Alfred Lambremont Webre


~By Greg Zangari
Before I discuss the current, tragic events that are unfolding this week, between two men who I thought respected each other implicitly, and for those of you who have not heard of either of these men, I wanted to give you some history of how I came across them online, our relationship since we introduced ourselves to them, and our interactions with Mr. Basiago and Mr. Webre during that time and up to the present; I thought it would be best to relay some details around those interactions.
You see, Alfred Webre betrayed Wendy and me in an almost identical manner, in July 2012, a little after a year from when we first met. Now I find out via the details Andy has been very transparent about the past couple of days, that this is something of a habit with Alfred Webre, the true modus operandi of a man that I once respected and called “friend”.
We have maintained a cordial relationship with Andy throughout everything that happened between Alfred and us. Andy was very diplomatic during our fiasco with Alfred and encouraged me to try to make peace with him. Although I tried, Alfred was not interested. He did ask one mutual acquaintance to e-mail me to offer his particular version of an olive branch.
It went something like this. I will stop saying things about you, as long as you promise not to say anything negative about me. So I asked the acquaintance to take a message back to Alfred. I said I’m happy to call a truce, at a time when you offer a public apology on every social networking page in which you defamed Wendy and me, along with a full retraction of your statements. I’m still awaiting a response nearly two and a half years later.
Around May 2011, just two months after we launched this web site, I reached out to both Andrew D. Basiago and Alfred Lambremont Webre separately, to introduce myself and to, introduce them to our site. I told them how the story peaked our interest and we were interested in publishing some of the details on our web site.
I explained to them that at some point in the future, Wendy and I were going to start an online interview show and we would love to have them on as guests. They both graciously accepted. We were thrilled to have such important people in the Truth Movement agree to be interviewed by the likes of us, only a short time after our web site went live!
So what was the path I came across, leading me to these two brave proponents of the truth during our dive down into the rabbit hole in 2011? Well the story starts when I was very young…
You see, ever since I was a small child and saw the scifi television show called “Time Tunnel” (Irwin Allen Productions 1966-67), I was fascinated with all aspects of Time Travel. Even as a small child, my mind was screaming out, “Oh the possibilities!” This show premiered on September 9, 1966, the month I started Kindergarten. It ran for one season and was cancelled after 30 episodes. The final episode was aired on April 7, 1967.


