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At Ready For The Shift we want to provide you information about our world that will help all of humanity live a healthier and happier life. We also will provide tips and tricks on how to create an organic garden so that you can eat healthier by growing your own. These things are important because if we don’t take care of ourselves and care about what we put in our bodies, we will be a lost race.

We believe that our Government needs to know how the GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our food supply affect our healthy lifestyles we try so hard to maintain everyday. We need to let them know how this affects the world we live in as well as how it affects our body’s health.

GMO’s are Genetically Modified Organisms, they are also called GE (Genetically Engineered, in other countries); Genetic Modification or Genetic Engineering, occurs when a seed’s DNA has genes inserted from pesticides, bacteria, animals and even from human fetal tissue, inside the seed itself. At this point the DNA of the seed is permanently changed and the plant is considered Genetically Modified.

If you live in the United States, contact your State Senators and Congresspersons to find out who will sponsor a GMO labeling law in your state, if one does not already exist. In the case that a GMO labeling law does exist, please ask your State Senators and Congresspersons to support it. Once a GMO bill is being voted on by your states governing body, be sure to contact your Governor and ask them to sign the bill into law.

If you live outside the US, there is a good chance your country already has some sort of GMO labeling law or if you live in a country that has already banned GMOs, congratulations, you are welcome to support our efforts if you like as a citizen of the world. However, if there is no GMO labeling bill in your country, contact your local Government officials to see who the appropriate person is that you can contact to let them know you support GMO labeling of all food products and that you want them to sponsor a GMO labeling law in your country or city.

These things cause many health issues in the population of our world, such as: Fibromyalgia, Autism, Sterility, Digestive Problems, Food Allergies, Skin Rashes, and many more are coming to surface as more studies are being done. Livestock fed a diet of GMO grains are affected too, they are getting tumors, infections, and problems with infertility as well.

This is an important subject because we believe that when you eat healthy, your brain chemicals work properly, your body is getting the nutrition it needs, and the happy chemicals in your body will produced automatically. These genetically modified and processed foods have lost their nutritional value and this is why millions of people complain of these health issues everyday.

Now we are starting a Chapter here in our area for the GMO Free PA organization (a 501(c)(4), a lobbying and advocacy non-profit) to promote GMO Labeling in Pennsylvania. If you are in the United States, chances are there is a GMO Free Organization already set up in your state, if not, why don’t you start one, we will be glad to help. Also, please look for one in your city, anywhere around the world! These types of organizations are popping up everywhere now.

This has affected our bee population as they are eating these pesticides and dying in the thousands! It is also killing a lot of beneficial insects by changing/killing the beneficial bacteria in the soil. This is a big issue to undertake, but we need people to volunteer their time, wherever you are in the world, so that we can get GMOs out of our food supply.

We started Ready For The Shift as a conspiracy website and we talked about many subjects related to our world’s issues. We have turned a corner and we are now focusing on the health of our world and helping humanity live a healthier lifestyle by not eating GMOs.

At this time we may post some alternative news articles that will take you down the rabbit hole, but we are going to focus primarily on the health of our world and what is happening to our food supply. We will also talk about the detriment GMOs are causing to our ecosystem, how they affect your health, and we will be spending a lot of time asking for your support.


Thanks for coming to our website, we appreciate all of our readers and thank you for reading about our travels throughout life and helping us spread the word to stop Monsanto and other chemical companies from genetically engineering our food supply!

If you find updates or evidence that proves one of our truths to be inaccurate, by all means, direct us toward the updated information so that we may assess it for ourselves and then update our readers. If you’d like to discuss a topic beyond the Comment Box, please join our “Ready For The Shift Community Forums”!

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Wendy and Greg Zangari

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