recognize OPM interests and land claims.
There are many more cases of small peoples victimised by joint Governmental and WWF ‘nature conservation’ activities and policy. As with most other conservation programs, this is a front for corporate expansion and destruction. These peoples have very few friends on Earth. Friends of Peoples Close to Nature, a non-hierarchical network, exists to rectify this situation, both by direct action and by political lobbying. If the process of civilisation and globalisation is allowed to wipe out the last remaining non-western cultures, we will be left with a human monoculture. If biodiversity is important, then human diversity is too. We must make alliances with and give support to these last bastions of hope for the future of humanity.
Whilst we in the ‘first’ world are trying to get our land back, these people still have it. They live as they have always done. As they die, our dreams die with them. Without them, the future of humanity is sealed in its present course, all alternative futures will be gone and the aberration of ten thousand years ago in Mesopotamia (see agriculture article in this issue) will have parasitised the whole planet. We need people to get involved. Not to be told what to do, or to buy t-shirts, but to actively join in the resistance of wild peoples around the world by attacking the heart of the problem right here in the ‘rich’ world. There can be no social justice within a culture that commits genocide on its neighbours.
Some of these peoples now number only a few hundred, in a couple of years they will be gone for ever, and part of our own humanity will be gone with them – unless we act decisively now. For more information and to find out what you can do to help, send an SAE to FPCN England & International Office, 50 Hillside Crescent, Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 7LT, ENGLAND, Tel/Fax: +44-(0), 1257-230218

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