I had just turned 5 years old about 5 weeks prior to Episode One, which aired on ABC right after the “Green Hornet”. Although I was too young to conceive all of the possible theoretical implications of time travel until years later, somehow it still intrigued me, as I watched these people from the present, go back in time and interact with people in history!
My young mind was expanded by “Time Tunnel” and other shows including “Land Of The Giants”, “Star Trek”, “Lost In Space”, “Twilight Zone”, “The Outer Limits” to name a few. These shows took me out of the mundane and into a thought-provoking place where the possibilities seemed endless. By the time I was 7 or 8, I was starting to read science fiction books found in my elementary school library as well as other local libraries.
I continued to choose Science Fiction TV series over any other type of show. I still do this today. Watching family dramas and comedy was like watching real life. I saw no fun in watching entertainment about how other people go about their day to day. If I were to categorize my viewing habits, I would say I would be open to watching any entertainment that made me think this simple two-word phrase, “What if?”
Imagine my surprise when I started listening to interviews and reading articles about Andy Basiago, someone who said they “time traveled” in a secret US Government Project around the same time as I was watching these 1960s scifi shows as a boy, regarding the same subject matter that fascinated me; the actuality of being able to move through time was more real to me than ever!
Wendy and I were listening and vetting many alternative news and Black Project whistle-blower accounts trying to find those that rung true with our hearts, and when they did, we shared these stories here on RFTS.
I was fascinated listening to the interviews with Andy regarding his experience as a child in Project Pegasus, a CIA/DARPA Black-Ops Time Travel Project. This lead to listening to interviews and reading about Andy’s participation in the Mars Jumproom Project. What? Teleportation to another Planet in our Solar System? Ok, now Andy’s story pulled me in even more. Real life SciFi? These things were real? I felt like I had been born again, confirming the notion that these “endless possibilities” I had always thought of, had actually happened and possibly were still happening!
I could identify with Andy even more when I found out we were both contemporaries, born in 1961, me in August and Andy in September. I said to myself, “This could have been me!” and I dove in, listening to interview after interview, each time with my heart-based intuition telling me that Andy was not making this up, this was real!
We enjoyed a collegial relationship from the start. We would get permission from Alfred to post his Examiner articles discussing Andy’s story on our web site, as Andy was exclusively having his story detailed in writing by Mr. Webre. Webre was very gracious, allowing us not just to post excerpts, but to post entire articles regarding Andy’s story, and other “breaking news” that Webre published.
We’ve spoken online and on the phone with Andy several times and Webre called Wendy once to interview her because of some obvious pokes at us from the people behind the scenes. You see, just as we were launching our web site, we noticed that Barack Obama’s Official Twitter account was following us – all three of our accounts, our personal accounts as well as our web site-specific account.
Wendy started pushing hard asking Barack Obama in Direct Message (DM) on Twitter, to come clean about his involvement in the Mars Jumproom Project and his training classes with Andy during Andy’s participation in the project between the Summer of 1980 and the Spring of 1984, and the fact that he traveled to Mars several times with Andy via Jumproom. After Wendy sent these DMs to Obama, sometimes several per week, we started noticing things and we couldn’t shrug them off as coincidence.
Although we’ve detailed these events to you in previous articles, I’ll refresh your memory. The “push-back” started when Wendy noticed an unmarked black helicopter, hovering at very low altitude, over the neighbor’s house just across the street from our driveway, while lowering her convertible top and backing out of the driveway.
There was another helicopter of the same design down at the corner of our street, they kept switching positions tracking her over rooftops to the main road, making sure Wendy knew they were following her. When she got to the main road, while at the stop light, Wendy looked up at them, shot them a rude hand gesture, and once they were assured that she spotted them, they turned and headed southeast as she turned and headed northwest.
Now many of you know how tenacious my very brave wife can be. Did this helicopter issue stop her? No! She pushed Obama even harder, asking questions about Mars both in DM and via her public Twitter feed almost daily. Then they took it one step farther. We woke up to find Wendy’s computer, which rests on a table just inches from the bed, and found her Dell Inspiron laptop’s boot.ini file deleted.
The boot.ini file tells the computer which of its components to start up, in a very specific order. Although this file can get corrupted, this is not what happened. The file was totally missing – the file had to be physically removed/deleted. To add insult to injury, the external hard drive where she kept back-ups of all her data, was wiped and reformatted.
Being a certified PC Repair Technician and former System Network Administrator, Wendy was able to grab a new boot.ini file and get the laptop started again. When she did, the video card died and she could no longer see a picture no matter if we used the laptop’s monitor or the large external monitor that was connected to her laptop. We both noticed small marks, which could have been needle marks, on our upper right thighs – we both prefer to sleep on our left sides. Around the same time, our Comcast internet connection became drastically slower than usual.
