~Commentary By Wendy Zangari
Someone also led me to this video, which I thought was pretty sad that people signed something without knowing what it is. The lesson here is do not sign something that you do not know what it is.  If I asked all of you to sign a petition to ban a chemical that is widely used, I would hope that you would look that chemical up before signing anything.
Most everyone nowadays has Smart Phones, you can look this up or perhaps ask someone else who is waiting to sign a petition, to look it up on their phone for you.  This doesn’t take long. Here is a search that I did for Dihydrogen Monoxide http://bit.ly/Pn8HO4. However these folks did not know what Dihydrogen Monoxide was, neither did I, but I looked it up, it is in fact H2O.  You will see two meanings, the real meaning and the hoax.
It is sad to see that people believe everything that others say.  Have people lost the ability to discern?  Have people been dumbed down, so much so, that they just don’t think for themselves? It is our job to wake people up!  Those of us that are here, reading this, are awake!  While you are awake, you must see a lot of these kinds of things happening all over our world, right?
So, it is our job to talk about these subjects when in line at a store, just ease into the conversation and off you go telling them things they may not have known otherwise. We can let everyone know what we know! If you don’t feel like talking to a stranger, then send them to this website and it will explain what they may or may not know.
I think I will make up some business cards that you can print out and bring with you when you go places. This way you won’t have to do anything but put these on the counter of the store and walk away.  Some stores do not allow soliciting, which I would suggest not leaving them there as we still need to respect storefronts and their wishes.  I will get this done in the next week or two, so keep a look out.
Now onto the video that has people signing a water banning petition.  Do not let this happen to you! 🙂

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