~By Wendy Zangari
Today all we see across the news is this Oslo, Norway killer getting the fame he is quite actually enjoying, the sadist. However, in his defense it seems that his brain actually perceives these feelings and actions were justified, and very correct.  It isn’t something we can fathom, but he was taught a different way of life by associating with the wrong people and being taught a different way.
So now we stopped seeing what happened with Rupert Murdoch and there you go, illuminati at it’s most obvious work, get a distraction out there and the focus is off of him, meanwhile where is he? I just looked in the news and he is old news now.  He isn’t anywhere on any of the news circuits.  Suspicious yet? I would be.  However, lightworkers, please work with us here, we can change this!  We can!  All we have to do is think about Rupert Murdoch getting the instant karma that he deserves.
I am hoping that we see more investigations into Fox News, because I know for a fact they are illuminati, they spread lies about my friend’s mother when the FBI raided her sports memorabilia store and claimed that all of the memorabilia was forged.  My friend’s mother did not know this, they had changed vendors and this is what they got.  She had taken over the business for her husband who had a severe stroke and was disabled, so she had no idea, nor did my friend’s that worked there.  So I do know that they are the first ones to jump on news and the first ones to embellish it.  Meanwhile she was diagnosed with cancer and she died six months later.  Fox News made light of that fact saying that she perhaps was lying that she was dying.  She died six months later and there was no apology from Fox News.  I have also had personal run ins with media when they came to my house after Matty, my late fiancée was killed.  They are vultures, that is all I am going to say about that.
Here are the companies that Rupert Murdoch owns and what you will see get caught up in the higher vibrations, making mistakes and not being able to think straight, so keep up the awesome work of raising your vibrations. It’s working. 🙂
So looking at this chart, here is the breakdown of what Rupert Murdoch owns as of 2010, he owns Fox News, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Sky TV, Cable Network Programming, Dow Jones Newspaper, Hulu.com, Blue Sky TV, Star Magazine, Harper Collins Publishing. He also owns the above companies internationally, the only one that is not in the US is, The Australian Herald Sun.  He owns quite a few more now, including News of the World and Sun Times, he has over 800 companies in over 50 countries, net worth is over $50 billion. So he is a media mogul who has a lot to lose.
So as you can see these stations and newspapers have been ruled by the illuminati.  Rupert Murdoch claims that he has nothing to do with it and he had no idea that this was happening at News of the World.  Well, how can that be?  If you own a company, you should know what is going on inside and if you do not know what is going on inside your place of business, than you should definitely be accountable for it.  What do you think?  Do you think he should be accountable for his actions?  I do.
Now, knowing that 9/11 was faked and those people that were on those planes, that flew into the towers and the Pentagon, are nowhere to be found, no investigation is being done in regards to that.  Scientists have said that there is no possible way that a plane went through the Pentagon, it was pretty conclusive that a plane did not hit it and it was in fact a missile.  Also they have researched the twin towers and the catastrophe that happened to all of those souls, and they stated that this too was not done by a plane and yet it was inconclusive as to what it was, but there are absolutely no parts, not one, to any plane in the rubble of the towers.  Don’t YOU find that suspicious?
I believe, and this is many other’s beliefs as well, that the planes were holograms, something the Government has done and will continue to do to cause fear to the masses.  There are many branches of the Government that even President Obama does not know about, nor has any control over.  He is but one man, and one man only.  However, if we work together and put our souls and hearts together and pray that karma will give these people what they so deserve, we can move mountains together.

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