Within days we started getting calls from all kinds of people trying to get into our house. Security firms contacted us more than once a week offering us a free home security system with internal IP cameras; someone claiming to be a vendor hired by my health insurance company who were actually not, pushed me to make an appointment for a home nurse to get into our house to give me a physical exam and some blood tests; someone saying they were from our local utility company said they needed to come into our house and adjust our gas meter’s wireless settings or else they would shut off our gas; our gas was never shut off. We refused all of these things and refused to let anyone inside the house that we did not know. Mama didn’t raise no fool!
We said to ourselves, how did they know about us before we even started posting articles and getting popular? Much to our surprise, within a couple of months of launching our site, we were being read in 175 countries! We only started the web site to share with some of our open-minded friends and acquaintances, we were floored and humbled.
Did the powers that be see that Wendy and I did something to propel Andy’s Truth Campaign via looking into future events surrounding Andy, during his participation in the time travel projects in the late 1960s and early 1970s? It couldn’t be our methods, they were not threatening in any manner. It had to be the content of the information we were so fervently talking about.
At that point, we decided to back off from contacting Obama again in this manner, we were not making any headway no matter what methods we employed. A month later our internet speed went back to normal. After hearing about our theory, that we may have been viewed during a past time travel project as aiding Andy in his Truth Campaign, Alfred called Wendy on the phone and interviewed her regarding the details surrounding these events, as he was thinking something similar to what we considered, that someone knew that Wendy and I were going to support Andy and that it was possible we would do something significant to push his Truth Campaign forward.
Although Wendy reached out to Alfred a couple of times, asking Alfred when he would publish the interview, he beat around the bush and never gave her a straight answer. This interview never saw the light of day. We wondered why. This made us consider Alfred’s credibility and if he really was there to assist Andy.
Was Alfred just collecting data on us? We even thought that unbeknownst to Andy, that there was a possibility that Alfred was acting as Andy’s CIA handler, either doing so to ensure Andy doesn’t reveal too much at once, or that somehow he would eventually try to discredit Andy sometime in the future, to try to invalidate Andy’s claims when he starting launching his Presidential Campaign “Andy 2016!” and getting some momentum.
We hoped it never came to that but based on the observable data, that’s where my mind went and my heart soon followed. Sadly, it seems that our latter assumption may be a possibility – even if it’s a remote possibility, it’s not something any of us ever wanted to face in regard to Alfred Webre’s relationship with Andy.
Consider this, Alfred Webre spent time at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, CA. If you use the search terms “SRI CIA Connection” you’ll find that most of the grant money came in from our government via the US Department of Defense. There is evidence of Remote Viewing Training – aka the Stargate Project, Electronic Mind-Control via Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Waves (ELF), and experimentation involving LSD and other Hallucinogens to name a few.
It seems our intuition was somewhat correct regarding the fact that Alfred at some point, could have a deleterious effect on Andy’s Presidential run. Even if Alfred wasn’t Andy’s CIA handler, what if Alfred was being mind-controlled in order to discredit Andy!?
Go and do a search on the ELF research that they have done at SRI and you’ll see how this kind of thing might occur. It sounds like something out of a Tom Clancy novel with a little James Bond mixed in. We don’t want to believe that a Federal Agency would do anything like this to our citizens. However, thinking about the recent report released detailing CIA Torture Methods, did you ever think our government was capable of these horrible acts? Now it seems a little more feasible, doesn’t it? What a sad state of affairs.
Here we are just a short time before Andy’s official Presidential campaign announcement, and Alfred turns on Andy spewing forth horrible, vicious lies. This is the last thing we wanted to see happen, but at the same time we felt somewhat vindicated that we weren’t the only ones that Alfred has treated in an unethical manner and that our intuition that we had in July 2012 has served us well.
It seems that Alfred is someone who will “turn on you” if you disagree or push for answers that he doesn’t have. When he turns on you, you are immediately blocked from his social networks, while he goes on a rampage on all of his social networking pages and accounts, spreading vicious lies and untruths regarding his cible du jour (target of the day). En Garde!
Just two days ago on Wednesday, December 10th I started seeing Andy posting details. My mouth dropped to the floor as did Wendy’s. This is what Andy wrote:
“I was deeply saddened and quite astonished to learn of Alfred Webre’s vicious attack on me on Tuesday. His comments were not just false and defamatory, but malicious and intentionally so. Life is an adventure in forgiveness, however, and so I will forbear begrudging injury, and in this time during which we celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, wish him only health and happiness this Christmas season.” — Andrew D. Basiago
Then, Andy released more details yesterday:
