~By Wendy Zangari
You are starting to see the illuminati go down, as Dominique Strauss-Kahn—managing director of the International Monetary Fund, leading French Socialist politician, and potential candidate for the French presidency in 2012 (Perhaps not anymore)—was alleged to have emerged naked from a New York hotel bathroom, sexually assaulted a chambermaid, ran out of the hotel, and was arrested while boarding the next plane to Paris.  Now Rupert Murdoch gets caught for hacking 9/11 victims phones.  Fox News is next if Murdoch is found guilty!
Thank you to all of you Lightworkers out there that are raising your vibrations, this is what is making them stick out like a sore thumb.  We are seeing the start of the crumbling of the industries that are at the forefront of the illuminati, after these layers are pealed off we will then see those that are at the root of the Corporate Control of these industries go down.   We are even seeing the banks struggling, all of the Governments throughout the World struggling, with their financials.  We will see most of these Corporate conglomerations come down, one by one.
It is up to us to keep these vibrations going, the frequencies we are emitting are making it so that they cannot live under these conditions.  It is like seeing a bunch of happy people in a crowd and one person that isn’t smiling.  If you took a picture and froze that moment in time, you would be able to see that they are not one of us, and they are easily caught. Thank you again for raising your vibrations during this very tumultuous time in our World.  We cannot do this alone, so we do this together and the results are finally here.  Keep up the higher frequencies, we are at the beginning of our New Age as we watch their New World Order crumble.



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