~By Wendy Zangari
The Government wants you to know that they are spending your money, our money, on an underground safe haven, while they use HAARP, among other means, to cause a lot of “Natural Disasters”, which will cause after shocks for some time, just like in Japan.  Then it is perpetuated again somewhere else, for now that is in the midwest of the United States, they have a severe Tornado watch and it goes all the way to North Carolina.
They want to lower the population to control us and put us in FEMA camps!!  Seriously, they have planned these camps and the plan to build the underground tunnel since 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed.  This is our Secret Government at it’s best. There is also a Presidential Seal right on the wall of this secret underground hideout!
Also, Merck Pharmaceuticals MADE, and I mean MADE H1N1 virus, they injected this into children.  There is also some evidence that they caused the AIDS virus as well, more on that in another article. In the H1N1 instance, those children that didn’t get the vaccine, they caught the virus and some died, because the children that got the H1N1 vaccine, got the virus!  Can you believe what they are doing?  Let’s take a stand!  Let’s become one and tear down the Illuminati, by exposing their secrets!!!! Let’s come together people!  Let’s use our energy for the good of the universe!  Let’s stand up for the rights of the Universe! Let’s stop them NOW!


A gas-masked Nazi-alien stabs the dove of peace, a Christian symbol, with a Muslim sabre. The Nazi connection sources from IG Farben, the initial petrochemical cartel based in Germany, connected to the drug industry and the holocaust.  The blade is swished through the air leaving a rainbow chemtrail polluting the air of the people below, suffering from the toxicity and genocide. The children are closest to the sword (lower left) and a image much like the 911- twin towers destruction (lower right) is also depicted.

Close -up of gas-masked Nazi alien.
Close-up of mostly ethnic populations dying.

Against a backdrop of horrific destruction, and the extinction of various species, including whales and sea turtles, only children are seen in the center sobbing over three open caskets. The funeral service is for the Black African people on the left, the Native Red people in the center, and the White Judeo-Christians on the right.

Close up of African woman in her coffin.

Native aboriginal groups are represented in the center casket.

This Anglo-American woman, lying on and American quilt, hugs a Jewish star and Christian bible, divided by the red rose, symbolic of the Rosecrucians and the Illuminati. To the left of the rose is locket containing an image of the girls’s family. This indicates the termination of family traditions.
Notice also the flowers at the top left of the image is a Columbine blossom, suggestive of the Columbine massacre.

Finally, the Nazi alien is vanquished. It lies dead in the foreground. A German lad strikes his Muslim saber, like an anvil, with his hammer–and image of facism and Communism.
Notice there are not adults here. Only children are left to celebrate the New World Order.

The White girl holding the rose, holds the Black baby doll next to the sword, as “peace” is celebrated by song and dance.

The celebration of the one world religion begins, paying tribute to the illuminated lotus blossom in the center.

Closer look at the focus of spiritual practice–the “light” (obviously of Lucifer.)

Notice the dance line begins, and is directed, by the Scottish-Rite Freemason.

In the floor between the above murals is a mining cart showing the symbols of silver and gold (Au and Ag, respectively).
Au-Ag symbols also code for the “Australian Antigen.” This was the first name given to the hepatitis B vaccine virus. Dr. Horowitz’s book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?,  proves the hepatitis B vaccine was used to trigger the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
The dedication capstone at Denver International Airport heralds the Masonic symbol and “New World” designation. There are two separate Masonic lodges cited. They are segregated Black and White lodges.

These images are found in Dr. Horowitz’s DVD entitled, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare, and his book by this same title.
Denver airport murals explanation and photos courtesy of Dr. len horowitz
This is a video of the underground tunnels, going from Cheyenne Mountain (Also, the external shots of Stargate Command, that was in SG-1) to Denver, Colorado and who knows where else.  It is 2341 feet below the Earth’s surface and 689 feet below sea level, on top of that.  Who knows how many miles it is. I would love to know that statistic! This is where some of our hard earned tax dollars goes to. Can you believe it?
This is a Radio show, the first part shows the murals and has some video of the underground tunnels from Denver, but thereafter is an hour-long talk show.

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