“Alfred Lambremont Webre — who has always been prone to paranoia and false allegation against others — has, at last, lost his marbles and made a series of false and defamatory statements about me while simultaneously blocking me from the group where he is making them. The statements have been as ridiculous as they are reprehensible. He has even stooped to posting this villainy on the Facebook group page of Coast to Coast AM, a show that I have appeared on seven times, because he knows that George Noory, its host, has invited me to announce my Presidential candidacy on Coast. After I complete my current talk in Yelm, WA on Saturday, I will be flying to North Carolina to meet with my Presidential campaign team (a trip that was scheduled before this dispute with Alfred began), with whom I will be drafting a measured response to Alfred’s libelous claims. The brief will have five parts: first, brief descriptions of the many tortious and unethical acts that Alfred has perpetrated against me during the 15 years that we have been friends and collaborators, which he has always refused to resolve with me; second, an explanation of the cause of the argument between us, that began on a legitimate and factual basis last Thursday before Alfred lost his emotional control and began his campaign of untoward vilification of me; third, a review of the strange and harassing things Alfred wrote to me privately before going on his public tirade; fourth, a summary of the false and defamatory statements Alfred has made against me publicly since December 9, 2014; and fifth my specific denials of all of his false and defamatory statements. The brief will address the fact that Alfred went on this abusive stunt because he panicked when I began to review with him his history of disbarment-level offenses against me. My purpose in drafting such a brief will be to set the public record straight about Alfred’s false charges so that I will not be unfairly subjected to them in the future. I am sorry that Alfred’s inner demons, self-loathing, and pernicious sense of competition with colleagues have finally gotten the best of him. Yet, I do have a right as a human being to defend myself from calumny while striving to see him only as a disturbed individual and not as the monster that he has become in my life. Please pray for our brother Alfred. I am certain that when the true facts are known, this incident will prove highly damaging to his public standing.” — Andrew D. Basiago
Andy started answering questions in this thread and in his response to a request from a group member named Diana, Andy replied:
Diana, Yes, this falling out began initially when I was having my hugely successful trip to Argentina, where when it was posted on the Latin-American edition of the History Channel, the video of my speech at the 17th Congreso Internacional de OVNI garnered over 62,000 Likes and 9,300 Shares. Alfred has endeavored to usurp and claim my successes as his own in the past (more on that in the brief I will be writing) and he was so smarting with envy as that conference progressed that he was writing distracting posts on Exopolitic Mars, one beginning “The Martians are coming! The Martians are coming!” I hope that he can achieve some inner peace in his dotage because ultimately our lives are greater than the respective accomplishments by which we are tempted to compare ourselves to others. Andy
Comments continued to come in for Andy and as always, Andy tried to be as diplomatic and honest as possible. In this question, Matthew wonders if someone has pushed Alfred to do this, by bribe of monetary gain or for other purposes. Andy’s response:
Matthew, Tru, I guess it’s possible. Alfred is a self-described “money monk” who, like me, has always put purpose before the purse. He has no retirement funding . I tried to help him generate retirement income via Bio-Mat, and his distributorship has been flourishing, so that’s good. Frankly, I think his motive may have been envy rather than bribery. He is not really the bribe-able kind. But he even admitted in his private emails to me that he was competing with me rather than collaborating with me. I have always been foolish in expecting the better angels of people’s natures. Recent triggers might have been my great success in Argentina and the news that my Presidential prospects at Paddy Powers in Dublin recently rose from odds of 500:1 to odds of 66:1. I am disappointed that he chose the road to perdition rather than progress because I was going to appoint him UN representative so he could draft and put before the General Assembly the Mars Protection Treaty that we have long discussed. Andy
A woman named Candy came to Alfred’s defense saying that it can’t be jealousy because “Alfred does not have jealous personality in him…”. Andy rebuts:
Candy, Actually, what happened is that Alfred signed onto my campaign as my chief political strategist, then after using his insider status to discern my platform stole it and announced his candidacy for UN Secretary General, with my core issue of disclosing and deploying teleportation as his principal proposal for the UN. Then, a few weeks later, he collapsed his campaign for UN Secretary General. He loved doing this energy-stealing ploy because it allowed him to compete with me by usurping my Truth Campaign about teleportation and then gloating at receiving hundreds of Likes and verbal affirmations for proposing disclosing teleportation even though I had been advocating disclosing teleportation since 2004. This is just one of dozens of unethical schemes he has perpetrated against me since we have been collaborating, with some of them involving a form of competition in which out of a sense of spite and envy of others he competes with others to emulate or steal their life’s work. Then, when one tries to reason with him about the untoward nature of his conduct, he grows very dark and goes to war. This may explain why he has been married and divorced five times, if I am not mistaken. I know that by his own admission one of his marriages only lasted several days. Andy
There are many more details to Andy’s rebuttal, however as Andy has stated, he is going to be preparing a brief, detailing each aspect of the interactions that led to Alfred’s betrayal, along with Andy’s response to each of these ridiculous allegations that Alfred has been broadcasting all over the internet since Tuesday, December  9th.
All of these lies and anger are coming from a man claiming to be fair and balanced. In Alfred’s reality, he calls himself a “Tribunal Judge” of the “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State” (ITTCS), which in my opinion, is a powerless mock kangaroo court, who believes that they have the power to take down the Queen of England, the Vatican, Big Pharma and any target of their choosing.
To me, it’s just a scam preying on innocent, empathetic and compassionate people where they collect “donation” money from these people who believe Alfred’s colleague, the fast-talker Kevin Annett, who leads the charge at the ITTCS.

Kevin Annett, Photo:

After reading many of Alfred’s articles, I find his writing to be very compelling. Imagine the sensationalist pleas Webre and Annett could weave together, in order to pull on the heartstrings of many, as innocent people sit there and think the ITCCS is actually affecting some type of meaningful change.
Now what I wrote above is just my own personal supposition after seeing how these people operate. To be clear, what I am saying is that although I can not confirm my allegations on this issue, I wouldn’t put it past Alfred and his buddies at the ITCCS based on their observed behaviors and repeated lack of tangible evidence.
This brings us to our personal experience which will illustrate that once you say something that Alfred Webre is unwilling or unable to respond to, he will launch an attack on you that you will never see coming. If he’s true to form, you will never see a retraction of his outright lies; you shouldn’t expect to get an apology either, from this apparently, mentally-unstable man; we didn’t.
As if Andy’s testimony regarding these recent events and the personal attack launched by Alfred on Wendy and me on the evening of July 13, 2012 isn’t enough to convince you that this has been a consistent behavior of Mr. Webre’s, we have one additional “Webre Attack Rampage” (WAR) to show evidence that Andy was telling the truth when he said that he has seen this unethical behavior from his friend Alfred in the past.
Andy told us in his rebuttal to these lies told by Alfred in his current WAR against Andy, that Andy has seen this type of unethical behavior over and over again from Alfred. I was shocked to hear Andy confess this. It seems that there are some Inferiority/Superiority Complex, perhaps even Narcissistic and Paranoid tendencies illustrated by Alfred’s emotional behavior.
Andy, the loving and compassionate man that he is, has publicly forgiven Alfred, although Andy still expects a public apology and full retraction of and ludicrous and libelous statements that Alfred made regarding Andy, and yet Andy states that he believes Alfred is suffering from a type of “age onset dementia”. Andy is worried that his friend of 15 years may be suffering and only wishes the best for him.
This is why Wendy and I support Andy in his run for President of the United States of America in 2016. We believe that Andy would be a catalyst for repairing of our suffering, Democratic Republic, which has been recently labeled as an Oligarchy based on a University study released in April 2014 by Cambridge Journals.
Based on our observations and interactions with him, Andy is an honest, loving, compassionate and balanced man. These are traits that our government needs to find not only it’s “leader” but these traits that should be expected from all Public Servants.
I don’t give out my trust easily any longer because years of being taken advantage of while believing that people would treat me as well as I treated them; this has trained me to be more cautious. I am happy to tell you this, Andy Basiago has earned not only our trust, but he has earned our utmost respect.
When Alfred launched his personal attack on Wendy and I in the “All Roads Lead To The Truth” (ARLTTT) Facebook Group that warm July evening, he broke the rules by deleting his horrible accusations a short time later, and had to be banned from the room by our good friend, contributing author to our site and  ARLTTT Group Moderator, Kurt Mendonca. Kurt had to put his Moderator Hat on and warn Alfred more than once for his inappropriate behavior within the group. Here’s a man that wanted to lead the United Nation that can’t even follow rules of civility in an online forum, how would he expect to bring about peace and security globally?
Kurt Mendonca

Kurt Mendonca

We are talking about a rare forum here. ARLTTT is a forum where highly intelligent people from many political and cultural persuasions, discuss many issues, 99% of the time in a very civilized manner. This group is really a model of how humans should treat each other at all times.
Kevin Annett and his ITTCS was the reason that Wendy and I were victimized by Alfred Webre on July 13, 2012. Right before this happened, someone new joined the ARLTTT Facebook Group named Greg Renouf, who seemed to make a career out of denouncing Kevin Annett.
Greg Renouf

Greg Renouf

This man Renouf was pretty straight forward in his attacks against Annett and did not hold back. Alfred Webre did not like the fact that Kurt Mendonca allowed Renouf to say these things against Annett and the ITCCS within the ARLTTT Group and made his objections known.
As we try to be unbiased and listen to and value all opinions in ARLTTT, as Wendy and I do, day to day, everywhere we post on social networking, some of the things Renouf started saying were making sense. So we decided, very politely, to ask Alfred for evidence that Annett and the ITCCS actually did make a court filing. We asked for a Docket Number that would be on public record, if the filing actually occurred. A very non-threatening question, I am sure you would agree.
Instead of Alfred being forthcoming and saying this is something he could easily obtain to prove this court filing in Canada actually did occur, he started getting irate at Wendy and me for even doubting him. Webre called Renouf a “paid shill of the Canadian Government” who was out to blackwash the work being done at the ITCCS.
After Alfred’s unkind obscenities and accusations against my wife and me, Alfred deleted these comments from the thread where this discussion was occurring, he immediately blocked Wendy and I from all of his Facebook Groups and Personal Profile pages, then started saying that Wendy and I were “paid shills of the New World Order”, “working undercover for both the Canadian Government and CIA”.
He posted this disinformation on all of his social networking pages, “warning” others to stay away from us and not to listen to us. It was a real smear campaign. Now seeing what Alfred is doing to Andy, it’s like seeing a replay.
The accusations are different but the intent the same; the methodology, identical. It seems the more upset Alfred is when his back is up against a wall, the more brutal and defamatory his attack. If you could equate what Alfred did to Wendy and me as having a pie thrown in our faces, poor Andy had a huge dumpster full of rotten smelling garbage poured over his head.
Hey, Wendy and I are just a couple of people trying to change things locally, things like proposing a community vegetable garden  in our local city park for the homeless to our City Council, helping our neighbors start their own organic vegetable gardens, advising the neighbors of the danger of pesticides and showing them how to use white vinegar for weed control and doing research and working on documentation to finally get fluoride out of our city’s water supply.
We’re really nobodies in the big scheme of things folks, so why would Alfred choose to attack us like this? We furthered the reach of Alfred’s personal truth by posting his articles and interviews on our site. The items we posted were not just in regard to Andy, but in regard to other whistle-blowers/insiders that Alfred was writing about. We didn’t ask for anything in return, no link sharing or pat on the back of any kind. We did this out of the kindness of our hearts because we aligned with the information he was sharing, and we wanted to make sure our readers didn’t miss it.
Attacking us is one thing, I thought it was an isolated incident and he was so embarrassed by his behavior he just wanted to make it go away after his rage left him. But to attack an upcoming Presidential candidate, someone whom he has been supporting for years, then trying to defame Andy by saying that Andy is working with Dick Cheney to help Cheney make progress toward an upcoming human depopulation / genocide agenda, killing off much of the human race, only leaving enough slaves to serve the elite, is so vicious and hurtful compared to what Alfred said about us.
Alfred only knew us for just over a year when he attacked us. Andy has known Alfred for 15 years! Think about that. These are really good friends here, some would say brothers in spirit!
Most thought that these two guys would always have each others back, although as I said earlier, I starting having my doubts after Alfred’s attack on us. I figured if Alfred attacked us in this matter, he could do it to anyone. Sadly, it seems that the longer you’ve known Alfred, the more incredibly inappropriate his malicious behavior becomes.
How could we possibly debate and rebut the charges against us, that Alfred only posted on the social networking pages he controlled, if we were banned from these pages? Would you expect this incredibly biased and unethical behavior from a self-proclaimed “Tribunal Judge”? I wouldn’t.
Similar to the outright, vicious lies Alfred is spreading about Andy, we found the things Alfred was saying about us as downright disgusting, but at the same time laughable. We were angry for a couple of days and were very frustrated about not being able to debate the issue with Webre.
If you know Wendy and I through our web site, or our social networking activities, or our activism to label/ban Genetically Modified Organisms and the weed killer Roundup (glyphosate), or our philosophy looking towards the better world we want to help make for the future, one can see that Alfred was off his rocker when accusing us.
For someone willing to take down the Queen of England and the Vatican, he’s scared to debate even “little old me” so I could prove he lied, so that I would have a chance to clear my good name in the forum in which I was accused?
This is how cowards and bigots work.
At the end of the day, Alfred did nothing to hurt our credibility. We didn’t lose friends, we gained them. We gained more readers on our web site as the result of his attack. Hey thanks Alfred!
His smear campaign failed and people forgot about it pretty quickly, however that feeling of how he betrayed us will always be there, warning us that trust can be broken at any time and that we should really value those whose trust we currently hold dear.
I ignore all of his interviews that I see scroll by on Facebook. Instead of being upset when I see these, I snicker now when I see his face on a thumbnail and whisper “Liar” in my head and have a knowing that Karma will one day make Alfred answer for his lies.
My intuition tells me that Karma will be catching up with Alfred Webre any day now. He’s an embarrassment to the entire Truth Movement. If someone can lie so deftly, how can one ever trust or take that person seriously again?
Now let’s move on to another example of Alfred “turning the screws” on someone else, with another of his manufactured “Alfred WARs”. There is a lot of information here, so rather than post it all, as it is all available via the links below kindly provided by Kurt Mendonca, we will just briefly summarize.
This is the story of Karen Hudes, who reports that she was an insider at the World Bank and that there is a plan to release the gold back to the people. Alfred questioned her reporting and motives, which I assume didn’t align with his and under the bus she goes.
Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes

This is the original link posted by Kurt. There are links within the original post, be sure to review those as well. Click the image to read this post and it’s content:
Please Click Image

Please Click Image

After Alfred’s WAR on Ms. Hudes, she posted a rebuttal which can be found by clicking on the image below:
Please Click Image

Please Click Image

As I’ve illustrated in this article, you now have three discrete cases of Alfred Webre displaying this negative emotional behavior and poor sense of judgement. Alfred doesn’t just disagree with you and walk away. Oh no, he spins yarns to defame you and the outlandishness of his prevarications are consistently preposterous.
Alfred has a pretty loyal fan base feeding his ego that falls in the category of “Alfred’s Always Right”. One must wonder what kind of spell  he has his patronizing fans under, to have them all blindly follow and believe his behavior is appropriate for someone associated with the “Truth Movement”.
Those are the kinds of “followers” that we can all do without. Any intelligent, rational human, should be able to distinguish between outright, hurtful lies and honest, scholarly debate. When someone accuses you of something then slams the door in your face when all you want a bipartisan forum in which to debate and rebut their allegations, one must wonder what that person’s motives are and why they refuse to provide evidence of their allegations.
Alfred Webre has mastered this ability to strike without warning, put himself in a steel cage, then while locked inside, calls you names and tries to ruin your reputation. I would call him a bully but at least a bully will stand in your face when they abuse you. This guy does it behind the protective layer of his fan base.
Sticks and Stones, Alfred. You are a person I used to respect and call “friend” and now that I know the real truth, I still want absolutely nothing to do with you; nothing has changed. You are an intellectual coward.
I advise you to be careful in your dealings with Alfred Webre and his posse, that is if you still want to associate with him after reading the evidence I’ve disclosed here today. I can’t understand why anyone would want to associate with a dishonest and unethical person like him.
If you do still hold Alfred in high regard, ask yourself why. Would you treat your friend and collaborator of 15 years like Alfred has treated Andy? I hope not. If you agree with Alfred’s tactics, you have no business being part of any Truth Movement.  Question why you would hang on to the words and coattails of a liar.
Please join us in supporting Andy as he goes though this devastating betrayal and loss of someone he considered a dear friend.
The Truth Will Set Us Free.
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Special Thanks to Kurt Mendonca, who spent time with me today online and on the phone, pulling together some of the data presented in this article from the ARLTTT side of the fence. Kurt, we’re together in our search for the truth and, as always I appreciate your assistance, guidance and support.

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